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Pluto Square Uranus – TAKE 1!

The most significant astrological signature of the next few years is  ongoing Pluto Uranus squares. These two R-Evolutionary energies have been building up over the last few years, in and out of intensity as they ebb closer and closer together to form the square. Over the next few years into 2015, there will be 7 […]

Eclipse Gate 2012

by Olga Morales, Agent 33 “Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn her Seven Pillars” Proverbs 9.1 In 2012, two magnificent eclipses will shadow our Earth, one in May across Hong Kong, Tokyo, and across the Pacific Ocean into the western United States; and the other in November directly over Cairns, Australia. Astrologically, they […]



A Neptunian experience is to be in this realm, where you either drift, float lost or are swept away. It could be through music, drugs, dancing, inspirational creation, idealism or a spiritual quest.



Saturn is made of the cross of matter on top of a downward-pointing crescent of receptivity. Together these indicate the importance of heritage and past experience as pathways to maturity, structure and stability.



Pluto is made up of the circle of spirit, half-in and half-out of an upward facing crescent of receptivity on top of the cross of matter. Combined, these elements represent the containment of the individual who is receptive to life’s mysteries and able to ground them into reality.