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Phases of Venus

Not only does Venus move into Libra August 16th UT, but also a day later Venus crosses the celestial equator (how very Libran)from Northern declination to Southern declination. When Venus moves into in Aries (she shifts to the north, when  she moves to Libra, she shifts to the south) with Aries and Libra being the […]

Pluto and Uranus Take 3

Keeping the Sacred Flame of the Revolution alive! Pluto Uranus – take 3! by Agent 12 – Julija Simas: Uranus at 11 Aries and Pluto rx at 11 Capricorn: Exact at 11:02 pm UT May 20th 2013. – UR -PL midpoint 26 Aquarius – Mercury conjunct fixed star Aldebaran – Neptune conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut […]

Planetary Cycles

Planetary Cycle  Common Themes All cycles can be understood in terms of a simple metaphor, that of the four seasons of temperate climes.  In order to understand this metaphor, it is useful to visualise the start of the year being at the vernal equinox, i.e. at the time when the Sun is crossing the celestial […]

Edge of Chaos

The C*I*A brings you a short video that takes us on an astrological journey through a landscape of archetypes, as we move through time. But what is most important is where we are NOW as astrology connects the past, present and future. We always intended to do more to this movie, when time and funds permitted. If you would like to be part of sponsoring this project as has done AFAN, please contact us or donate from our website..
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Pluto Uranus – Take 2!

The Pluto Uranus square – Take 2 What’s the flavour of the next phase? 19th September 2012, Universal time 5:57 am This time at 6 degrees 57’Aries , Capricorn What stands out the most at this next 2nd exact square for Pluto and Uranus is that cool headed Mercury makes a  T-Square from  3 Libra. […]

Corporate and Private Functions

Invite the C*I*A Agents to your next event. We’ll inform You! Astrology, Tarot, Dreams, Palm readings for corporate or private events, christmas functions, special events, girls nights, boys nights, mixed nights, birthdays. Treat your clients or friends to Astrological readings, dream analysis, Tarot or Palm readings or any combinations of above. All combinations are available […]

Pluto Square Uranus – TAKE 1!

The most significant astrological signature of the next few years is  ongoing Pluto Uranus squares. These two R-Evolutionary energies have been building up over the last few years, in and out of intensity as they ebb closer and closer together to form the square. Over the next few years into 2015, there will be 7 […]