BLACK MOON LILITH IN Sagittarius – The Great Leap Forward!

by Agent 55 Vanessa Guazzelli Paim


Feb 13th to Nov 9th 2017 (mean node)

Trine to Uranus exact on 11 Oct 2017, at 20h49 UT,

from 26º51’ of Sagittarius at the Galactic Center

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, at the Galactic Center, trining Uranus: It’s Parkour Time!

When the Black Moon is transiting an astrological sign, the unfinished and unresolved issues concerning that sign emerge. BML even acts as an inverter of values, showing us the B side of things. Why the B side?Well because Black Moon Lilith is the dimension of the Real (as conceived in Lacanian psychoanalysis), the register of the impossible, of awe, of the raw experienced at the mere level of sensation, unelaborated by images, words and meanings. There is a strangeness to the Black Moon Lilith, something which mobilizes in other ways, as it concerns the visceral undercurrent, the backdrop behind words and images.

This expression of BML as an inverter of values ​​is seen especially in the sign of Sagittarius, sign of law and ethics. Strange things are currently happening with the law, with the justice system and the authorities that define and enforce them. Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, picks up on the fact that not only are these rules and laws – not understood or even followed by  the authorities that enforce them, but also that these rules seem somewhat arbitrary and do not coincide with what actually feels just or right. The laws put in place somehow do not make sense to the BML native and end up simply not counting in their behaviour towards it. Therefore we find, BML in Sagittarius rise up against corruption, with a complete disregard for the given laws and justice.  BML in Sagittarius seeks the truth that really makes sense to them, what laws and principles they will act and stand by These issues are greatly enhanced during this BML transit (Feb 13th to Nov 9th, 2017).

This astrological point The Mean Node of Black Moon Lilith transits through a sign every 9 months, the time of a human gestation, and tells us about the mother’s experience during pregnancy – not the official or conscious version, but the record of experiences at the sensational level. With BML in Sagittarius comes the need for visceral expansion – be it physical, intellectual, international and also where we find its talents – driven for knowledge and knowing, to crossing horizons, and transgressing frontiers. 

For all of us now we ask, how do I stand for my own truth and where do we stand regarding the truth in our collective? Sagittarius is one of the mutable signs, also called one of  ‘the common signs’ –  common being the ground of human interaction. In the face of our collective differences, we  can either try to annihilate or destroy our common ground by domination, or we can find great value in meeting what is foreign to us with respect and be enriched by the difference.

Within the current transit, we are faced with a great need and desire to purge what is lacking in truth, what is lacking in justice and ethics in our world and expose and confront that which reeks with corruption – be that, suitcases full of stolen public money or news headlines which manipulate and distort the truth. Corruption too,  often used to justify the usurpation of power, “in the name of” the supposed intention of “ending corruption”, can be seen in so many crude ways, through authority figures, justice institutions and officials. In many situations in the world today, we can witness unjust ‘laws’ and attempts to corrupt the rule of law, in favour of a few, in detriment to the rights of others – or in detriment to the rights of many others.



“We have a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws”, said Martin Luther King, who was born with a Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius. It was also during a transit of BML in Sagittarius that a fundamental inspiration for Martin Luther was published: Civil Disobedience (1849), written by Henry Thoureau.

Black Moon Lilith does not play in service, it materializes. And this concept is now of concrete importance:

civil disobedience is a form of expression of the right to resistance, of the right to guarantee basic rights when public institutions do not fulfil their role and do not comply with the law or do not ensure by legal means the fundamental rights of life and freedom. When the current law is perverted and unjust, civil disobedience is the only way to preserve the rights denied to us by domination and abuse. It is indeed an ethical responsibility to the practice what arises from each individual’s consciousness as each  of us knows what we are willing to stand up for.

It was also during a transit of  BML in Sagittarius, on December 1 of 1955, that Rosa Parks, an American black woman, dared to disobey the law that dictated that black people should give up their seats to white people, and sit only on the back seat of the bus. Rosa was sitting in a front seat when a white man entered the bus and she refused to give him her place. She firmly held her position and was subsequently arrested. However, this act of civil disobedience in the face of an unjust law, actually changed the law. This act mobilised the US Supreme Court to declared unconstitutional the laws of Alabama and Montgomery and segregated buses. Rosa was eventually released and, years later, her birthday (Feb 4th) became a holiday in California, called “Rosa Parks Day”.

Noam Chomsky, a renowned intellectual, linguist and activist, was and is strongly concerned with the responsibility of intellectuals to uphold their duty to analyse and bring to light the lies of ruling governments and elites, and no surprise  also  is aa native of BML in Sagittarius. Chomsky emphasizes the importance of popular attitudes not being justly thought out, and that we should as a society organize, mobilize and  energize ourselves so that the attitudes behind our decisions remain really meaningful. and well thought out, for the best for all, as this is the way in which the positive change can be given energy and mobilised in our world

How do we conduct ourselves ethically? What is our responsibility for what is right? And how do we continue to resist the abusive machine of an unjust system are the questions raised through Black Moon Lilith now in Sagittarius, which she responds to indicating: that one begins with the body.

