C*I*A Solstice Cancer Ingress 2019 –

By Agent 12 Julija Simas, Agent IE Andrew Smith, Agent 144 Alex Trenoweth, Agent 316 Theo Naicker

Happy Solstice with the C*I*A Agents  IE Andrew Smith, 144 Alex Trenoweth, 316 Theo Naicker and 12 Julija Simas

Tune in to the astro signatures most relevant over the next few months, eclipse season, astrology in our world and a few exciting things coming up with the C*I*A!

Jupiter square (st) Neptune
Nodal action  continues – Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn
Solar – July 2nd -11° Cancer – Saros 127 (pre eclipse sept 11 2001)
Lunar – July 16th – 24° Capricorn
Mercury rx July 7th 4°Leo – Aug 1st 24° Cancer
Venus Star Point Leo 14th August – 21° Leo
Virgo Secret agent meeting Sun- Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon

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Happy Solstice to All

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