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Astrology for Month Ahead March 2020 -Plus your Sun Sign Update

Mercury retrograde in Pisces and Covid 19 (the Corona Virus) continues in full swing as March opens. Expect the virus to be official labelled as a pandemic soon enough. We are working our way toward a super full moon in Virgo of March 9. Virgo is the sign archetype that correlates to health and to the evolutionary principle of “crisis as a vehicle for growth”.

C*I*A Retreat – TIMELORDS – 2nd-5th April 2020

In the beautiful green hills and valleys of Healesville Victoria, we gather again for another inspired C*I*A experience. Not only for an deep immersion into astrology but also to calm the mind and soothe the spirit in great company and surrounds. We will be exploring astrological TIMElord systems, to help you find the best of TIMES in your astrology charts, the TIMEing of once in a lifeTIME initiations, the peaks and the troughs, the returns and significant passages. At the begining of a new cycle of Saturn in Aquarius and on the weekend of a next Jupiter and Pluto cycle begining, April’s Cosmic Intelligence Agency TIMELORD retreat will empower us to co-create our next steps in the future.
Join the wonderful crew of Agents, for a very special 3 day cosmic immersion, leave time behind and come and join us!

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SATURN IN AQUARIUS : March 22nd 2020-7th Mar 2023

Saturn will be entering into Aquarius in March 2020, retrograde back to Capricorn on 2 July and move back to Aquarius on 17 December, a few days before a new Jupiter-Saturn cycle is formed. Saturn will dip back and forth between the signs that represent the old and the new, creating a reflection on what we need to leave behind and what will be kept when we journey toward new potential.


Mercury  retrograde – 17 Feb – 11 March, 2020 12° Pisces- 28° Aquarius

Mercury Retrogrades, like Sun signs, have without doubt made it out of the astrological community and into the wider world. It is common to read in the popular press lists of “do’s and don’ts” associated with this period. We are told in earnest to wait for Mercury to go direct before signing contracts, repairing our vehicle, the list is long. Astrologically speaking, a Mercury retrograde is a time to review and reflect,

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Piercing the Veil: Mars in Capricorn 2020

Mars continues his climb up the craggy Capricorn mountain through the first half of March, squaring partnership asteroid Juno on the 13th and sextiling Neptune on the 14th. These aspects suggest some tensions in relationships as we test the boundaries of our more intimate connections. Mars/Neptune always indicates a time when we can go beyond limits – whether speeding on the highway or pressing an issue at work.

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~ Full Super Moon 20° Leo ~ For the Love of Humanity – 9th Feb 2020

Stay sharp and cool as an electrical flash of airy realisation often comes with the Aquarian Sun, and feel the glowing warmth of humanity’s beating heart, as the fiery Full Leo Moon is reinforced by relationship planets, also in fire signs, to make for a highly spirited Full Moon. Elementally aligned, loving Venus in assertive Aries and energetic Mars in far-sighted Sagittarius set a dynamic pace.