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The Month Ahead- August: The Siege of Sekhmet

Objectivity and perspective are important because your very strong emotions are likely to be acted upon in a rather theatrical manner. reaching out to the familiar resonates more than ever making us seek reassurance at this time of uncertainty. Ultimately you will not be able to hide your emotions and you may need to reconsider any relationship with people that believe you should. Relationships with lovers dive deeper and become more intense. The Sekhmet aspect of protection of others will play a great role in this moon cycle.

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The Month Ahead: May, Mages and Muses of Infinite Inspiration

Unless you have been hiding under a purple rock, you have most likely felt the impact of Prince Rogers Nelson’s, transition to his next octave engagement under the bittersweet Scorpio Moon, leaving the world drenched in a steady torrent of Purple Rain. This Month Ahead carries the relentless tone of holding on to the past in a very fixed and rigid way. A past that is Taurus “the bull’s” well known celestial “claim to fame.”


The Month Ahead: March

Whip out your sword and shield and jump on the nearest chariot and head towards the ocean, because the God of War, Marches you into a month of changes so grand that what you start now may not reach FRUITION UNTIL SEPTEMBER.

Besides the ingress into Aries, and the incredibly influential aspects with Jupiter and Saturn, March brings us a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse aimed at helping us to align our intuitive senses with the empirical practices that underline the potential for shifting our wildest dreams from a world of flakey fantasy into quantifiable and tangible reality.