Black Moon Lilith in Virgo Nov 27tH to AUG 25th/2015

by Agent 55 – Vanessa Guazzelli Paim

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo Nov 27tH to AUG 25th/2015 

What is on the agenda for the visceral?

When BML is in the EARTH signs we tend to experience a resistance to the  visceral.  Additionally when BML is in the MUTABLE signs we are also viscerally moved by the paradox of human experience.  Black Moon Lilith in VIRGO is about a visceral resistance regarding the paradox of human experience. Put simply: how do we connect our logical perspective and our impulses? How do we integrate our objectivity and logic with our subjectivity and affections? And how do we manifest that integration in a tangible way? What words and what practical actions result from connecting heart and mind?

The transit of BML in Virgo coincides with the transit of Neptune in Pisces, a call for us to become more human, to integrate our complexity. For such an integration to happen, we must first acknowledge our differences. We need to really comprehend the fact that it is precisely our differences that make us all human and unites us. The very fact that we are all unique and different is also our equalizer. We all endure the same human condition, which is that of being different. Neptune in Pisces awakens us to realize that we are all in the same big boat, in the same vast ocean of humanity.

In January of 2015, Black Moon in Virgo opposed Neptune. This opposition, by sign, continues until 25th of July, 2015. This is a period when we can experience the strongest visceral resistance, a primitive impulse to resist certain experiences and find it hard to tolerate certain people and viewpoints. Extreme viewpoints and conflicts are strongly highlighted and intensified. With Neptune in Pisces, motives can be quite religious or spiritual, but they can also be extremely ideological. In 1935, when Black Moon Lilith was conjunct Neptune in Virgo, the Nazi Swastika became Germany’s official flag and the Nuremberg Laws were pronounced. This institutionalized extreme prejudice, with rules prohibiting Jews from marrying Germans and other racial extremes being enacted. In contemporary times we can view this in terms of the current battles between Muslims and Christians or non–Muslims and Jews against Christians or Hindus versus Muslims and so on.

Evolving beyond this dichotomy depends on an integration of what is happening inside each and all of us.

On the bright side, BML in Virgo is also about being able to resist the potential for collective anaesthesia and manipulation. It is about being aware and awake, about being more connected to our bodies, listening to the earth, to nature and to our own nature, as well as being able to connect our hearts and minds to the here and now experience. Remember, we are all the same, we are all just human beings and, as humans who are living in the here and now, what can we do to repair these extremes? How does the visceral aspect within us integrate into our day-to-day real life experience? How does it affect our habits, health and political or social attitudes?

Within these extremes of Virgo and Pisces, we may be very attracted or very repelled by the needs to purify and perfect our world. At the same time we are driven to perfecting our craft, our art, our talent  fully driven by gut instincts. Within this is held the potential to create with great precision, focus and skill.

The themes that arise with BML in Virgo, are perfectionism, grasping the details of visceral effects, concerns of disgust versus lust, preoccupations with being dirty versus being squeaky clean, the acts of prejudice and racism versus the acceptance of Nature. Purification, cleansing, analysing, criticizing, health, natural-healing cures, the potential of plants and natural medicine, acupuncture, as well as integrating the wild and organic nature of our planet and ourselves, are all at play here.

To overcome the anxiety for this need for perfection and needing to get everything right, living in an imperfect world around us, is to remember to breathe, to simply breathe. It is a constant of the here and now, breathing in and breathing out, that connects us to all life and helps bring a more grounded connection to that which we must do or choose to manifest.


Those born with BML in Virgo are keen on details and have a strong need to be extremely accurate and precise. These natives may be troubled by the annoying little things, disgusted or obsessed by small details and imperfections, with a great repulsion to contamination, impregnation or dissolution. The key with these natives is for them to be remain in constant touch with nature, to allow themselves to be cleansed, purified and integrated by nature. This can turn the extreme sense of disgust and repulsion to the imperfect, into an acceptance of what is natural, to the extent that one can really physically feel part of the natural realms in amazing ways. Great pleasure comes with being in touch with nature where one’s own nature can be unraveled. To move beyond self-criticism and/or prejudice, an active acceptance of imperfections and supposed ‘impurities’ within others and oneself is needed. Deep inward feelings, the visceral connection, can be made through immersing ourselves in nature, through the healing power of plants, creating with our hands and handicrafts and connecting to our own healing abilities.

Some people born with Black Moon Lilith in VIRGO (Mean Node): Violeta Parra, Mercedes Sosa, Claude Levi-Strauss, Galileo Galilei, Sigmund Freud, Woody Allen, Pierce Brosnan, Fidel Castro, U.S.A, Dalai Lama, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Alicia Keys, Julieta Venegas.


The current BML position is connected to the Uranus-Pluto Square, (exact for its seventh and final time just in March 2015), the first square in a cycle that began at the conjunction of the two planets in Virgo in 1965/66. This earlier Uranus-Pluto conjunction occurred at the same area of Virgo which BML is transiting now, read more innAgent 77’s article  here

BML is always in charge of the visceral aspect of our collective process. Being in Virgo right now, it is a preparation for the coming ingress of North Node into Virgo (next September, on the 9th for mean node and on the 11th for true node) and Jupiter in Virgo (Aug/11th/2015).

So remember BML’s call:

To create a new life on Earth, to bring dreams into fruition, we must integrate our human selves and our bodies to tune into the natural rhythms with nature and fully own our natural selves. It’s important to hear our personal needs and those of the collective, respecting others and being respected in return. To fully channel these visceral instincts we perfect ourselves and craft and hold a greater potential for  healing the rifts on our planet.

Black Moon Lilith urges us to live as fully realized individuals, not just as pieces of drugged flesh under constant manipulation, but as true entities of life and existence, conscious and fully present subjects in all creative action!

By Vanessa Guazzelli Paim – Agent 55

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Image Credit: The Smiling Monk – Dancer: Rachel Brice

By Vanessa Guazzelli Paim, Agent 55

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Email : [email protected]

* This article draws on the content of a book to be published this year, based on Vanessa Guazzelli’s astrological research on Black Moon Lilith.

** DINZEL, Gloria. El Tango, una Danza – Mi Tango. Buenos Aires: Corregidor, 2012.