Mars. Moon. Jupiter. Scorpio. “The Morning Sky Mushrooms”

If you’re an early riser or just never went to sleep last night, you may have seen them: Mars and Jupiter lassoing the Moon into their subterranean conversation in Scorpio.  Now that Mars has home-field advantage, he is adding some extra warmth to the mycelial growth of Jupiter.  Most of their workings are in the dark, but they aren’t hiding anything.  As the day’s welcoming committee, they remind us before the Sun breaches the horizon: Don’t ignore what’s happening beneath the surface. This is the perfect time to compost some of your psychological poisons.

Paul Stamets, the mouthpiece of the fungal world, reminds us as well, “…to never underestimate the power of a mushroom to find food.” Ever since Jupiter moved into Scorpio a couple of months ago, the metaphor I simply can’t shake for him is that of a mushroom. Misunderstood by many, taboo to even more, it is the mushroom who keeps this whole green ship turning.  Not all fungus produces mushrooms, just as with us, not all that happens beneath the surface turns to medicine.  One of their main roles is to turn what is dead into life.  Relate this to anything on its way out in your heart, and you are seeing what I’m seeing in the garden of your mind.

You may have missed them this morning, but they will be back tomorrow.  Wake before the Sun, look East, and you will see them.  Mars and Jupiter growing in strength, the Moon waning swiftly into her New Moon womb on Sunday near the Galactic Center. The best question to ask them might be:

What needs to die to be made into medicine inside me?

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,




Saturn return

The Saturn Podcast “Another look at the Old Devil”

.: a Podcast :.

In this show, I share the heaviest load of Saturn content to date.  With his ingress home into Capricorn just around the Galactic Center, I felt it appropriate to go deep. I also talk about the Saturn Return, Sade Sati, and walk with him into many other essential realities.  I do hope you enjoy!

 art by Peretz Kaminsky


Saturn & the Solstice “The Reality is….”

There are countless people currently under Saturn’s watch.  If your Moon is in Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius his rings are being ratcheted down by Sade Sati.  If you are born between 29-32, 59-61, 88-91 you are returning to the place from which you came.  And there are other perspectives still which can help you understand if your travel plans lead to Tartarus or towards the Golden Gate.

Collectively speaking, Shani is coming home on his favorite day of the year: The Winter’s Solstice.  When in Capricorn, his feet become more confident, absent of any doubts of where his toes are pointed.  Even if the mountain taunts us with impossible winds and whispers of defeat, we must always remember: “Not dead. Can’t quit!”

It’s useful knowing of the collective weather patterns, but it’s also nearly useless until applied specifically to your own chart.  For all of you astrophiles, it may be time to wean yourself from the online boob, turning your gaze towards tradition, serious self-inquiry, even mentorship.  Saturn is the Work. He reveals to us how we can improve.  He points towards the scramble we must risk in order to land successfully along the wyrd road of our Destiny.

I have a friend who loves to say, “The reality is…” We all have our little phrase we use unconsciously. It’s revealing.  For him, he’s in the throws of his Saturn Return like many of you.  I never noticed his love for the saying until Saturn started dragging his scythe on the grounds of his Being. Saturn has reconfigured his tongue…his Reality.

You see, the Reality is…
when you’re hungry, you feast
when thirsty, you find clean water
when cold, you try to be like Wim Hof
when hot, you dance in waterfalls
The Reality is…
If you check your Facebook more than 36x a day, you are legally insane
if you are triggered more than once a day
you might have lost touch
The Reality is….
that if you curse Saturn, he will curse you back
that if you fear his return, he will place more monsters in your closet
queuing up more challenges until you start to love him
He absolutely adores it when you feed his crows
(black sesame is ideal)
The Reality is…
Saturn is reality
he always knows what time it is; he’s always on time because he is Time
And it takes time to know his wisdom
to love wisdom
to be Wise
It may be time to see every experience—without exception—as an opportunity to grow
It’s all timed perfectly
Failure is the greatest gift
Because if we aren’t growing, we are dying
We cannot retrieve time spent, so we must use it wisely
The reality just IS…..

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,




the astrology podcast

Exploring Astrology with Chris Brennan pt. 2

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In this show, Chris and I pick up from where we left off on his show where we set off to answer our listener questions and only got to the Nodes in our first attempt.  This time, we cover a few more, like Time Lord Techniques, Mutual Reception, and a couple other interesting Q and A dynamics.  Lots to learn in this one my friends. Enjoy!

Chris’s Podcast:

Exploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast

tim ferriss

The Final Mercury Retrograde of 2017 “Eyes of the World”

Mercury is coming to a halt.  Every three month’s, he begins to scratch his bearded chin in the evening’s sky and slowly rise from his ephemeral throne to revisit a few places he recently passed by.  On this walk down memory lane, he comes closest to the Earth, roping us in all well, forcing us to see those places through different eyes.  This is Mercury retrograde. The last of 2017.

