Glyph variations

Mode: Cardinal
Gender: Feminine
Modern Ruler: Saturn
Anatomy & Illnesses: The knees. The knees enable us to bend, and once Capricorn has achieved its goals, it ideally adopts a humble stance by bending at the knees (e.g. through a curtsy or bow).

Capricorn’s glyph represents the sea goat, with the V-shape symbolising its horns and the S-shape its fish tail. The sea goat illustrates human cultural achievement rising from the depths of the cosmic ocean. This glyph is also seen to represent the cornucopia, a symbol of food and abundance from ancient times. Also known as the Horn of Plenty, or harvest cone, the cornucopia is said to have the power to give whatever is desired to whomever possesses it.

Capricorn, not a bright constellation, resembles a triangle between the larger constellations of Aquarius and Sagittarius. The brightest stars in Capricorn are Al Giedi prima and secundi, which operate as a double star, each star being a true binary. In both northern and southern hemispheres, Capricorn is best seen at midnight in the midheaven when the Sun is in Cancer during June and July.


    • Capricorn grounds the ideas and visions of Sagittarius and puts them on display.
    • Capricorn starts at the time of the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere), the longest and darkest night, and is associated with the rebirth of the Sun (the solar hero) after the solstice.
    • Capricorn seeks to find a place in society, to achieve accomplishment, authority and recognition.
    • Capricorn represents the father figure, establishments, administration and bureaucracy, and the experience of conforming.
    • Capricorn is about mastering the gifts acquired from Taurus and the skills developed in Virgo (the preceding earth zodiac signs) and offering these resources to the world in order to achieve recognition.
    • The image of the cornucopia, “the horn of  abundance”, associated with Capricorn represents reaping the rewards of hard work and gaining prosperity.
    • Capricorn, which is opposite Cancer, represents the establishment of self in the outer world, whereas Cancer needs to remain safe in its inner and familial world.

Ambitious, serious, conservative, responsible, cautious, prudent, masterful, accomplished, sure-footed, self-sufficient, disciplined, reliable, conservative, rigid, fearful, miserly, materialistic, narrow.

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