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Mars Attacks

The Sun and Mars are currently waxing into a square that will be exact the 6th of February at 17 degrees Scorpio-Aquarius. Both signs strive for change and inspire you to take action for a better future. However, you will not show any mercy for those who are attempting to stand in your way, hinder your expression or show you disrespect.
The challenge now is to not loose your head over small details or let

MARS IN LIBRA 12 Nov 2015 – 3rd Jan 2016

Mars enters Libra for a six week stay beginning on 12 November. In the sign of the Goddess of Love, Mars is often considered to be in debility, or weak. Yet it’s not love that trips up the Cosmic Warrior in Libra, but the rules. Rules of propriety, rules of engagement, rules of conduct. Manners. For Pete’s sake, manners. Mars is independent and impulsive, not given to following rules or minding his manners.

The Elements of Health in Astrology

From the beginnings of time we have watched the earth and her elements in full power, trying to understand the world we live in and how it works. The 4 elements make up all that is around us, we are used to experiencing them as the seasons change. But what of the elements within us. Many ancient cultures came to similar ideas of how the elements work within our bodies, flowing in health or being blocked in times of disease/imbalance.

Equinox – Libra Ingress 2015 – Divine Balance

Libra Ingress – Divine Balance Sept 23rd 8:20am UT  By Agent 12 – Julija Simas Sun conjunct BML, asteroid Juno, North Node Sun sextile Saturn Moon/Ceres 135° to Jupiter Mars square Saturn Venus trine Uranus/Eris, inconjunct 150° Chiron Jupiter opposite Neptune Jupiter trine Pluto  Mercury retrograde square Pluto This week the Sun, North Node and Black Moon […]