by Agent 55 – Vanessa Guazzelli Paim


Relating becomes visceral 

From Aug/25th/2015 to May/21st/2016 (mean node)

 By Vanessa Guazzelli Paim, Agent 55

For the next 9 months Black Moon Lilith moves through Libra. During these 9 months the opportunity arises for us to detangle and elaborate on certain aspects in our relationships adding a personal BML touch of how we relate. Due to the BML influence the art of relating will now operate from a highly visceral level, listening to our gut instincts becomes a most important key in integrating our yearnings into our relationships in ways that will no doubt help to spice them up a bit.

The Ingress of Black Moon Lilith (mean node) into Libra which occurred on 25th August coincided with Venus still retrograde,then freshly reborn as a Morning Star. Venus now becomes especially significant for this BML transit in Libra, for Venus is now BML’s dispositor. We should always remember that with virtual points such as Black Moon Lilith or the Lunar Nodes, the dispositor becomes ever more important, serving as an anchor and indicating the means through which the virtual points manifest. At the same time, BML’s dispositor, Venus is heightened with the visceral and manifesting touch of BML.

During the transit Black Moon Lilith in Libra makes a few significant aspects to points and planets. The first is Black Moon Lilith conjuncting the North Lunar Node, at 1º39’ of Libra, on the 8th of September, yet an orb of one degree connects the 2 strongly between September 2nd to 15th. The exact conjunction occurs just before the first of the two eclipses coming up also in September, adding to the intensity of the eclipse season ahead.

When BML meets one of the Lunar Nodes, an opportunity arises for us to cut off negative patterning, ending or elaborating traumas and karmic and/or psychological issues.Black Moon Lilith conjuncting the Lunar Nodes can be an opportunity to release traumas and go beyond patterns. Especially as this conjunction happens with the North Lunar Node, the materializing and manifesting quality of BML adds potential to actualizing yet more our life purpose.  Extra importance is placed on the need to integrate the more organic aspects of ourselves into our ways of relating. Paying attention to what we sense in our bodies, respecting our gut feelings and listening to our own inner authority. Libra relates in a rationally minded fashion, yet BML brings to the scenario the need to relate from our automatic gut felt reactions, demanding we stay totally present with ourselves and with the other(s), becoming more responsive to all experiences.

With BML conjunct North Node, opposite South Node, we are ending cycles and redefining partnerships to adapt to the times to come. This year, according to the Human Design System, which is based on astrological data and relates to the I Ching, 2015 is considered the Year of Remembering, which precedes the Year of Co-Creation. After recalling and sifting through who we should be with, we can genuinely make dreams our come true. Co-creating the all wonder we inspire, for we do have a new world to build. We can either get entangled and stuck in vicious patterns, or get to the heart of matters and dare to dance the dance!


To further consider the presence of BML in Libra, let us first recap:

Black Moon Lilith represents the lunar apogee, the point in the Moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth at which it is furthest away from the Earth. It is at this position that it almost escapes, but doesn’t! For it is right there that the pull of gravity shows its force, bringing the Moon back towards the Earth to continue its orbit.  Isaac Newton would refer to this as a question of mass and distance – gravity. It takes nearly 9 years (8 years 310 days) to go around the Zodiac and it’s mean node stays for 9 months in a sign, same time of a pregnancy. BML refers to gravity, gestation, forming the body, materializing, bringing down to Earth. Black Moon Lilith accounts for the deep, visceral, crude sensations. Rather than words and images, the reference is to sensations such as warmth-coldness, presence-absence, and comfort-discomfort. It is not only irrational – but blind. BML indicates the experience itself, previous to its elaboration in images and/or words. It is indicative of both difficulty and talent! It is about our most visceral level and our most basic survival instinct, and contains the potential for the terrifying or the sublime.

More on true node mean node and of Black Moon Lilith, see:

As a collective transit, BML reflects the tone or of what moves the collective deep down inside! It points to the instinctive undertone of a particular period, it reflects a backdrop behind our words and images at any given moment. It is about what’s moving the collective on the visceral level – describing a certain tone, the certain warmth the collective sensations at a given time Approximately every 9 years, her cyclical visit to a sign stirs up the non elaborated contents of the themes associated to it, bringing the opportunity for us to better integrate those aspects, this time Libra, at a deeper more organic level.

So what is on the agenda for the visceral?

When BML is in the AIR signs, her focus is mostly concerned with, the OTHER, the lack of, or overindulgence experienced with our ability to consider the ‘OTHER’ in our lives. It is a notion that the ‘other’ becomes much more challenging to interact with yet all the more compelling. In the CARDINAL signs, BML stirs up our desires to operate directly from our emotional core, intensifying the potential for deeper and more fulfilling relationships.


During a period of BML in Libra, the Cardinal Air sign of relating, the pressure is on to integrate any non-elaborated relationship hooks and relating patterns we harbour, by converting them into something much more livelier and dynamic, moving what we feel inside directly out to be able to fully interact and experience. It is like a call for becoming the Zen samurais of relating, adventurers for interaction. Just think of the dynamics of the Tango, you’ll get the idea!

It is a time for taking into consideration the advice of an Argentinean tango ballerina**:

“From my experience, it is from my very insecurity that I have been able to create spontaneous movements which did not disturb my partner, keeping myself open and always ready to give him a sense of security.

Insecurity walks along with us throughout our entire lives, in search of a sense of security – that is, security itself is actually based on insecurity.

Uncertainty is everywhere. The key is not to fight it or resist it, but rather to include it in our flow: going with it, not against it. In this way, you may ride it. And so, surrender takes place.” (Gloria Dinzel)

Topics for Black Moon Lilith in LIBRA:

  • Relating issues – in both intimate and social circles
  • Social life is geared up
  • Non-elaborated aspects of relationships are put to the fore
  • Our visceral longings of partnership, dare us to take the risk of such an adventure
  • To see ourselves as a pair or as a couple
  • To see ourselves as a pair? As a couple? (repulsion x attraction)
  • Claiming your place as pair or a couple – yin ou yang?
  • Gender issues
  • Beauty
  • Unconventional beauty
  • Or extreme dedication to a beauty style
  • Impact on fashion and aesthetics
  • Pleasing the other. Pleasing the other?
  • Fears and desires to bind or get together
  • The capacity not to react
  • A visceral ability for diplomacy
  • Instinctive perception of balance or unbalance, harmony or disharmony (both in aesthetics and in relationships)
  • Instinctively identifying harmonic patterns
  • Viscerally harmonic

Some people born with Black Moon Lilith in LIBRA (Mean Node): 

Nicola Tesla, Nassim Haramein, Ricky Martin, Cassia Eller, Oprah Winfrey, Ursula Andrews, Gisele Bündchen, Coco Chanel, Nelson Mandela.

By Vanessa Guazzelli Paim, Agent 55

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* This article draws on the content of a book to be published this year, based on Vanessa Guazzelli’s astrological research on Black Moon Lilith.

** DINZEL, Gloria. El Tango, una Danza – Mi Tango. Buenos Aires: Corregidor, 2012.