Mars in Aries : 28 Jan- March 9th, Immediate Action Required.

As January comes to a close, Mars reaches his home sign of Aries. After six weeks of swimming through the emotional and sometimes draining waters of Pisces (draining for Mars, at least), the Cosmic Warrior dries out and warms himself by the fire of his home sign.

Venus in Pisces: Addicted to Love 3 January – 3 February, 2017

Venus, the planet we most associate with relationship and love, spends four weeks in Pisces this year. As we expect with the sign of the fish, things can go to extremes – and move in several directions at once.

Pisces is considered the exaltation of Venus, the sign in which her energies are best expressed. Venus in Pisces is more about agape, or compassionate, universal love, than it is about eros, or personal, erotic love. Venus in Pisces may be more inclined to wear a nun’s wimple than a beauty crown, more likely to offer alms to the poor than her arms in an embrace.

With Mars in Pisces, we’ll be tempted to go to extremes in all areas of life, from politics to sexuality. It’s an intense energy that can push us forward at top speed, only to realize that we’re lost.

Tilting at Windmills: Mars in Pisces (19 December, 2016 to 28 January, 2017)

Pisces is a dual sign and the last sign of the zodiac. It can bring us to extremes – hopelessness and infinite possibility vie for our commitment. Mars is an engine, and in Pisces it’s a formula-one racing car breaking speed records – and stalling unexpectedly.

With Mars in Pisces, we’ll be tempted to go to extremes in all areas of life, from politics to sexuality. It’s an intense energy that can push us forward at top speed, only to realize that we’re lost.

The Free-Thinker: Mars in Aquarius (9 November – 19 December, 2016)

Mars makes a quick trip through Aquarius this November and December, spending not quite six weeks in the sign we associate with rationality, freedom, and our highest goals. In the sign of the Water Bearer, Mars is ready to take up the sword to fight for or defend ideals – but not necessarily your ideals. Mars can be a warrior for any side of an issue, and the Aquarian energy can manifest at extremes of the right or left.

Mars in Capricorn- Cosmic Construction Company

After spending virtually all of 2016 shuttling between playing defense in Scorpio and leading crusades in Sagittarius, Mars moves into Capricorn on 27 September for a short stay in the sign of his exaltation. In Saturn’s home sign, Mars’ energy is thought to be put to good use in service to a higher cause.
The trick, of course, is to make sure the good use is really good.

Believe it or Not – Mars in Sagittarius August 2 – September 27 2016

Having turned direct on June 29th after ten weeks of retrograding, Mars re-enters Sagittarius on 2 August. In the sign of the archer, Mars is ready to fight for truth and justice – variously defined according to your social, political, philosophical, or religious address. Mars can certainly bring out the more polarized side of Sagittarius, a sign that can be flexible as it searches for truth but somewhat dogmatic when it believes it’s found it. Expect Mars to turn up the heat on social and political debates – although the temperature is already pretty hot in most quarters.

Forward March! – Mars Ends His Retrograde

After ten weeks of doing the backstroke through the murky waters of Scorpio, Mars ended his retrograde on June 29th and resumed direct motion. As July begins, the Cosmic Warrior is moving forward, but slowly, and some of the headaches and delays associated with the retrograde may persist through at least the first half of July. While we’re probably eager to get going with many things

Retreat! – Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio

March – September 2016
retrograde dates 17th April 9° Sagittarius – 29th June 23 ° Scorpio

Every two years or so, Mars retrogrades for about ten weeks. As a result, one or two signs get an extended visit from the Cosmic Warrior. With a two-year orbit, we’d expect Mars to spend about two months in each sign – and he generally does. Thanks to his retrograde, however, Mars will be traversing Scorpio and Sagittarius for nearly nine months in 2016.

Holy War – Mars Retrogrades in Sagittarius April 2016

“Spring ahead, fall back” is a mnemonic that helps some folks (in the Northern Hemisphere) remember that clocks are pushed ahead for daylight savings time in the spring, and back for standard time in the autumn. Yet it also sums up nicely the flow of the astrological year: we begin to spring ahead with the Aries ingress, when the sun enters the first sign of the zodiac. Above the equator or below, it’s a time of beginnings.

Mars in Scorpio: Homecoming: Jan 3rd -March 5th

Mars takes off his Libran bow tie and dinner jacket as he enters his second home of Scorpio for a two-month stay beginning on 3 January. Mars was last in Libra from late July to mid-September of 2014, and we may find ourselves revisiting issues and concerns from that period over the next few months. This time around,