BLACK MOON LILITH IN SCORPIO: Visceral Transformation as the Force Awakens,

by Agent 55 Vanessa Guazzelli Paim

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Visceral Transformation as the Force Awakens

May 21st of 2016 to February 2nd of 2017 (Mean Node)

Ready for the Black Moon Lilith through Scorpio? Adding an extra edge to the already deep, powerful and sometimes dangerous sign of Scorpio. The collective undertone is now set to be intensified by themes of sexuality and passion, in depth defying exploration, deepening our secrets,  endangering our liaisons and all matters of survival life and death, as we lay claim to empowering ourselves, with a living alchemy, with profound transformations and tantric potentials. The visceral backdrop behind our words and inner images now takes on a sense of urgency, a certain intensity, that moves to increase, deepen and intensify our emotions, testing us with yet another call, for deeper, stronger more powerful inner transformations. As our emotions are intensified, we are moved from our very core, and also from deep down in our collective and unconscious roots.

We come from the approximately 9-month period of BML in Libra (Aug 25th, 2015 – May 21st, 2016), where the non elaborated aspects of our ways of relating came up for us to deal with. Being face to face with the other, our ability to relate evolved from the visceral level. Did we listen to the ballerina’s advice in how to Tango, with BML in Libra?  Her advice being: “It is from my very insecurity that I have been able to create spontaneous movements which did not disturb my partner, keeping myself open and always ready to give him a sense of security. Insecurity walks along with us throughout our entire lives, in search of a sense of security – that is, security itself is actually based on insecurity. Uncertainty is everywhere. The key is not to fight it or resist it, but rather to include it in our flow: going with it, not against it. In this way, you may ride it. And so, surrender takes place.” (Gloria Dinzel)

This was the preparation of the visceral bonding between us and within us, so we are ready for the next level, as the Tango now intensifies. As the Force now becomes stronger, we will also have in great consideration the advices of one wise Jedi, Master Yoda, along the way. The Force is awakening, and the potential for both the Dark and the Light sides are enhanced. So we better know how to deal with it.


Scorpio is Black Moon Lilith’s exaltation sign. Her domicile, home sign is Capricorn, the opposite of the Moon’s home sign, which is Cancer. Their exaltations are also opposite to each other, being the Moon exalted in Taurus, while BML’s exaltation is in Scorpio. BML’s reign is strengthened in the sign of unconscious depths and alchemy. The scorpionic archetype is the one compelled and willing to look at what might not always be pretty, that which is off limits, taboo or out of bounds. For daring to do so, the rewards stemming from this attitude are about finding the most precious hidden treasures lurking in the depths. As BML’s potent energy is about concentrating mass, bringing down to Earth and materializing, Scorpio is a rather potent alchemical place for her to be in. During this transit, BML and Pluto become especially well connected, with Pluto being her modern dispositor, along with Mars, which is Scorpio’s co-ruler and also with Pluto being in the sign of her domicile, the sign of Capricorn. The Force is as we can see is now even stronger with her, as Master Yoda would say. Could this be for better or for the worse? Of course this will depend on what side of the Force you choose to be.

In Scorpio we uncover the divine light, by first needing to search through the dark. In Scorpio, as BML becomes an incessant visceral flow, it is best directed as a powerful transformative force, a concentrating power , that is intense and which can be as powerful as Tantra, transforming darkness into light and destruction into creation.

Natives who have natal BML in Scorpio and embody this challenge and transformative spirit are: Che Guevara, Pope Francis, Eminem, Akira Kurosawa, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, and how appropriately the film “Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace.”

The first movie of the Star Wars saga was – Episode IV, Star Wars: The New Hope – and was released when the Sun was in conjunction to Black Moon Lilith in Gemini (release date: May 25th, 1977). It was the start of the mega film series, which was set to inform and enlighten us on how to deal with the inner force, one of light or dark. The Star Wars story, however does not actually begin there, as we know it’s the second trilogy that tells of the origins of Star Wars with Episodes I, II and III., This is where it all begins, revealing to us the drama of young Anakin Skywalker who ends up moving to the darkside, turning into the dark, and very Plutonic Darth Vader. This is the kind of challenge of what Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio is all about! The force that awakens deep within, be it dark or light. There is a lot of beauty and wisdom to gain here, but we need to look deeper…

A prodigious young man, full of talents, strength and intensity, who was supposed to bring balance to the Force, was tempted by the Dark side. From a Jedi spiritual warrior of peace, he was corrupted and turned into the most powerful Sith Lord, the great villain Darth Vader. How did such a promising young man, so in love with the beautiful Padmé, succumb to the destructive dark side? As Yoda’s wise words reveal, it all started with fear:
“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”. Anakin Skywalker’s weak point was always his fear of losing those he loved. The dark side seduced him into a way and means of gaining power, the power he needed to be able to prevent those he loved from ever dying.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio brings up unconscious memories to any dangers or inner tensions that are registered within the body. It triggers memories of life or death situations that could have been experienced by the mother, family and surroundings during one’s gestation. Mistrust, paranoia, the compulsion to control and an insatiable need to test the loyalty of loved ones is a tendency of BML in Scorpio, sometimes to the point of tragedy. In order not to relive the tragedies of the past, move to where the pull for passion and depth leads to creative action, and not down the path of destruction. Directing this inner intensity is best concentrated to devoted investigations, transformation and healing. This period holds power like no other. When we can access this depth of feeling, complicity and most powerful tantric transformation, we bring balance to the Force within.


As we know, Episode I of Star Wars has Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, and so does Natalie Portman, who plays Padmé-Amidala (the profound love of Darth Vader), it is on her ascendent. Hayden Christensen, who plays Anakin Skywalker in Episodes II e III in which he turns into Darth Vader, actually has both Black Moon Lilith and the Moon in Scorpio, in conjunction with his predecessor’s the young Anakin’s, actor Jake Lloyd’s Pluto and Portman’s Ascendant and BML. All actors strongly connected by BML in Scorpio, activating its potential. Especially the Scorpionic Black Moon Lilith match of Portman and Christensen, who played out the most essential moments of the drama, give us more insights into the opportunities that we now have to convert our visceral BML drives into more creative expressions and symbolically enlighten us on what this current transit presents as both the challenges and opportunities to watch out for.

Transits through Scorpio, often take us to dark places in order to help us find the light and move ever closer to the divine.

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Agent 55 – Vanessa Guazzelli Paim – Brazil – Astrologer, consultant, writer and teacher. A deep investigator in astrology, which she started studying in 1989, and also as a Lacanian psychoanalytic psychologist and researcher.

Former president and present consulting advisor of CNA – the national astrology association in Brazil, and organizer of some astrology events, including  the Cinastro 2015 – Beyond Borders (online). She has been teaching around Brazil and different countries, lecturing in many international conferences in Latin America and Europe.

Specialist in Black Moon Lilith and in the Theory of IV & X Houses, for which she received an award in Sinarj’s Astrology Symposium (Rio, 2005). Vanessa takes into great consideration the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable principles in her work, having these three zodiac crosses always on her horizon in both Personal and Mundane Astrology.

Passionate about creativity, concerned with our planet and the unfolding of our human potential, and having been raised in different cultures, 55 is a roving Agent and the Agency is her kind of tribe, and its spirit and Mission her kind of drive!

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