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Exploring Planetary Nodes in Astrology with Mark Jones

“Karmic Evolution’s Astrologically Speaking” Sheri-Horn-Hassan speaks with guest Julija Simas, founder of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.), onthe Sun’s move into Aries, & its upcoming inferior conjunction with Venus as she retrogrades in Aries. What happens when Venus is descended into the metaphorical “short trip” to underworld at the March 27 Aries New Moon?
Do we stay or do we go? Learn more about how to navigate the energies of the balsamic Moon phase before it morphs into the time of new seed planting on March 27!” Karmic Evolution, Astrologically Speaking, Cosmic Intelligence Agency, Aries, Venus retrograde, inferior conjunction, Aries New Moon, balsamic moon

Our Top 10 Star songs! Yes there are others we could add but we had to decide on only 10!
What would you add?

10) Galaxy Song – Monty Python – no other song like it on the workings of the galaxy, couldn’t resist a bit of comic relief.

9 SHAMPAIN – Marina and the Diamonds – it’s Celestial!

8 under the Milky Way Tonite – The Church

7 7 Yello – Goldplay – the Stars , well they shine for You!

6 California Stars – Billy Bragg and Wilco – just gorgeous