Galactic Heart – Full Moon, 25°55’ Sagittarius, June 17th UT

By Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

Galactic Heart Honey Moon 25°55’ Sagittarius

Only a few days before Solstice, aligning exactly with the spiralling Galactic Centre at 26° Sagittarius, 8:31UT Monday 17th June, this Full Honey Moon assures copious amounts of sweetness, hope, and mystery.

As cute as that may sound, keep your wits about you. Because during a Full Moon that revolves around the Milky Way in the sign of the Archer conjunct the compact gamma-ray radio source, Sagittarius A, we require information, truth, and faith, in order to navigate the unknown. Having eyes in the back of your head will also help.

During the Full Honey Moon when Luna tunes into the Galactic Heart, we can become aware how all kinds of info and ideas are being signalled for us to pick-up and digest. Through whatever platform you use, bear in mind that whatever is heard or received, be it a direct instruction or plain-old gobbledegook, wisdom now shines through by aiming (the Sagittarian archer’s arrow) far and high, all-the-while keeping faith close to heart, expectations and hope in perspective, and a vow to always be okay with whatever happens next.

Indeed, those gifted with a versatile mind and the ability to swiftly spin and change direction upon a dime will do well on this Full Moon, as the quality of ‘Mutable Fire’ carries the tone of a far-reaching Sagittarius Honey Moon horoscope, i.e. this is a Moon of changeable action that encourages adjustments to be sweet in ease and hope.

Also empowering this hipster swivelling Moon to move and groove whilst staying on emotional centre and surround oneself with all good things is expansive Jupiter, in home sign Sagittarius, where Jupiter positively amplifies everything, including the potential for luck and success.

Jupiter at home in Sagittarius plays a major role in this horoscope!

Beneficent Jupiter is a bit like a planetary St. Nicholas – bestowing good fortune, as well the desire to travel and expand horizons.  With strong moral convictions, generous good-naturedness and a glint in all knowing Jupiter’s wisdom eye, a conjunction of the cosmic and munificent Guru, Jupiter, with the soulful Full Moon, splendour and enthusiasm also double-up to magnify all kinds of feelings and situations, distances and measurements, stories and beliefs. No doubt tall tales will entertain and enchant; and some will dine on Full Moon antics for years to come. But essentially the Moon and Jupiter together point to emotional truths that embrace individual freedoms, especially the freedom to explore abstract ideas that give life meaning; and those deeply significant experiences that become part of our personal philosophy and beliefs, customs and ceremony.

Just be warned: there is no point being small-minded when Jupiter presents large. Nor should one be surprised if gaiety goes over the top, balloons pop, and much hot air is released. 

And if it all gets too much then take solace from Jupiter-Neptune enlightened artist William Blake’s quote the road to excess leads to a font of wisdom”

There are strong lessons to be learned from the Jupitarian generosity of spirit, especially in longevity (of life, project, ideas, law). Know that keeping an open mind is also considered healthy for the heartmind and body! Interestingly, long-lasting civilisations are ones that appreciate big-hearted Jupiter’s greater vision, and are accommodating in tolerating others’ principles and religion, understanding how we are all children of the starry heavens.

With the growing Moon we can even look up to the midnight sky and see Jupiter and the purple-blue sparkles that radiate from this celestial King of Planets. To symbolically experience Jupiter’s 360° panoramic perspective on life, find a high spot to watch Moonrise; on the first night of the Full Moon 16th June, Jupiter will be on the left of the Moon; also for culmination; by the 18th, Jupiter will be on the right of the Moon, and tune into the Heart of the Galaxy.

Note that Jupiter at home in Sagittarius is THE planetary placement for understanding new discoveries and adventure, especially in the great halls of learning, academia and law, places that broaden the mind – as well as the actual viewpoint. 

