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C*I*A Agents – Sydney and Central Australia

NSW   Agent  369 – Linda Jonson Linda Jonson is a semi-professional Evolutionary Astrologer combining her Information Technology skills with Astrology Editing and Writing. She is an active member and ongoing student of the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology. She manages the Friends of JWG Facebook Group, and is an Admin. of the […]


A Mystery Chart!

As a member of an astrology group that meets regularly to discuss and share all sorts of astrological techniques, studies, books and ideas, one thing always on our agenda is the deciphering of a “Mystery Chart”. The Mystery Chart exercise is a perfect way to see how our own astrological learning, ideas and assumptions influence what we see or read in a chart, helping us to be cautious in what we ascertain and expect about an astrological chart, but also helping us trust further our language and recognize how accurate it can be.

Agent – article submissions

Article Submissions  – For submitting an astrology article to C*I*A. please note we only accept articles from current Agents of the C*I*A. We are always delighted to receive work from our Agents and have a varitey of work circulating on our site. we curenetly have regular writers for. New Moon – Andrew Smith Full Moon […]


Star Camp 2014

YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR 3RD STAR CAMP 2014 “A Shamanic Journey  – The Circle of Becoming” with Patricia Walsh AT HONEYMOON GAP, CENTRAL AUSTRALIA Travelling to the heart of this ancient land, which holds the oldest living culture on the planet, is a journey to the heart of ourselves. Walking on the red earth, […]


Phases of Venus

Not only does Venus move into Libra August 16th UT, but also a day later Venus crosses the celestial equator (how very Libran)from Northern declination to Southern declination. When Venus moves into in Aries (she shifts to the north, when  she moves to Libra, she shifts to the south) with Aries and Libra being the […]


Pluto and Uranus Take 3

Keeping the Sacred Flame of the Revolution alive! Pluto Uranus – take 3! by Agent 12 – Julija Simas: Uranus at 11 Aries and Pluto rx at 11 Capricorn: Exact at 11:02 pm UT May 20th 2013. – UR -PL midpoint 26 Aquarius – Mercury conjunct fixed star Aldebaran – Neptune conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut […]

Planetary Cycles

Planetary Cycle  Common Themes All cycles can be understood in terms of a simple metaphor, that of the four seasons of temperate climes.  In order to understand this metaphor, it is useful to visualise the start of the year being at the vernal equinox, i.e. at the time when the Sun is crossing the celestial […]