Being present in the body, appropriating this body is the first step to being able to respond to life..This can be understood on a more metaphorical levels, by the uaction taken by that of Frenchman David Belle, another Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, creator of parkour, the street art defined by Mike Schwab as “l’art du deplacement ( the art of movement), the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacles in its path, adapting one’s movements to the environment in the most efficient way possible. ” Parkour is action in the polis, the urban space, made explicit in the real, transgressing the urban laws of pre-defined paths, and laws of the physics itself. From it comes the evolution to free running, which focuses on creativity and self-expression finding  the way, instead of making an emphasis on  efficiency.

When faced with oppression, moving with life is the first necessary transgression for freedom. This individual liberation is in itself a great contribution to the collective. Feeling that our own movements can expand, does expand the reality we experience. BML in a fire sign, as it is in Sagittarius, carries with it great creative potential.

Another example of someone with this BML natal position is the incredible Oliver Stone, film and documentary director, who through his work questions and criticizes manipulative actions made by governments and the system ruling the world. Among his documentaries films and movies are:
Snowden, The Movie – which depicts the experience of Edward Snowden, a former NSA and CIA (not the Cosmic one) agent, who reveals the level of espionage and invasion of privacy carried out by the US government.

The Putin Interviews,  his latest pearl, in which Oliver Stone invites the American people and the international population to listen to the Russian leader for ourselves, to see and listen to him answer several questions, clarifying his stand on [particular topics of interest that show quite a different perspective on things than what we read and see through  major corporate media versions given to us in the West, allowing everyone to see for themselves and draw their own conclusions on what is true.

Our C * I * A – Cosmic Intelligence Agency was founded by a Black Moon Lilith  in Sagittarius native, the Australian Julija Simas, Agent 12- a bold move announcing astrology in a loud and proud way, that it’s really not the nonsense so many may think it is, and if  that is what you think, we don’t really care, we use it. We even have a badge, making ourselves the authority on who says it is true or not.!

The same BML is found in the chart of BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa partnership, which has emerged aiming to strengthen a multipolar world, not subject to a single hegemonic power, even though it still needs to move past many challenges.

And, last but not least, Brazil. The independence  date of the country has BML in Sagittarius at the top of the chart, the MC.

In Sagittarius, BML’s conjunction to Saturn  during the recent total solar eclipse alerted us to to endure, to strengthen our muscles as we continued to build the dykes of courage. In September, her trine to the North Node in Leo enhanced the importance of self dignity and sovereignty.  Now at 26º and 27º of Sagittarius, BML reaches her apex at the Galactic Center, as she defects a fiery trine to  Uranus in Aries. It is time to Parkour, to vault ahead, learn to shoulder roll, muscle up, and fly. Black Moon Lilith’s trine to Uranus at this time is most liberating, as the drive for freedom reaches sky high. With the intensity of her current dispositor Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) now in Scorpio, the trine to Uranus is an opportune time to break from patterns with the law and cut visceral ties which hold us back in our own evolution and flowering. The undercurrent is now radiating with possibilities to free ourselves from any sort of imprisoning compulsions, as our gut feelings vibrate towards higher levels of being.

Keep the faith in these movements, expanding our capacity for creative action.

Natives and charts with Black Moon in Sagittarius, with some rather extreme examples, for Black Moon speaks of both difficulty and talent:

Martin Luther King, Deepak Chopra (Seven Laws of Success), Susan Sarandon, Audrey Hepburn, Unief, Brazil, Cher, Jane Fonda, David Belle, David Bowie, Dante Alighieri, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Helena Blavatsky, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), Act of Rosa Parks (Dec / 1955), Civil Disobedience (Thoureau, 1849), 12 Julija Simas our founder of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, Bitcoin’s genesis block.

Agent 55 – Vanessa Guazzelli Paim – Brazil – Astrologer, consultant, writer and teacher. A deep investigator in astrology, which she started studying in 1989, and also as a Lacanian psychoanalytic psychologist and researcher.

Former president and present consulting advisor of CNA – the national astrology association in Brazil, and organizer of some astrology events, including  the Cinastro 2015 – Beyond Borders (online). She has been teaching around Brazil and different countries, lecturing in many international conferences in Latin America and Europe.

Specialist in Black Moon Lilith and in the Theory of IV & X Houses, for which she received an award in Sinarj’s Astrology Symposium (Rio, 2005). Vanessa takes into great consideration the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable principles in her work, having these three zodiac crosses always on her horizon in both Personal and Mundane Astrology.

Passionate about creativity, concerned with our planet and the unfolding of our human potential, and having been raised in different cultures, 55 is a roving Agent and the Agency is her kind of tribe, and its spirit and Mission her kind of drive!

Consultations and classes via internet, in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Location: main base Florianopolis, Brazil

Email: [email protected]