This New Moon in Sagittarius is a doozy, with the Sun and Moon conjunct Antares (the berserker warrior) forming the apex of a T-square from Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces opposite the North Node in Virgo. Neptune has just made an exact conjunction to the South Node, meaning that we experiencing the mass culmination of our collective, ancestral karma, ie: we are reaping what has have sown historically.

New Moon Video Report -Given the raw, psycho- sexual- emotional energy, violence, chaos and passion that has come to the surface over the last lunar month, care of the Mars-Pluto conjunction along with the volatile and inflammatory energies of the previous Full Moon/ Uranus- Eris conjunction, this New Moon conjunct Mercury in Scorpio is an opportunity for us to sit with all that has erupted from the depths and start to find ways to consciously and empathically communicate that to ourselves and to others.

This New Moon in Virgo represents a pinnacle point in the year and a pivotal point in our lives.

Throughout 2016 we’ve had a number of key themes we’ve been working with and they all in play and up for integration at the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse. In true Virgoan style, here is an inventory of all the themes:
The Virgo North Node & Pisces South Node axis (Nov 2015 – May 2017 NB: we are at the mid-point) has heralded

With the trine from Saturn to the New Moon it’s a great time to nurture the prime resource of our inner fire and work with the virtues of Leo to centre ourselves in heart consciousness, strength, courage, love, confidence, creativity and (com)passion and to confidently walk the path as an autonomous and independent leader; in that we know our truth, we know the source of it, we know the path of our heart and we take full responsibility for ourselves, in this way, we are the leaders of ourselves and nobody else can claim that.

This New Moon in Cancer is particularly ‘emo’. You may be thinking that that doesn’t sound like much of a revelation, considering it’s the Moon and Cancer, with the Moon representing our feelings and emotions, in its home sign of goo-ey and soft centred, Cancer. But wait, there’s more. This New Moon- the Sun and Moon conjunct, is also conjunct Mercury and Venus, with these 4 planets forming a stellium in sensitive Cancer.

This New Moon in the social sign of Gemini is conjunct flirtatious, flighty and witty Venus in Gemini, making this a great time to get out and meet new people and develop those networks. There is definitely a sense of the ‘social butterfly’ at play during this New Moon but don’t be fooled by surface appearances as the Sun, Moon & Venus conjunction is part of a greater planetary pattern known as a, ‘Mutable Grand Cross’.

This New Moon in Taurus is a great time to get grounded in the Earth and in our bodies and to work steadfastly on the foundations of our new life. You can feel the full power of ‘the Bull’ in this Taurean New Moon, with the New Moon making a ‘Grand (Earth) Trine’ out to Retrograde Pluto and (Stationary) Retrograde Jupiter. There is so much raw and vital earth power in this grand trine for work, for building and for growing.

Celestia Mathematica: The Presence of the Fundamental Force -2015 Kepler College Community Astrological Lecture Series.
How simple mathematics and number theory is beginning to back up the foundations of astrological systems, and who those systems connect to more than just individual psychology but all organic and inorganic forms as well.

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We are all channels of source consciousness though by Necessity, we have experienced so many situations that have blocked the full expression of our divine self. For the past 5 years, the universe has been working over time, care of the Pluto-Uranus square, to help us all break through the maya or illusion of who we are and what’s going on here on Planet Earth. Throughout this time, we have been called to break from previous forms and most importantly, previous conditions and conditioning. We have been challenged to the core, quite often feeling like we have been crushed, crucified and cracked wide open, till there were no conditions left except our deepest spiritual longing.

We welcome in this Pisces New Moon with a fabulous array of planets in dreamy Pisces, a gutsy and fortuitous T-square and a life changing/ life affirming Solar Eclipse. Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and liberation continues to square transformative Pluto and trine aspirational Saturn in Sagittarius. With all this planetary action, we are being prepared to not only take that leap of ‘faith’ over the edge but to be miraculously lifted, guided and delivered to the next dimension of self realisation.