C*I*A Solstice Cancer Ingress 2019 –

with CIA Agents

Happy Solstice with the C*I*A Agents IE Andrew Smith, 144 Alex Trenoweth, 316 Theo Naicker and 12 Julija Simas

Tune in to the astro signatures most relevant over the next few months, eclipse season, astrology in our world and a few exciting things coming up with the C*I*A!

Jupiter square (st) Neptune
Nodal action continues – Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn
Solar – July 2nd -11° Cancer – Saros 127 (pre eclipse sept 11 2001)
Lunar – July 16th – 24° Capricorn
Mercury rx July 7th 4°Leo – Aug 1st 24° Cancer
Venus Star Point Leo 14th August – 21° Leo
Virgo Secret agent meeting Sun- Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon

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  1. Avatar
    Julie Hackett June 22, 2019 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    Hello CIA agents,
    Thank you for sharing this video discussing the major celestial events of the coming season. What a wild time!
    The coming “secret agent meeting” new moon of late August is happening on my NN 7 Virgo. I am so curious what all of these focused energies will bring. I just finished my Pluto square from 19 Lib last year, and am exact in a Neptune square, there has been much transformation and reality checks on life goals/dreams, so there’s room for something new. And it is brewing, I’ve been met with more opportunities for aligned work than I can accept, I’ve been building my discernment muscles over the last month of this Neptune square, with Jupiter on my natal Neptune.
    Any thoughts on the celestial convergence on my 4th house NN this summer? Is this more clearing like an eclipse energy? Or is this potential to create new like a complete personal planet new moon/new cycle?
    Many thanks for all that you share,

    • Agent12 Julija
      Agent12 Julija June 26, 2019 at 9:30 am - Reply

      Thanks for you comment Julie and for watching! As there are many new cycles about to begin at this time, and for you in the 4th house and North Node, focus of your goals and what makes your soul self fullfilled!

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