Journey to the heart of Australia, the red centre, for a four night star camp, April 2017. The night skies of Mbarntwe* are awe-inspiring, you will see the magnificence of the Milky Way as you have never seen it before.
We have chosen the date to allow for moonless nights. There is nothing in the world quite like sleeping in a swag, with the night sky as your heavenly blanket.

At the beginning of this Uranus Pluto cycle, in 1962, when Uranus moved into Virgo to approach the conjunction with Pluto, BML was already in Libra. Now, as Uranus moves beyond the waxing cardinal square with Pluto, mean BML is in Libra again. She will remain in Libra until late May 2016 when she makes her move into Scorpio.

Honouring the Deep Feminine Wisdom : Lilith’s role in our story.

by Agent 77, Marg Murphy

FOREWORD :Black Moon Lilith is a point in space and not a rock orbiting the Sun or the Earth. She is the shadow point of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. Because the Moon orbits the earth in an ellipse there are 2 focal points: the Earth and the shadow point or Black Moon Lilith.  Black Moon Lilith moves around 40 degrees a year and her cycle takes about 8 years and 10 months.

As with the nodes of the Moon we can use both true and mean Black Moon Lilith (BLM). There can be a wide variation in the positions of each of these points. Some astrologers use the varying zone as the Lilith zone or corridor.  I use the true Lilith and remain mindful of the BML corridor. Track her transiting movements, particularly times when she crosses herself, your Moon, Moon’s nodes and the angles. To look up where BML is use this ephemeris

During the last Uranus Pluto square Black Moon Lilith Mean Node is at 25° Virgo, True Node Lilith is at 12° Virgo,
the Zone of Lilith creating a corridor of 13°  between 12° and 25° Virgo


On the 16h March UT, the two great planets of change, Pluto and Uranus, make their final square, the last of seven and the final point of the waxing square of a cycle that began in the early 1960s. There has been much written already about this big sky picture, but most information tends to overlook the role of the deep feminine in the unfolding story. Perhaps for great change to really take place we need to acknowledge both energies: the deep masculine and the deep feminine. Until the feminine is included in both the story and the collective consciousness, it is unlikely that the changes that do unfold will be supportive of the deep changes that the planet and all who share it really need.

When Pluto, lord of the underworld, moved into the mutable, feminine, earth sign of Virgo, in late 1956, Black Moon Lilith was in the cardinal, feminine, earth sign of Capricorn, leading the way. Her wisdom has been ignored and repressed for too long. She has returned from her quiet place to shake up the world before it is too late!

Black Moon Lilith has a close connection with the underworld, it is not only Pluto’s domain. She is comfortable there and had exiled herself to that realm over 5000 years ago. This was a time to emerge and bring her wisdom back to the collective consciousness. It would take some time.

In 1962 Uranus, the great sky god, joined Pluto in the sign of Virgo, starting the long slow dance of this great cycle we are hearing so much about today. This was another beginning point. Uranus, the great sky god and planet of radical change arrived in Virgo for a long and challenging conjunction with Pluto, the lord of the underworld. By then true Black Moon Lilith had moved into Libra but would return to Virgo to deliver an edict to these great masculine energies of change.

So two of the great masculine gods met in the sign of the great Earth mother goddess. We cannot overlook the significance of these wise figures choosing the feminine earth sign to begin their next grand cycle. And Black Moon Lilith had recently travelled through that zone of the sky too, paving the way, awakening the serpent of change. More on the Uranus PLuto cycle here: previously seeded in the sign of Aries.

What powerful shifts was the Earth Goddess archetype supporting to work with these powerful gods of change? Virgo energy protects and tends the earth, concerns itself with health of body, mind and spirit, cares for the production of food and minds and the way we tend to our daily lives. Virgo is a mutable, feminine, earth sign. This healing energy supports our daily dance and asks for a sense of reverence and respect in how we interact with all of nature. It is discerning and analyses what is significant, what is most needed and discards what no longer serves a positive purpose.

Black Moon Lilith had a serious meeting with Pluto, about matters that had arisen in Libra, matters of the compassionate mind. Matters concerning kindness, justice, equality and respect for the deep feminine Mother Earth. Lofty ideas that needed grounding and with the gods of change in the sign of the great mother, Virgo, it was time. The Black Moon Goddess had emerged from her red tent to share the work and the journey with these two great gods. Others in the pantheon would do their best along the way. These are long cycles.