I woke with an early gift from our 21st Century Santa (Amazon); A book called Tribe of Mentors was sent to me. It’s Tim Ferriss’s latest. If you’re not familiar with Tim, you should be.  He possesses mercurial skills like few others on the planet (Virgo Moon; rulers of his Nodes-Venus/Mars conjunct in Gemini).  Whenever I get a new book, my first move is to open intuitively to the first page I’m drawn to, to get an idea of what’s in store.  I flipped to this:

“The only true voyage would be not to travel through a hundred different lands with the same pair of eyes, but to see the same land through a hundred different pairs of eyes.”

          — MARCEL PROUST

This theme has been repeating for me ever since Saturn moved into Sagitarrius in 2015.  Now that they are together (Mercury/Saturn on the Galactic Center; 28 Sag) it seems even more highlighted than ever before.

In my last post, where I was reflecting on “Sag season,” I shared the idea of the scatterling (read more here). A potent and uncomfortable concept which applies to many of us today. Proust is pointing his pen at the same idea: How we can end up feeling like the Platte river–a mile wide, yet an inch deep.  How then do we deepen our flow?

Mercury will begin his descent (rx; Dec 2nd) a degree away from the Galactic Center (@ 29 Sag) and arrive safely in the morning’s sky, stationing once more (direct; Dec 23rd) at 13 Sagittarius.  It’s within this torch-lit space where many of the great questions are asked, like: What is the point to all of this? Where are we going? Where do we come from? It’s wise then to find these degrees in your Chart and begin to live the questions there.  By the end of it all, right around the holidays and the New Year when he will be stepping out of these degrees for good (post-shadow release). It’s entirely possible we will be seeing the world with freshly reconfigured eyes.

*Remember Jerry’s words, “Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world.” Remind yourself of this mystical meme when he plays his tricks on you. Because it will happen and when it does, see it as a perceptual intervention.  To some extent, Mercury knows best.  We should always ask: Ok. What am I to be learning here? (As you peel the guts of your Iphone 10 from the pavement after “accidentally” running it over in your morning hustle, grieving the fact it can no longer recognize your face).

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,

Sag season

The Torch and the Scatterling “Sag season”

“When we grope back far enough, we hear the clinking bells and animal croon of a vast migratory journey–way back, through the blue smoke. Press your ear to the mud and you will hear them.”

Martin Shaw. Scatterlings

Connected in a way like never before: the plane, the train, the automobile await to bring us wherever we are called to go.  We have replaced the horse with horsepower. It’s in this newly harnessed power where we have discovered so much, yet lost as much in equal proportion.  There are swaths of us who identify with being an adventurer, a traveler, a gypsy, a seeker, a nomad.  What is lost though? What is gained? Take the word nomad. It comes from the Greek nomas-“the search for pasture.” But is it pasture we are searching for, or something much more elusive?

This pilgrim breeze relates to Sagittarius.  A mutable kind of fire, one you can dip a torch into and walk with into the unknown. There is something essential to this search.  The wanderlust brings us to far off lands where we are touched by cultures richer than our own.  It contorts our beliefs when we encounter people with tradition, with a connection to the land and to spirit.  It helps us remember.  Yet, in my experience and careful observations, there is an immense shadow to this process as well in the 21st Century; It’s what Shaw calls the scatterling.

With the Sun now in Sag–along with Saturn and Mercury–we can expect more light to be shown on the pros and cons of this scat.  Ecological footprints aside, bringing the heart of the matter to the fore, I see superficiality as the clearest face in the shadow.  In the West, I feel it’s safe to argue that most of us are amnesiacs to our own heritage and roots, yet become experts at quoting the Buddha, strengthened by Shiva’s rudraksha’s, empowered by the vine of the soul, rarely contemplating the ground we walk on, and how we got here in the first place.  We are all guilty of this.  Even with Astrology, we see the disconnect between sky and ground and chart.  So here’s my offering I lay down for us today:

To not search for wisdom, but to find wisdom in the search.

As in: Always questioning the impulse to go.  Doing our best to understand the impetus for travel.  To realize all the wisdom that can ever be found is already within you.  And most importantly, to get claimed by the land you live on.  If you can’t hear it, flee the city, putting your “ear to the mud” once again, remembering.  There is no right way to do this.  All our paths look like a two-year-olds finger painting, but they all lead to the exact same place. It’s a process of falling madly in love with the moment and the richness of tradition that we are all wild expressions of.

This is Sag season.

…if only we traveled the inner worlds as much as the outer ones…

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,



Adam gainsburg

Exploring Jupiter cycles with Adam Gainsburg

.: a Podcast :.

In this show, Adam Gainsburg returns to talk about Jupiter’s synodic cycle. It’s likely this is the only show on Earth covering the topic.  It offers an alternative understanding–yet a primary one–to Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio.  If you have been jiving with this Jupiter in Scorpio situation, you will love this.  If you haven’t been jiving, well, here is more context to your resistance. Enjoy.

Adam’s site:

Jupiter cycles


Exploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast

Exploring Astrology

The Chiron Podcast pt. 1 “Timeless Teachings”

.: a Podcast :. In this Podcast, I explore Chiron from all the angles I feel necessary. It’s his 40th birthday soon, which means we have nearly a decade to go in discovering the entire spectrum of his expression.  I talk a bit about this in the show, and much more.  This is also the […]