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Equinox – Libra Ingress 2015 – Divine Balance

Libra Ingress – Divine Balance Sept 23rd 8:20am UT  By Agent 12 – Julija Simas Sun conjunct BML, asteroid Juno, North Node Sun sextile Saturn Moon/Ceres 135° to Jupiter Mars square Saturn Venus trine Uranus/Eris, inconjunct 150° Chiron Jupiter opposite Neptune Jupiter trine Pluto  Mercury retrograde square Pluto This week the Sun, North Node and Black Moon […]

Astrology of 2015

The Astrology of 2015 By Agent 98 – Lorna Bevan When the chimes ring out at midnight on December 31st everyone wishes for a clean slate, a new year filled with promise and sprinkled with magic. Of course there is free will and the future is a quantum field of limitless potential but it has […]

The Chakras – The Cosmic Keys of Balance

The Chakras – The Cosmic Keys of Balance
What Are Chakras? Chakras are vortices of energies that relate to our individual and collective connection to each other on the microcosmic level and our connection to the earth and multiverse on a macrocosmic level. These cosmic pin-wheels rotate like two cyclones that are connected at their funnel spout, creating a tidal ebb and flow through each conic side o

Neptune in Pisces – Fear of the Invisible

by Nick Owens, Agent 37 On 4 April 2011 at 1:37pm UTC, Neptune ingressed into Pisces.  It will remain in Pisces until 5 August 2011, when it returns in retrograde motion to Aquarius, only to re-enter Pisces on 3 February 2012.  Thereafter it will not exit Pisces until 2025. Coming so close after the ingress […]

Uranus in Aries – Explosive Energy

by Nick Owens, Agent 37 On 12 March 2011 (Melbourne time) Uranus moves back into Aries (it sort of dipped its toe into Aries for a brief period from the end of May 2010 until mid-August 2010) to stay until May 2018 when it moves into the next sign, Taurus. Uranus, being symbolic of shocks […]

Pluto in Capricorn – Institutional Reform

by Nick Owens, Agent 37 This article was first published on 11 April 2010 at the old C*I*A – Zone X blog. There is one over-riding change of consciousness that needs to occur in coming years, which perhaps contains all the others.  That change is a re-enchantment of the world. When we look to past periods […]