C*I*A Eclipsed Solstice – Cancer Ingress 2020 Quarterly Update

with CIA Agents

The coming Solstice – Cancer Ingress chart tells of the coming 3-6 month period.

The key signatures are a balsamic Moon at 25° Gemini about to eclipse the Sun, square to Mars planet of action and energy exchange and at the midpoint of the newly retrograde Mercury and the stationing Venus direct. Within these stations, the Sun at standstill, with Venus in Mercury’s sign, we now absorb all that has happened over the past few months and especially the last 40 days, for now we will re-adjust our minds, thinking and perspectives as more comes to light.

Neptune is also stationing retrograde.
Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto square Eris.
Venus 135°sesquisquare to – Pallas, Jupiter, Pluto

As Agent 35 – Georgia Stathis reminded us in our Quarterly update (see below) all squares – 45, 90, 135, 180 degree aspects are 9’s
– they are keys to necessary change and flow, don’t resist them, we need them to progress.

It may not be the most comfortable times, as the Cancer Ingress would have us hone into, it is a time to remain diligent and up to date, for nothing is as it seems.

The chart for the eclipse 8 hours later, mostly remains the same with the Moon joining the Sun at zero Cancer.

The eclipsing Sun and Moon in Cancer make the 150° uncomfortable aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, urging us out of our realms of comfort and support, to inter-grate and not ignore the needs and safety of the collective, and our common future. We may just want to hide in our shell till it all goes away, but it won’t without you! Saturn moves back to Capricorn on July the 2nd
– there is much work to do before we can move on!

For more info on the next 6 months- watch our Solstice Quarterly Update HERE, with Bill Sarubbi, Georgia Stathis, Adam Gainsburg and Julija Simas

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