C*I*A Cosmic Transmission – Latest episode – Black Moon Lilith enters Gemini, with Agent 55 Vanessa Guazzeli Paim
Black Moon Lilith (mean node), enters Gemini, the sign of thinking, information and communication.
18/Jul/2021 to 14/Apr/2022 (MEAN and Main Node)
05/Dec/2020 to 02/Dec/2022 (True or OSCILLATING Node)

What have you been materializing in the past 9 months??
21/Oct/2020 to 18/Jul/2021 (MEAN and Main Node)
27/Apr/2020 to 16/Nov/2021 (True or OSCILLATING Node) – Black Moon Lilith in Taurus is about materializing and shaping the mode in which energy flows in us, by a visceral resistance to libido, to the sexual impulse and the very life force pulsating in our bodies.

The Cosmic Thrill, what is the Black Moon Lilith, what is the difference of the Mean Node and the True Node and the meaning of both, Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius and more.

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The Black Moon is a virtual astrological point, which represents the lunar apogee. I will refer to it as Black Moon Lilith (BML) in this article, to differentiate it from other astrological points (such as the asteroid Lilith or the Dark Moon). The apogee is the point in the Moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth at which it is furthest away from the Earth. It is at this position that it almost escapes, but doesn’t! For it is right there that the pull of gravity shows its force, bringing the Moon back towards the Earth to continue its orbit. So here we recognize the first basic concept related to Black Moon Lilith: gravity. Isaac Newton would refer to this as a question of mass and distance.