There was a slow build up to the exact Pluto Uranus conjunction, it took another 3 years for those two masculine energies of change to meet face to face and in that time Black Moon Lilith had travelled back and forth from Libra to Virgo, paving the way, waking up the mortals. Letting us know it was time. She travelled from Virgo, almost 180 degrees around the zodiac, to Aquarius, a harmonious trine from her Libran sojourn but an uncomfortable inconjunct from her time with the lord of the underworld. There was a great tension in the air.

Black Moon Lilith had also spoken with the lord of the oceans, Neptune, as she moved through Scorpio…that was intense. It was not only the Earth that needed tending. We needed to look deeply and with integrity into our darkness, into the murky depths and shadows of what we had created and allowed. So, the three great gods of sky, underworld and oceans had all had assignations with the Dark Mother. She revealed to all, the radical shifts needed and the dire consequences if the warnings were ignored.

Some called this the dawning of the Age Of Aquarius, there was a song being sung.

When Uranus left Virgo in late 1968 Lilith was in Taurus, the third feminine earth sign. Uranus helped to release huge amounts of stale old Libran energy when meeting the south node of the Moon. Lilith, in Taurus, was reminding us to ground our knowledge and open to intimacy, intimacy through all senses with all of nature. Pluto had more time and work to do in Virgo’s realm. Neptune was still stirring the collective oceans of Earth and the collective psyche.

By 1971, Black Moon Lilith had travelled her circuit of the biggest star and had returned to the original meeting place of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. A full Lilith cycle had been completed since the great gods had met in the Earth Mother’s territory. She spoke briefly with Pluto and moved on to meet with Uranus in Libra. It seemed there were some radical shifts occurring. Relationships were changing shape. People were mobilising. Collective voices were beginning to be heard in a new way. She had planted the seeds, left Pluto and Uranus to do their work and travelled all the way round the Sun to wake up the world.

The female goddesses move much faster than the male gods,(except now for our new additions, Eris, Sedna, Make, Make) speaking with all the other players in the pantheon and through every zodiacal energy, activating and releasing deep feminine wisdom to those who are receptive. It was the deep feminine that the collective needed to reactivate with the Pluto Uranus cycle that began in Virgo.

Black Moon Lilith has completed 6 cycles of the Sun since Uranus and Pluto met in Virgo in 1965. In June 2010 when the outer lords began the confrontation of the great square from Capricorn to Aries, she was in Pisces, stirring the collective psyche towards a greater expression of wisdom, compassion and oceans of kindness.

The waxing square is a time of action. Many seeds were planted back in the earlier stage of this long cycle. The square is the time where the ideas become a confronting and uncomfortable reality and must be acted on. The journey that began in Virgo reaches a crisis of action and consciousness with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Old structures that do not serve us must be changed, radical new ideas can be birthed and Neptune sits in Pisces bringing the potential of collective compassion and kindness into our actions. Remember Black MoonLilith was in Capricorn when Pluto first entered Virgo’s realm and in Pisces when the square first formed. She leads the way, stirring the awakening at a deep place and hoping that the masculine energy pulls the energy out into the world.

This waxing square began to form in 2010.

In 2010, Black Moon Lilith moved into Aries as Uranus returned to Pisces, she squared Pluto and the underworld quaked throughout the last months of 2010. There was a real sense of frustration around the globe. She met again to talk with Uranus in Pisces, and then with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus at 29 Pisces and Neptune at 29 Aquarius and her own move back into Aries the world really did quake. We saw the unleashing of the dark side of each of these energies. It was a critical moment. The gods and goddesses were not happy with our collective greed and ignorance. Earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear emergencies. Wake up people!!!

Pluto and Uranus had begun their journey of confrontation, planning to square each other seven times in a short number of years. We saw the god of the underworld and the god of the sky stir things up. In June 2012. Black Moon LiIlith was again sitting with the south node of the Moon in Gemini. At this point, she urged the collective to let go of the past, to acknowledge the ideas that created the crisis Earth is in, to tune in through the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius to a new paradigm.

Three months later the second square took place and Black Moon Lilith had returned to Taurus, again reminding us to tune into a sense of intimacy with all of nature, to embrace our mother Earth, to shift our focus from the material domain of Taurus to the sensual with reverence. When we care less for money and its creations we can feel our connectivity with all beings, both plant and animal. We can recognise the false gods and turn our backs to them.

