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Black Moon Lilith in Virgo Nov 27tH to AUG 25th/2015

When BML is in the EARTH signs we tend to experience a resistance to the visceral. Additionally when BML is in the MUTABLE signs we are also viscerally moved by the paradox of human experience. Black Moon Lilith in VIRGO is about a visceral resistance regarding the paradox of human experience. Put simply: how do we connect our logical perspective and our impulses? How do we integrate our objectivity and logic with our subjectivity and affections? And how do we manifest that integration in a tangible way? What words and what practical actions result from connecting heart and mind?

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Uranus /Pluto – Midpoints

by Olga Morales from “Tuning into the Zeitgeist” C*I*A workshop 2012- Melbourne   Olga will be presenting our next C*I*A webinar – all details here http://www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com/2015/01/cia-agent-webinars/   If you haven’t already, get your FREE Astro Chart here and find 28 Degrees of Fixed signs in your chart Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio  and see which planets […]

Join the C*I*A

If you are interested in becoming a “numbered or named Agent” or a ‘Free Agent ” of the C*I*A please read below and then contact  hq @ cosmicintelligenceagency.com Numbered Agent requirements. For Current Agents and Numbers please go here Agent initial Membership includes T-Shirt and Badge $ 100 including postage within Aus and NZ, $ […]



Portuguese- Translated by Agent 55 – Vanessa Guazelli Paim and Asti Anand COSMIC * INTELLIGENCE * AGENCY  A AGÊNCIA CÓSMICA DE INTELIGÊNCIA  CONSCIÊNCIA * INTENÇÃO * ASTROLOGIA SOBRE NÓS A “COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY” (C*I*A), Agência Cósmica de Inteligência, é uma rede de indivíduos que moram em diferentes partes do planeta e compartilham a visão de que existe uma […]

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Star Camp 2014

The 2014 C*I*A Agents*In*The*Outback*Star*Camp was star-studded, adventurous, soulful and a truly life-changing experience. Planned to maximize star gazing possibilities (incorporating the dark of the moon and New Moon and good weather), reflections on the opening chart for this event accurately forecast big adventures. Jupiter was on the Midheaven,