Open-minded Jupiter is also the ‘driver’, training this ‘locomotive’ chart; i.e. Jupiter, the Sky God with thunderbolt in hand, is first to come over the horizon with the rest of the planets to follow – just how a grandiose Jupiter likes it, leading the planetary precession, imparting optimism and hope by example. Even if this all sounds like a bit of a party, it is, BUT be aware that Jupiter is retrograde; and with the Full Moon it indicates we all need to majorly rework our responses to various different viewpoints – especially those concerning the expansion of freedom and justice, communication and instruction, perhaps even through high-courts and councils if need be, as Jupiter leads the ‘Train of Truth & Freedom’ around the heart of the Galaxy in a spiralling roundabout manner, going over old ground but off the beaten track, the scenic route preferred.

A head spinning this way and that could have its advantages, specifically when grasping the phenomenal astronomical enormity and power that emanates from the Milky Way’s Central Galactic Heart. Such contemplation could even bring Jupiter’s jolly japes and often inflated plans and ideas back into scale.  Surely, Jupiter at the Galactic centre will always want to make sense of the Gamma rays and radio waves, pulsars, tightly-packed spinning neutron stars, and dark matter that isn’t under gravitational influence: because all are said to radiate from Sagittarius A, the supermassive black hole which is a cosmic soup from which everything stirs. Indeed, we even use gamma rays to heal, in Cancer therapy for instance; and harm, as in deadly radiation. But the actual power structure of ‘Dark Matter’ is a scientific mystery. To date there isn’t a consensus upon what the pulsating heart of our Milky Way is actually directing Earthbound.

All this and more may be the reason Jupiter and the associated sign of Sagittarius are the astrological indication of seeking truths. Situations that affect large swaths of people veiled from truth, as in often totally obscured, is a theme for 2019, of which the Sagittarian Jupiter shares with nebulous Neptune in a tight, Last Quarter Square, which is exact at just a few hours before the culmination of the Galactic Heart Full Honey Moon (June 16th @15:19UT, 18° Sagittarius Jupiter square 18° Pisces Neptune).

The Full Moon illuminates the opaque; as things unseen need not be confined to subterfuge or hidden plots to take over the world (as in the present Capricorn conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on the South Node); but what we can’t see but often ‘feel’, as in sensing hypnotic strength in magnetic fields, can also be helpful. These sensations could best be described waves of collective wishes and longing, potentially Divine in nature, angelic in approach, and enlightened in presence and purpose, i.e. there is a serious force for good in the world, all we have to do is the believe.

The Jupiter Neptune Square 2019

Call the supremely connected cosmic force which envelops the universe God, Goddess, Nature, the Void, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Vishnu or Shiva, whatever you want, but the Divine is centre the celestial stage whenever there is a Neptune transit. Activating this year-long (closing) square between knowledgeable Jupiter and dreamy Neptune is a connection that began late May 2009, just after a New Moon in Gemini (for Gemini’s communication skills to play a significant part in this particularly long 13-year cycle), breathing truth and freedom, compassion and love into every cell in our bodies.

Interestingly, this Jupiter-Neptune cycle also keys into Sun’s crosses, as well as the Solar-Lunar and Venusian cycles.  Explaining briefly, a New Moon in the sign of the Twins (where the Sun is now) is where we began this influential visionary cycle that takes the world one step closer to the humanitarian Age of Aquarius. Back in 2009, just as this phase of mass interconnection and the internet morphed in to mirror the generational planet Neptune conjunct Jupiter, at 26 Aquarius, social media clicked into place with mainstream tech and A.I., to manipulate and create a group, ‘Big Data’ kind of consciousness.

On a personal level it might be good to recall what was going on Spring 2009: what was ‘new’ for you then? Check what a Big Wide World of inventive interconnection brought to you personally. Ideally, Divine wisdom began to open your wisdom eye for you to be able to visualise a happy and harmonious future crystal clear. Fellow astrologer Astrid Fallon calls this cycle between Jupiter and Neptune the ‘Relationship of ideals to society’s expectations’, because Jupiter provides courage and confidence, and Neptune is a generational planet that tunes into the collective undercurrents where dreams and trends can be symbolised in fashion, music, dance, film, meditation, prayer, yoga, hypnotism, mesmerism.