In both May and November 2013, Pluto and Uranus formed exact squares. Black Moon Lilith was in Cancer for each of these, reminding us that family, both ancestors and descendants are depending on us to make the changes to honour the mother and make sure she is a safe home for all of us, to recognise we are all family.

During 2013, Black Moon Lilith supported us to rewrite our story, to know that we can heal the past and the future, that our ancestral lineage is strong and lives within us, that we have a responsibility to all on this planet, that we are all family. If we honour our ancestors, we honour the wisdom of the ages. If we honour the wisdom of the ages then we honour nature and reconnect with the natural cycles. This is critical at this time.

By April 2014, the fifth square of Pluto and Uranus had formed and Black Moon Lilith was in Leo. In Leo, she really demanded an honest exposure of our heart. She demanded that we not fear the truth and that we open our hearts to all. This is a real struggle that collectively we find so difficult.

In December 2014, we experienced the sixth square with Black Moon Lilith back in Virgo retreating again into Leo to meet Jupiter and amplify what is …what is the pulsing heart asking for? For some there seems to be a great disappointment that the changes haven’t swept the world. The critical aspect of Virgo nature can easily emerge and overwhelm us. We have analysed, we have examined, we have made changes. So why does it all feel so intense out there? We are still in the midst of the storm.

This next and final great square, Black Moon Lilith will be in Virgo where the conjunction was formed in the 1960s, where the journey began. When the events of 2011 unfolded we saw Aquarius 29 and Pisces 29 activated. The most recent new Moon was at 29 Aquarius and this coming new Moon eclipse is at 29 Pisces. This final square is a big bang, with a solar eclipse at 29 Pisces, the final degree of the zodiac, and with Uranus conjunct the south node of the Moon. The south node releases, Uranus is radical, Pluto is transformative and Black Moon Lilith is holding the energy where it all began, nurturing the seeds of the sixties.

The final waxing square is not the final chapter of the story though, the cycles are long and never end. It is easy to feel despondent because the great changes we hope for cannot be seen everywhere but if you look closely, it is happening. The next great phase of the cycle is the full moon aspect, the opposition. Pluto will be in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo with Black Moon Lilith in Pisces too in 2048. A beautiful cosmic synchronicity, the cycle begins in Virgo , waxes to Capricorn/Aries , culminates in Virgo/Pisces , wanes in Aries/Capricorn and the new cycle begins in Taurus. At the critical moments in the cycle Black Moon Lilith has been in Virgo for the new, from Taurus to Virgo for the waxing square , from Pisces to Gemini for the opposition and from Aries to Gemini for the waning square. In that time she will travel the circle many, many times, waking us up to the new paradigm of inclusivity and sensuality, compassion and kindness for all living beings.

Now is the time to take right action, embrace the change, start within yourself …

Awareness is growing. Awareness of the sixth great era of extinction, awareness of the crises we have created in nature, awareness that we are all connected, that we do not

have dominion over the land, the seas and the animal kingdom, awareness that our systems are not working for all, awareness of our rights and responsibilities to ourselves and each other. Awareness that we need to honour our interconnectedness and to do that in a deeply sensual way.

The old guard who fear the inevitable changes were present in the first sky picture as Saturn in conjunction with the south node, now we have a new sky story with Uranus in conjunction with the south node. It will change. Mind creates and recreates.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo ,discerning mind, mutable feminine earth, interconnectedness of all beings , health of the planet and all who share it , animal and plant kingdoms ,nurturing of body and soul. Perhaps not in the consciousness of all astrologers but still there. Black Moon Lilith forms the shadow point of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. Until we can acknowledge our shadow we cannot move towards wholeness. Positive change and the new paradigm embrace the energies of both the masculine and the feminine. Where are you?

Honour the deep feminine, that is the message. Open your heart, open the collective heart.


Agent 77, March 2015

During the last Uranus Pluto square Black Moon Lilith Mean Node is at 25° Virgo, True Node Lilith is at 12° Virgo,
the Zone of Lilith creating a corridor of 13°  between 12° and 25° Virgo, where the seeding of this current Uranus Pluto cycle began between 15° and 18° Virgo in 1965 and 1966