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The Venus Star a Co-Creative Intelligence

Venus and her cycle is by far the most interesting and rhythmic of all planetary cycles, besides that of the lunation cycle which is much quicker and transient, the Venus cycle is made up of 8 year, 4 year, 9.5month and 19 month cycles, which we can use to plan, incubate, create, remember and work with.
The timing of the Venus cycle. 9.5 months (plus a few days)– A conjunction with the Sun occurs every 9.5 months alternating from inferior to exterior conjunction
19 months – 1.6 years = 584 days= One synodic cycle of Venus

Science and Spirituality: Understanding the mystical experience

Jeff Lieberman, an MIT-trained artist, scientist and engineer, makes a scientific argument for mystical experience. He asks us to challenge our perception of what we are, our relationship to the universe, and our relationship to one another. Our minds are “thought-generating machines.” What we would happen if we could turn off the machine? If we could transcend our individual experience of the world?

Sagittarius Full Moon Meditation

The Red planet, conjuncts the White, Full Sagittarius Blue Moon. This seems very patriotic, a subject that Sagittarius rules. From APOLLO the Sun’s perspective, the earth is swallowing /eclipsing Mars the warrior planet. This is a very powerful image of the FEMININE EARTH MOTHER assimilating the warrior God. The old boy’s macho warrior energy is dying and a new softer Masculine is being born. SATURN Retrograde is aligned with ANTARES the Rival of Mars in an isosceles triangle formation in the skies

Transit of Mercury 19° Taurus -eclipse May 6th 2016

As both Mercury & Venus are between us (earth) and the Sun, they pass between us periodically creating ‘eclipses’. Because they are so small they don’t block the Sun’s light so are not generally noticed down here on Earth. But they are considered quite ‘rare’ and when you check the above dates of previous Mercury eclipses the historical associations are very powerful in terms of social change.

The New Moon 16° Taurus: May 6th 2016, UT

This New Moon in Taurus is a great time to get grounded in the Earth and in our bodies and to work steadfastly on the foundations of our new life. You can feel the full power of ‘the Bull’ in this Taurean New Moon, with the New Moon making a ‘Grand (Earth) Trine’ out to Retrograde Pluto and (Stationary) Retrograde Jupiter. There is so much raw and vital earth power in this grand trine for work, for building and for growing.

Jupiter- Saturn Squares of 2016

The Jupiter- Saturn squares of 2016 offer us an opportunity to finally fine tune the application of our beliefs and philosophies to our work, our daily habits, and to our self care. It’s a clarion call to `walk our talk,’ even if that walk feels as though we are navigating a tightrope. This is a call to action to get serious (Saturn) about what we say is our highest purpose ( Jupiter). It’s time to get to work; reformat, restructure and create habits which are reflective of our deeply held beliefs.

Venus -Uranus in Aries – liberate yourself!

April 22nd 2016 Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, will conjunct Uranus, the liberator. Although this is a fast moving aspect, it is a very interesting and important one, especially since Mars, Venus’ counterpart, is now retrograde and Venus is in his sign, Aries. This dynamic puts both into play and their fascinating polarity will yet again be a reality in our lives.

Pluto in Capricorn- The end of the World as we know it!

Lord of the Underworld, Pluto is the repository of the secrets of life and death. The Underworld is a dark place; the fount of human depravity; cruelty, torture, murder, greed, evil and violence. Its power is intense and relentless.
The planet named for this dark entity travels the zodiac in a slow elliptical orbit of 248 years, spending anywhere from 13 to 30 years in each sign of the zodiac. On 26 January 2008 Pluto leaves Sagittarius and crosses a pivotal threshold moving into Capricorn. This is an epic time that portents dramatic upheaval.

Retreat! – Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio

March – September 2016
retrograde dates 17th April 9° Sagittarius – 29th June 23 ° Scorpio

Every two years or so, Mars retrogrades for about ten weeks. As a result, one or two signs get an extended visit from the Cosmic Warrior. With a two-year orbit, we’d expect Mars to spend about two months in each sign – and he generally does. Thanks to his retrograde, however, Mars will be traversing Scorpio and Sagittarius for nearly nine months in 2016.

The Presence of the Fundamental Force – Astrology

Celestia Mathematica: The Presence of the Fundamental Force -2015 Kepler College Community Astrological Lecture Series.
How simple mathematics and number theory is beginning to back up the foundations of astrological systems, and who those systems connect to more than just individual psychology but all organic and inorganic forms as well.