The New Moon in Libra – Cosmic DNA

Reflect, for a moment, on the anticipation and excitement that floods through your soul during that moment when you set foot upon unchartered land – the overwhelming uncertainty coupled with a paradoxical eager hunger to push on regardlessly; the heightened senses acutely alive taking in everything; the fear of the unknown strongly contained with a matrix of necessity that this HAS to happen; and the projections through time towards an envisioned summer when the fruits of the dream flourish within the warm golden rays of a perfect day.

Jupiter in Scorpio – Exploring the mysteries – Oct 10 2017 – Nov 8 2018

Jupiter, defined by learning and expansion, is like the adjective `big’ when it transits a sign. This suggests that the spotlight will be on “big’ transformation, the core Scorpio issue, for the next twelve months. Jupiter spends approximately one year per sign, as it takes twelve years to make a complete orbit around the sun. Each of us have a Jupiter return year every twelve years-a year of new growth, risk-taking and exploration.

Full Moon Aries 12°42 – 5 October 2017 ~ A Brave New Soul with the Disarming Charm

☾☼☽ This fiery Full Moon is in Aries, a most innovative sign of the zodiac that has a reputation for inspiring the brave and strong, steamy and hot headed: being swift to rise for cause, competition or challenge, but just as quick to come down and, if somewhat clumsily, carry on whatever he or she is doing regardless. Handling this emotionally independent rocking and rolling during Thursday-Friday’s Full Aries Moon is all well and good if you have speedy Aries or other fire signs (Leo or Sagittarius) prominent in your horoscope, as fire flashes back to centre at the speed of light – and out again, not before zapping opponents with the disarming charm then dashing off swiftly onto another life-illuminating, heroic adventure. 

October Monthly Horoscope 2017

The big news this month is Jupiter’s exit out of Libra into Scorpio on October 9. Spending one year in each sign, Jupiter revisits a specific area of your chart every 12 years. Think back to late October 2005 through November 2006. What was going on for you then? That was the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio. No doubt you were dealing with something major. You are about to do so again. Although it is a revisit, each transit pass is unique to the moment.

The New Moon Virgo 27°27′- Wholeness and Unity – 19/20th September

Within these Orwellian times where nothing is certain, ‘war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength’, it may feel as if those pillars of certainty – honour and honesty are no longer stalwarts. The goalposts constantly changing within a world that is no longer feels solid, chaos reigning within a dense personal and public fog, it feels to me that within this challenging diffuseness, where even the best laid plans and commitments have been waylaid, all you have is your personal code of integrity and your heart’s intelligence.

The Astrology of Falling Man – Lest we Forget? – No we can’t!

5D Astrology Report: September 2017 Sky Fall /Free Fall

Despite all the drama and fireworks of August’s eclipses, the repercussions, the revelations and the re-sequencing of your path really begin in September. Paradoxically, given the showy Leo Fire energy, August was a month of inner work, of being drawn down deep inside by the retrogrades of 9 planets – including Mercury – into spending extended time out time periods Since Retrograde planets travel clockwise back to Source downloading deep space data

Full Moon 14° Pisces 6th- Dream Healing & the Power of Compassion

Culminating September 6th with a deeply sensitive Full Moon in all-consuming water-sign Pisces, this lunation began with the “Great American Solar Eclipse” August 21st. Since that glorious event (the first, I might add, since the advent of TV or Internet connecting to the global hive-mind), awe turned to dread witnessing the incredible power of mother nature with fire, wind and water out-of-control, spectacularly the latter liquid element overwhelming both sides of the world as rain deluged Southern United states as well as Northern India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Africa. 

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