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EQUINOX – Libra Ingress – – September 22nd 8:02pm UT

The seasons shift once again with 12 hours of daylight hours and 12 of darkness everywhere on planet Earth. The sign of Libra symbolises this balancing act.
Libra’s ruling planet is of course Venus, and she is now located in Virgo, closing in on Mars. The celestial lovers will reunite two weeks after this Equinox for the first time in almost two years.

Journey Into Astro Magic – October 26-29th 2017, Healesville, Victoria

SPECIAL OFFER, for our upcoming C*I*A RETREAT.
Book before next New Moon and Receive with your registration and deposit an Astro Consultation with one of our participating retreat agents, plus a Cosmic Midpoint Map, showing hotspot for your year ahead. Value $200. Book to share a a twin room with a friend and receive $100 off each!
Thursday 26th, 27th, 28th, Sunday 29th October 2017. Come take the Journey Into Astro Magic, with us for C*I*A’s annual 3 day/night retreat to immerse yourself into astrology, divination and inspiration facilitated by the wonderful Agents, inspiring program, wonderful food in the soothing surrounds of the Maitripa Centre.
Our special guest this year is the wonderful and gifted Starry Teller Gemini Brett Agent 1123, from Seattle USA.

5D Astrology Report: September 2017 Sky Fall /Free Fall

Despite all the drama and fireworks of August’s eclipses, the repercussions, the revelations and the re-sequencing of your path really begin in September. Paradoxically, given the showy Leo Fire energy, August was a month of inner work, of being drawn down deep inside by the retrogrades of 9 planets – including Mercury – into spending extended time out time periods Since Retrograde planets travel clockwise back to Source downloading deep space data

The Devil’s in the Details: Mars in Virgo (5 September – October, 2017)

Mars ends a bold six weeks in Leo on 5 September, taking more cautious steps as he enters Virgo. Mars likes action, while Virgo is a more considerate sign, sometimes given to vacillation and second-guessing. In the sign of the Virgin, Mars sometimes doesn’t know what to do, yet he isn’t given to sitting still, either. A good cause is just the thing to motivate him – and us – to make the most of this six week period.