Through the power of the unspoken ‘Neptunian vibration’ connecting to Divinity, all the above activities are also ways conscious self blends with the individual and collective unconscious. All the while sage Jupiter informs of any progress when growing the spiritual light. And Neptune merges bliss into emptiness. As I said, that is the ideal. Often Jupiter’s ability to expand is witnessed within Neptune’s world of illusion and delusion.

Tracking the timing of the 2009 Jupiter-Neptune (illusory) collective wave (of developing spiritual devotion) through the hard aspects, with a First Quarter Square: June 25th 2012, and a First Quarter Moon near the Solstice: this was a very similar celestial set-up to where we are now, bar the fact 2012 also coincided with the first of the historical seven Uranus-Pluto squares that dramatically influenced innovative social trust and control. 

The Opposition: 17 September 2015 between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo was within days of a Lunar Eclipse, accenting Jupiter AND fixed star Spica, representing the grain held by the Sacred Goddess.  

Now, at the Last Quarter Square, also around June Solstice but on a Full Moon, we are dealing with a three-part retrograde series that began with a 1st hit: January 13th and a First Quarter Moon. The 2nd exact Square (with both planets retrograde) is now, at the Galactic Heart Honey Moon. A 3rd and final hard challenge is October 21st, also on a first Quarter Moon, and just before a Halloween Full Moon, when the learning to trust one’s intuition is an intrinsic part of becoming a ‘world server’. 

Philosophical Jupiter and devoted Neptune won’t meet again April 12th 2022, when both modern and traditional rulers of Pisces come together for the first time since March 1856! And because Jupiter is often the life-saving cavalry, and Neptune rules the oceans, I’d like to think we might be saving the wholesomeness of the planet’s water by then, by purifying the pollution we create, internally and externally. Now, wouldn’t that be a good legacy to read about 170 years from now! Hey, we did say think BIG! 

Back to this Full Moon: and if you are feeling cautious, note your gut instinct and what it tells you; if it is ‘beware’, ‘back down’ and ‘take care’, then do (because Mercury and Mars are working together at the Cancer North Node indicating someone (else) in the family (also) has your best interests at heart. So heed any inner-voice which whispers promises of comfort and joy and home-made apple pie – just like Mom used to make 😉 ).   

And if things don’t come up to Jupiter’s normally high ethical standards, perhaps because of too much Gemini high-jinx, we should still be optimistic, and look to the future with and open heart and a song on our lips. Only please avoid setting yourself up for disappointment by glossing over facts or believing everything you see, hear or think!  Seriously: test and question everything that is important to you with two things, faith in the universal unfolding AND an analytical mind, and events around this Full Moon will show you how you can develop confidence, especially in your spiritual path.

This promising Full Moon is also SakaDawa, when Himalayan Buddhists celebrate the enlightenment and passing of the Buddha. As such, it’s a day for creating positive thoughts, words, and deeds and generating serious karmic brownie points. Enjoy!

With best wishes for a sparkling Galactic Heart Honey Moon!

From Astro Agent Dakini aka 87
Laura Boomer-Trent

Jack Kerouac:
stare deep into the world before you as if it were the void: innumerable holy ghosts, buddies and saviour gods there hide smiling. all the atoms emitting light inside wavehood, there is no personal separation of any of it. a hummingbird can come into a house and hawk will not: so rest and be assured, while looking for light, you may suddenly be devoured by the darkness and find the true light.

From Laura Boomer-Trent, aka Agent Dakini, who can also reveal astrological and spiritual archetypes in your birth chart, that often serve as confirmation of your purpose and soul contract. There is a universal awareness within astrology that can empower one to consciously co-create with the universe a future you would like to see manifest.

Laura can be contacted to read natal karma birth charts, as well as year-ahead horoscopes, relationship, synastry, family dynasty, astro-carto-graphy; adept in the healing arts: Western, Vedic, Chinese and Tibetan, Laura is an astrologer with over 30 years of experience, and a dedicated Buddhist scholar for 25. Consultations can be in person (in London, England), or via skype or phone. International clients welcomed. Spiritual astrology retreats are also offered Summer and Autumn, in Southern France, where students also explore astrologically inspired historic sites as well as the Black Madonna. 

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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    Wonderfully written. Thank you. Just one little slip…
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