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The Taurus glyph represents the horns of a bull symbolising the ability to gather, receive and stabilise energy. The bull, an ancient symbol of fertility and abundance, was a central figure in fertility rites and initiations, and also symbolised the victory of humanity over its animal nature.

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Sol Jonassen  talks with Maurice Fernandez  all about Neptune. What an awesome timing, as we are now looking at a mercury retrograde that insists on teasing Neptune in Pisces. We already got a taste of it this weekend. There is more to come! Tune in and get the keys on how to stay sane with Neptune.

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Astrology for Month Ahead May 2021 and Sun Sign Update

May opens with Sun/Uranus moving on to something fresh. By May 3, Sun/Saturn makes it over the hump and around that elusive, moving target corner. Mercury/Pluto (trine May 2) and Venus/Pluto (trine May 6) also set a productive backdrop for moving onto a next page. Despite ongoing challenges, there’s can be a general sense of gaining better ground.

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Up On the Ramparts: Mars In Cancer, 23 April – 11 June, 2021

Give Mars a task, and he’s happy. The god of war likes to have something to do, and he’s content to play offense or defense… generally. In the Moon’s home sign of Cancer, the vibe is a little too protective and security-oriented for Mars’ taste, yet not as overtly reactive as his second home, Scorpio. In Scorpio, Mars can shoot arrows from the castle turrets or operate the catapults. In Cancer,