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Crossing the Rainbow Bridge with Kaypacha NOV 12th -15th

The C*I*A Invites you join them on a special 3 day healing retreat Crossing the Rainbow Bridge with KAYPACHA NOV 12th -15th, 2015 Maitripa Centre, Healesville, Victoria| 90 minutes from airport and CBD SORRY BOOKED OUT! Please email us to be added to waiting list incase of cancellations.    Join us for a unique  3 day retreat […]

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BLACK MOON LILITH – From the Visceral to the Sublime

The Black Moon is a virtual astrological point, which represents the lunar apogee. I will refer to it as Black Moon Lilith (BML) in this article, to differentiate it from other astrological points (such as the asteroid Lilith or the Dark Moon). The apogee is the point in the Moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth at which it is furthest away from the Earth. It is at this position that it almost escapes, but doesn’t! For it is right there that the pull of gravity shows its force, bringing the Moon back towards the Earth to continue its orbit. So here we recognize the first basic concept related to Black Moon Lilith: gravity. Isaac Newton would refer to this as a question of mass and distance.

Donate and Support – our 1 Fundraiser CAMPAIGN

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Black Moon Lilith in Virgo Nov 27tH to AUG 25th/2015

When BML is in the EARTH signs we tend to experience a resistance to the visceral. Additionally when BML is in the MUTABLE signs we are also viscerally moved by the paradox of human experience. Black Moon Lilith in VIRGO is about a visceral resistance regarding the paradox of human experience. Put simply: how do we connect our logical perspective and our impulses? How do we integrate our objectivity and logic with our subjectivity and affections? And how do we manifest that integration in a tangible way? What words and what practical actions result from connecting heart and mind?