“I believe everything comes from love. You and I are a mirror of that love. Yet it is so easy to forget that truth, especially in times of upset. “

As if he had been slapped, he turned his face and stood there with rage in his heart. All those injustices, all those misunderstandings, all the shame and guilt, Little Spirit swore that he’d never be in this place again. He would prove himself, he would learn all that needed to be learnt, become a better person – more knowledgeable, more creative, become wizened and rise into power

She drew a deep breath. The speckled ebony sky gradually lightened and the illumination of stars got languidly lustreless as they started to hide their brightness as if someone more luminous was about to arrive. The air had yet a hint about it of dawn as the first orange hued rays appeared on the skyline, penetrating through the clouds. Resembling a prism, bright streaks of red, pink, and orange slowly overcame the dark blue and purple of the twilight sky as the yellow shining sun started rising from the ground

Life feels faster than a speeding bullet these days. Thousands of thoughts pass through you on a daily basis, most of which are scattered, undifferentiated and noisy. Distraction and the concentration of a goldfish could be blamed on technology or the stars, after all we are living through a Tempest of Transition, but perhaps it has more to do with having too much on or too many things to prioritise? As you stack, living within this phenomenally paced, multi-tasking world..