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5D Astrology Report: November 2017 Dispatches from the Front Line

Maybe – just maybe – we’re beginning to get that to step up to the potent, utterly life-changing, taking- no-prisoners galactic astrology being live-streamed into our worlds, we have to focus like a laser on the meta cycles, on the big picture and learn to futurise to make better choices in the present. It’s no longer cutting it to react to each passing transit. In fact, the 3D concept of “working on yourself”, jumping like Pavlov’s dogs whenever there’s a Full Moon or an Equinox or some other manufactured drama, is dead in the water.

November Monthly Horoscope 2017

November opens with both Venus and Mars, the relationship duo, in Libra. November 3 the moon rises full in Taurus, a Venus ruled sign. On the full moon, the sun trines Neptune in Pisces, the higher octave of Venus. Just before the peak of the full moon, Venus in Libra opposes Uranus retrograde in Aries. Ceres, considered to have an affinity with the sign of Taurus, is in dynamic aspect (square) to the full moon too. The Venus archetype is all over this one!