Black Moon Lilith our collective shadow

By Agent 77 Marg Murphy

In an earlier article I wrote about the connection Black Moon Lilith (BML) has with the current Pluto Uranus cycle.  At the beginning of this Uranus Pluto cycle, in 1962, when Uranus moved into Virgo to approach the conjunction with Pluto, BML was already in Libra. Now, as Uranus moves beyond the waxing cardinal square with Pluto, mean BML is in Libra again. She will remain in Libra until late May 2016 when she makes her move into Scorpio. Mean BML does not move in retrograde motion but true BML does and she will have a presence in and out of Libra until late October 2016. So until late October 2016 there will be a T- square forming and reforming  between Pluto, Uranus and Black Moon Lilith.

It is interesting that she was actively involved during the forming conjunction of these outer male archetypal energies and is again confronting them at the ending of their waxing square with each other.

BML in a chart is a point of self-sabotage, of exile, of sacrifice. She demands justice, truth and equality. In Libra these traits are accentuated.

The square is one of the most difficult and challenging aspects. Squares demand a relationship between elements that are uneasy with each other. So with Pluto and Uranus we have the elements of earth and fire. Transiting squares bring the greatest crises in both our personal lives and in the collective. Squares not only provoke actions and reactions but demand them. Squares are compelling, dynamic, powerful aspects.  Much has been said about the cardinal square and the necessary changes it signaled in the collective. Although the intensity and exactness of that square is easing now, it is still active by sign until Uranus leaves Aries in May 2018. Collectively we have not integrated the changes needed, BML is pushing us further along that journey.

If a square is challenging, a harbinger of conflict, crisis and change then what of the T-square?


Mean node of BML square Pluto exact 11 January 2016, Square Uranus exact 25th January 2016. True Node of BML squares Pluto and Uranus once a month as she moves direct and retrograde constantly.

The T-square brings enormous pressure and radical change. It is much tougher than the simple square. So read the above and amplify it, the raging female is now involved and she is not leaving!

With BML moving to oppose Uranus and square Pluto we have definitely not finished with that cardinal square. It has now become a T square, even more volatile and critical. This sense of urgency will be with us for the duration of BML’s transit through Libra in both her mean and true form. It will ebb and flow to some extent as she moves in and out of exact alignment with each of these big movers and shakers, but really, expect it to feel relentless. We are in a pressure cooker, a cardinal pressure cooker and something has to blow.

Look at where this T-square falls in your own personal chart. Where is the cardinal cross (Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn) in your birth chart, by progression, direction and by transit. These are the areas in your journey to look into deeply. What quest are you being invited to commence as BML faces Pluto and Uranus? What quest are we collectively being asked to embrace?

BML into Libra of course brings up the themes of love, relationship and commitment, beauty, and not least, social justice. Venusian themes are prevalent of course as Venus rules Libra. In the natural wheel of the zodiac, Libra rules the seventh house, the western point of the cardinal cross. The first/seventh house is the axis where we are most likely to project our shadow onto another. 

With mean BML at 12* Libra now, the T-square is well and truly active and is tight. The sign of Libra is often seen as being one of balance and harmony. This is a mistake. The scales of justice are the symbol of Libra. Have you tried to balance a finely tuned scale? It is a painstaking and difficult task to find the point of balance. Libra’s task is to work towards balance and not often is it sustained.

Often in Libra, if we are honest, we become acutely aware of how unbalanced we are. This can be such a difficult realization that we do not own our imbalance, we do not accept it and so project it onto the other. At worse, Libran energy brings deception, duplicity and injustice. At its best, it strives for harmony and co-operation. As a cardinal sign it strives to initiate, motivate and direct. As an air sign it can be conceptual, open minded and interactive.

Black Moon Lilith can be a fearful, feminine energy when not integrated. She has an intimate connection with the underworld and our personal and collective shadow. BML does not fear the darkness, she has been there for thousands of years and is only recently returning to the light or into the collective consciousness. BML does not fear the shadow, she willingly enters the underworld to face her own shadow, to embrace it.

At the beginning of this Pluto Uranus cycle she had long conversations and confrontations with the male gods about the compassionate mind, kindness, justice, equality and respect for the deep feminine. She has returned to this same place now that the male gods are squaring off against each other. It feels to me that she is tired already of her time outside the red tent. She is acutely aware that we are not heeding her warnings and that time is running out.

