BLACK MOON LILITH Workshop, Currumbin/ Gold Coast /QLD

with Agent 55 – Vanessa Guazzelli Paim all the way from Brazil

  • For the first time in Australia:

    BLACK MOON LILITH – From Visceral to Sublime

    Saturday – March 3rd – 2018
    9:30am – 5:00pm

    COST  – $140 AUD
    C*I*A – Agents and Members or  Early Bird – Before Feb 15th  $120

    Gecko House 
    139 Duringan St, Currumbin QLD 4223
    –  stunning location right on the banks of the Currumbin River. It is easily accessed from both the Gold Coast Highway and M1 motorway.

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  • With Astrologer Agent 55 – Vanessa Guazzelli

    Black Moon Lilith is a driving force of life, that also embodies destructive and compulsive impulses. It is a visceral presence which is best when converted into some sort of creative expression, it shows us the potential to source our sublime talents and anchor them into reality, enhancing the experience of being alive.

    Black Moon Lilith is a virtual astrological point that represents the lunar apogee, the point in the Moon’s orbit around the Earth where it is at its furthest from our planet. The point where the Moon almost escapes its bounds to the Earth, but is pulled right back by gravity. BML transits through a sign every 9 months, and represents the call for us to bring things down to Earth, by concentrating mass, as materializing into the very being of the body. It concerns the basic impulses of both life and death. It can be seen as the survival instinct, operating beyond words and images, at the visceral level of sensation.

    Collectively, BML speaks of the tone or of what moves the collective from the depths . It points to the instinctive, visceral undertone of a particular period in time, always reflecting a backdrop behind our the words and images circulating at any given moment.

    In this workshop, we will look into the principles for interpreting Black Moon Lilith, taking into consideration its celestial mechanics and some of its various mythological references in different cultures, and observing its role in our psyche and our practical life. By looking into examples in natal charts, collective transits, natural events and artistic expressions, we will better comprehend BML through the 4 elements, the 3 modalities, and each of the 12 zodiac signs and house placements, how to work with its transits and cycles, and how to deal with its visceral potential for the exhilarating and the sublime.

    The workshop is a condensed version of previous live transmissions of Vanessa’s research which she would like to share with all astrologers coming to the day event.  Vanessa is in the process of finishing her much expected book on Black Moon Lilith, aimed at helping professional astrologers and students to fully comprehend and be able to  interpret working with this significant astrological Node.

    The Melbourne C*I*A is thrilled to be hosting Agent 55 event, join us in this unique opportunity for a great in-depth day out.
    It will sure be sublime!  

    • Agent 55 – Vanessa Guazzelli Paim – Brazil – Astrologer, consultant, writer and teacher, a Lacanian psychoanalytic psychologist and researcher.

      A Specialist on Black Moon Lilith, as a result of 16 years of work and research, recognized internationally for her unique insights and approach Vanessa brings to the interpretation of BML, with effective advice on how to better work with this astrological point and its cycles. In addition to her regular work for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, Vanessa has been invited to write on BML in a few astrological magazines around the world, such as NCGR’s, Hexagon, Infinity Magazine, Revista de GeA, and KIA’s Journal. Vanessa is currently on a worldwide mission and Tour, covering Turkey, India and Australia

    • Former president and present consulting advisor of CNA – the national astrology association in Brazil, organizer of a major astrology event, Cinastro 2015 – Beyond Borders (online). 

      Agent 55 also started and manages C*I*A’s sister website, geared to Portuguese and Spanish speakers and natives, as well as managing the C*I*A Agents in these areas –

      She has been teaching in and around Brazil and other countries, lecturing in many international conferences in Latin America and Europe. Consultations and classes via internet, in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

      Location: main base Florianopolis, Brazil

Meet Vanessa and further Reading

Vanessa has been writing for the C*I*A on BML since 2012
Here is a general and most popular article
For more on BML in the signs –


#rd March – 2018
9:30am – 5:00pm

COST  – $140 AUD
Early Bird – Before Feb 1st  $120
C*I*A – Agents and Members  $120

Gecko House 
139 Duringan St, Currumbin QLD 4223
–  stunning location right on the banks of the Currumbin River. It is easily accessed from both the Gold Coast Highway and M1 motorway.


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BML Workshop Currumbin QLD


9:30am – 5:30pm
8 Hours
Includes – Tea and Coffee breaks and 1 hour for lunch
Tea and Coffee provided

What Is Black Moon Lilith

  • Astronomy, celestial mechanics
  • Mythology, related myths from different cultures
  • As part of the Lunar Web, its relation to the Moon, and its psychological roll

Discerning Black Moon Lilith

  • Individually and collectively
  • Examples in political, natural and artistic events

Principles for Interpretation

  • In Houses
  • In Signs
  • In Transits

House Placements

  • in the space of the self (10th to 3rd houses)
  • in the space of the other (4th to 9th house)

In the Zodiac

  • In the 4 Elements
  • In the 3 Modalities
  • BML in the 12 Signs (examples)

Transits and Cycles

  • Applying and receiving
  • Transits, progressions and directions
  • Related cycles

Owning One’s Black Moon Lilith

  • Perceiving one’s own BML
  • Integrating its potential, from visceral to sublime

After payment for registration, we will get in contact to collect Birth data for charts to be distributed during workshop
Lunch not included, but can be purchased in the many cafes etc in the area.