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Exploring Chiron with Alec Brogan

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In this show, one of my closest friends Alec Brogan joins us to talk about Chiron.  We get into some charged territory with shamans and some unbounded terrain as well as we search for the core truth of this relatively new archetype.  We use the discovery chart as our pivot to understanding the essence of Chiron.  We hope you enjoy it.  Take what is useful, discard the rest….oOo

art by Daniel Holeman

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Jupiter in Scorpio

The Jupiter Podcast “Cartography of Truth”

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*This show was originally recorded June 9th, when Jupiter stationed Direct.

In it, you will learn about the Jupiter Cycle and his ingress into Scorpio Oct. 10th 2017.  I also tackle some ontological issues, trying to see the difference between Faith vs. Belief.  I hope you learn something and are entertained by your listening.  Enjoy.

Exploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast

venus mars

The Dying Root Of Our Problems (The Aries Full Moon & the Venus/Mars conjunction)

It’s not just about mental health. It’s also not just the transits, about gun control, the pharmaceutical industry, the police, being politically correct, vegan, spiritual, or even connected.  The roots run much deeper than the branches.  Martin Shaw writes:

“So the mythological collapse begins and the threefold, archaic body gets thinned and stretched until only concrete remains. With the Nomadic Heart tuned out, and the Moon-Calling Woman ignored, our psychic orbits shrink, and we give ourselves permission for the most unimaginable acts, in the name of the horrified ‘infinite progress.”

And so, instead of pointing a finger at the Moon as she takes on the evening in her hot fullness, pay closer attention to the fingers pointing back.  Ask yourself: Do I have a place to catch her beams? Is there somewhere that connects me to the world within worlds, the place of clear reflection vs. a space of lunacy and overflowing reactions. As this Aries Full Moon travels through your eyes, throughout all the major highways of your body, remember what she is illuminating: The Mars/Venus conjunction and all the promises Lovers make under the amorous full moonlight.  Seeing this only as Eros infused is to lose your focus. Dream bigger. Expand your heart to the edges of the Universe. Go to the front lines of this “impossible expanding.”  Find awe once again.

This doubleheader of ‘matches made in heaven’ reminds us of what we are truly connected to. It’s a neutral idea.  You can be connected to evils most of us have never dreamed of.  Yet, as I’m sure is the case with many of you reading this, you can be connected to the most gorgeous manifestations life offers as well, like the Nomadic Heart and the tasty morsels you keep around that make the Moon-Calling Woman beg for more.

If you are following the Beam, you aren’t lost. If you have no idea what I mean, you may be lost. Either way, it’s all perfect…oOo

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,


The Jupiter/Uranus Opposition 3/3 “Down the Rabbit Hole”

It is in our nature to wonder.  Equipped with all the existential questions and impossibilities of the cosmos, we stumble through life, then we stride, then stumble again. The frequently used saying, “down the rabbit hole” relates here.  Originating somewhere in the late 19th century, finally published in 1865, this concept of Alice tripping down the “rabbit hole” has become a part of our language. Perennial in its usage, but in full bloom these days. The very idea of Wonderland is now a part of our imagination.  It is a “rabbit hole” which leads us to the edges of reality. The book was lumped into a category termed “literary nonsense,” and it is precisely this kind of “nonsense” we all need.  A respite from this world from time to time.  A place to escape.  Somewhere to remember.

Lewis Carroll, the man who gave us the “rabbit hole” to begin with, was born just after a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.  33 years after his birth, he published Alice in Wonderland during a Jupiter/Uranus opposition.  And tomorrow, there is another one (the final of three over the past year; On Sep 28, 2017).  The cycle between the two lasts around 14 years and is one of tracking genius.  Not confusing genius with IQ, yet placing it carefully in the bottle, knowing the proper rub to allow the genie out of it, so that he can guide us successfully to these “rabbit holes.”  Genius is found far from the walls of academia, yet visits often.  Jupiter and Uranus point to the kind of genius that can only be found when we go where no man has gone before. Like a moon landing, which also happened during a colossal Jupiter/Uranus alignment with Pluto.  Whenever Jupiter and Uranus align, whether that be a conjunction or an opposition, there is a unique looking glass which appears.  It can show us many untamed and wild things. Many miss it, many know exactly how to follow it.  Which one are you?

On one side of the rope, we have Uranus in Aries, protecting our own individuated thoughts, our essential freedoms, and our tacit right to feel unique.

On the other side of the starry rope is Jupiter in Libra, who may be feeling the limitations to billions of voices broadcasting every second across the internet.  He is simply showing where it divides rather than unites. He agrees: Everybody is a miracle. Everyone is special.  And yes, there are a lot of idiots amongst us.  He conspires to convince Uranus to tamper down the self-focus, attempting to turn his head towards all our relations.

In the big world, perhaps it’s Kim Jong Un vs. Trump.

In another world, one found through the “rabbit hole,” perhaps it’s faint memory of Us vs. Them.  A land overflowing with magic and wonder.  A place not too different than where many of us are headed. It is going to be wonderful!!! But first, we must remember what it means to be human.

  • Find them in your chart. The polarity of  Aries to Libra.  Begin your wonderings…oOo

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,


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The Venus & Mars conjunction “Coming together”

In the English language, we have a single word for love: LOVE.  Sanskrit alone is said to have nearly a hundred for its various manifestations.  Even in Ancient Greece, there is at least a half dozen, pointing out the subtle, yet not so subtle expressions of what keeps us here.  Love is elusive.

Aries Goddess

Exploring Venus Rx 2017 “Combing out Heartstrings” (Revisited)

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A Podcast on Venus Rx in 2017. In it you will learn all of the foundational ideas about what this means, why it’s sacred, and how to watch it and deeply connect with her in your life. It is my hope that you are both entertained and educated by listening. Enjoy

*This was recorded back in March of 2017, but is still relevant.

Art by Tomasz Kopera

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Exploring Astrology Podcast Agent 108 with Debra Silverman

Here’s what it’s like when two Gemini’s born the same day meet for the first time. It’s a little conversation between Debra Silverman and myself. I think it’ll make you laugh ~*~