BML is intimately familiar with rage. She rages against injustice in all its forms. She is intimately familiar with exile. She chose to exile herself rather than participate in a relationship that was not equal and honest. She was demonised by the powers that be for taking this action. Stories were told about her vengeance, her wickedness, her destructiveness. She is familiar with chaos.

By invoking Lilith we collectively acknowledge that we are ready for deep change, that we will not be bound by the patriarchal( not necessarily men) powers who turn their backs on the truth in the face of power and greed. 

We need LILITH today. We will be increasingly uncomfortable as we struggle with finding this Libran balance. BML in Libra is raging against the injustices between the self and the other, this nation and the other nation, this religion and the other religion, this style of government and the other style, this species and that species….it goes on and on …find a discrepancy/imbalance and you find BML raging.

Breaking down the aspect pattern we have BML opposite Uranus in Aries. When we face the other we can see them, we can reach out and hold them, we can also fire a gun and easily reach our target. With BML in Libra in opposition with Uranus we have the potential for war, or peace. It sounds extreme because it is. Aries is the warrior and Libra strives for fairness. With this opposition we need to lay down our weapons and really listen to each other. If this is possible we will realise that our values, at the deepest core, are not dissimilar. The opposition brings in two elements that can work together. Let us truly see the other and open our heart.

With BML in square with Pluto in Capricorn we have the opportunity to motivate a profound change in law or governance or systems. This square can stimulate very creative changes if we can face it honestly. They are in dissimilar elements but they are both cardinal and need to act. They are also both intimately familiar with the underworld, the shadow, and have the potential to initiate deep transformation.

The empty leg of the T-square is Cancer. Watch as the Moon moves through Cancer each month for signs of potential release from the conflict. Look at the imagery of Cancer for personal active change. Cancer is the safe harbour, the womb, the hearth and the home, the ancestors. It is often said that the empty leg provides the solution.

When I think of Cancer I think of ancestry and ancestors, of the stories and wisdom that the ancestors passed on to those who chose to be receptacles for such knowledge. I spoke at a recent retreat about the Aboriginal concept of healing through the telling of stories and through developing an intimacy with nature. The First Nations people of the world today have lived through many huge changes. Their cultures were alive and thriving in the eras preceding this current patriarchal time. They have the wisdom to share with us if we can listen deeply.

With the telling of stories we heal our emotional histories. Listen carefully to the way you tell your story, notice when it changes. Perhaps you can consciously change the way you tell the story. This can change the way you feel and can change your experiences and those of your descendants.

Notice the relationship you have with nature. Do you have a relationship with nature? Do you have an intimate relationship with nature? Take time to spend in nature and develop intimacy with all that is …animals, birds, plants, rocks and water. Listen deeply to the messages from that realm. Open to love and acceptance, make simple changes in your own life before you rage about the powers that be. You are that power.

We are in a time of deep change, of critically needed change. If we do not embrace positive change as a collective community we will not continue. BML is weeping the desecration of the deep feminine. She is here now to work with us.

We are playing dangerous games with the big energies of Pluto, Uranus and Black Moon Lilith, each of these is comfortable with chaos even if we are not. From Chaos comes change. It needs to be embraced through honouring the earth first. BML is the faster moving figure so the one who can empower us to trigger change.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of unity and co-operation at the recent Paris talks on climate change. There is no resolution through the pricing of carbon or emission trading schemes. These are ruses to fool the masses and keep the wheels of big business rolling. The earth continues to be scorched. The balance will not be found through oiling the machine and machinations of greed and power.

We are forcing many millions of people into exile through greed over power and energy. Millions of people are on the move in the Middle East and Europe, forced into exile.

We are scapegoating the Islamic world, a form of projection.

Millions of women and girls around the world are still not treated as equal to their fathers, brothers and sons.

We honour false gods.

We are raping our Earth, we are sacrificing ourselves and our children, we are exiling our hearts. Suppression of Lilith brings devastation. She must be known consciously…

Look around you.  Libra is about love. How do you love? There is no doubt that times are a changing. Be part of that change and open your heart.

Black Moon Lilith in Libra is engaging the male archetypes on a mission for change,   be her agent. Black Moon Lilith invoked can be our redeemer. Sing redemption songs!

Agent 77 Marg Murphy