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Since 2014’s Star Camp in March 2014, it was t0 be the C*I*A’s next big event this time with the inspiring and popular Kaypacha, our Agent Five-O. It was not surprisingly booked out, with 12 Agents and 45 attendees. The timing of the event was picked to coincide with Kaypacha’s Tour in Australasia, during a significant Chiron opposite Jupiter transit and we managed to find the perfect place, the Maitripa Buddhist Centre in the hills of HEALesville, Victoria.

C*I*A Unearthed

An ancient extinction event that wiped out Atlantis more advanced societies 12,000 years ago is illuminated with author Graham Hancock. From the megalithic structures at Göbekli Tepe and Gunung Padang, to the buried ancient power centers that are hiding a history that archaeologists are unwilling to acknowledge–the MAGICIANS OF THE GODS author fills in a blank space in human understanding

C*I*A Webinar – Saturn square Neptune – Ed Tamplin

Ed Tamplin is one of the most prolific and well-respected mundane analysts in the astrological world. His predictive work on Australian politics and leaders since the 1990’s has been uncanny, even extending to picking the global economic crisis to the exact week many months in advance. Now we get to look at Ed’s take on Things To Come from the perspective of the Saturn Neptune square and mutable Grand Cross of 2016.

The Venus Cycle, Morning Star – August 2015 – June 2016

Venus emerges as the morning star 19-22nd August. Depending on where you live, your latitude on this planet and if you happen to be up before Sunrise gazing to the east on a clear morning over these few days around from August 19th 2015 you would see the helical rise of Venus, Venus rising as the morning star. This rise can happen anywhere between Venus being 8-13 degrees away from the Sun whilst still in her retrograde phase after the interior conjunction.

Understanding the Zodiac

The BBC has a habit of raising this story to promote their astronomy programmes and in many ways has acted as the source of it. The astronomically incorrect description of Ophiuchus as an “astrological sign” first drew prominent media attention in Britain on 20th January 1995, following the BBC’s Nine o’clock News announcement that “an extra sign of the zodiac has been announced by the Royal Astronomical Society”

The 2016 United States Presidential Candidates and Mars

The 2016 United States Presidential Candidates and Mars: Uncanny Connections Michael R Svehla, MA Agent 0720 with C*I*A The Democrat and Republican Presidential candidates vying for their respective parties’ nominations, and the Presidency of the United States, are a strong and memorable group of savvy people, each for their own reasons. A common thread among […]

It’s Possible – C*I*A’s Fundraiser

We Have a Dream! Have you donated your $1 yet!
Now that we have reached one million(and a quarter) fans on FaceBook, after years of service providing you with constant astrological updates, articles and insights, whilst doing a great service to promote astrology we thought it was time to ask for something back to help us work towards some of our goals.