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Communicating the Heart: The New Moon in Gemini

The primal intensity of the deep emotional surges that have arisen of late, echoes from your former heart scripts that threaten to overwhelm your renewed honest, open and lOving heart, have been profound. The rise of the Dark may only mirror the strengthening of your Light, a simple fact that your mind knows, but within those insane moment your life has felt unloving even though you can feel lOved within your Higher Self.

New Moon in Gemini- May 25th UTC – Intention activation:

Gemini is the eternal child. Always curious about life. Always up for learning something new and for new experiences. Gemini is represented by The Twins. We can view these as black and white, masculine and feminine, conscious and subconscious, up and down! it’s the spectrum of opposites, of duality. Gemini is always looking at all perspectives, and not happy to be one sided.

Sun in Taurus ♉ & ♏Full Moon 20°24 Scorpio

t the time of a Fixed cross-quarter Full Moon (i.e. halfway point between an equinox and solstice) Wednesday 10th May, the steady Taurus Sun shines also with a Fixed Star, Botein (meaning back leg), adding a frolic with gusto to the Bull’s usually slow and sturdy gait. While planets wander skies and signs, ‘Fixed Stars’ remain static (to the human eye),

5D Astrology Report: May 2017 Transition is Transformation

Since January 2017 and the beginning of a 1 Year of personal Reset we’ve been shapeshifting back and forth between two worlds – the familiar 3D and the unknown 5D. That’s why you might be feeling as if you’re stuck or taking one step forward and two steps back. You’re not. You’re transitioning. You’re absorbing then integrating massive amounts of deep space energy. Even though it’s tempting to want to “arrive” in a brand-new world fully equipped with a new operating system with all the bells and whistles, that’s not how it works. Know that Transition is Transformation. The scenery is changing – just look out of the window.

Nodal Shift – Leo/Aquarius – What makes you Happy!

What makes you happy? And, what is holding you back from embracing your bliss? These questions and more are about to bubble forth into the collective consciousness as the lunar nodes ingress into the Leo/Aquarius polarity beginning on May 9th 2017. Goodbye to the serve or suffer polarity of Virgo/ Pisces. We are about to embrace a new theme until December of 2018; the role of Individual creativity against the backdrop of group-think.

New Moon in Taurus – Intention activation:

This new moon is inviting you to breathe deeply, to become present and aware of your senses.
An offer is extended to make a commitment to yourSelf to Be the Change you wish to see in the world.
This is our time for Healing through Connection – to Planet Earth – and to each other.
A time to Plant Seeds of rEvolution. Nature is our greatest teacher, so Be outside and delight in her fruits.
Get your hands in the dirt. Take your shoes off and feel the Earth beneath your feet. Remember your connection to your own body and that of Gaia.

BE PRESENT – New Moon Taurus – April 26th 12:16 UTC


At first your mind races in contemplation – after all there is so much to process, sort through, deal with and get your head around. Those early first steps are missed as your eyes drop to the ground, unable to see the bigger picture, as your mind is lost to your body. Nature’s voice strengthens in an attempt to gain your attention – the birds chirrup loudly, the wind rustles through the leaves and branches, the trees creek in consort, the aromatic scent of the land envelopes you…