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Heralding Changes: Mars in Taurus, 14 February to 31 March, 2019

Mars likes to lead the way – he rules the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, after all. And after a very busy time in his home sign that included a dynamic meeting with Uranus at 29 degrees, he strides into Taurus on 14 February 2019. Mars in Taurus is sensual, practical, and persistent – sometimes persistent to the point of stubbornness. He gets us to focus on the material world, and can encourage us to be too rapacious in our enjoyment of it – he’s no environmentalist.

Discover Your Hidden Talent by Your Saturn Sign

As the ancient god of agriculture, Saturn symbolises the harvest. The essence of Saturn is reflected in the concept that effort equals reward; that you reap what you sow. This creates an often overlooked yet empowering side to Saturn. You get to choose what you do, how you do it and to what standard.

Your choices ultimately create your future as they become the foundation upon which you build your life. In this way Saturn shows how your choices, like the things you take responsibility for, can pave the way for success.

JAIN 108 ART OF NUMBER SYDNEY 2019 TOUR – 18th February 2019 – 24th February 2019

A series of Seminars and Workshops with Jain 108 on his Sydney Tour. Who is this workshop for?
Artists, designers, healers, educators and anyone interested in sacred geometry, numbers and Vedic rapid speed maths.
18 February 2019 7-10pm
Location: Woodburn Creative studios, 1 Woodburn St Redfern
COST: $20 booked on Humanitix or $25 on the door

Bonus Class – Introduction to Transits and the Moving Chart , plus learning to use an Ephemeris

Bonus Class - Introduction to Transits and the Moving Chart , plus learning to use and Ephemeris

Elemental New Year, Earth Boar/Pig- Feb 5th with a New Aquarius Moon, 4th 21:03 UTC

Elemental New Year, Feb 4th 
with a New Aquarius Moon,
Time to now to wave goodbye the year of the loyal Earth Dog, not be seen again for another 60 years. And ‘Hello’ to the New Year of the productive Yellow Earth Boar 4-5th February, and the start of a year that highlights steadfast patience, fertility, and the potential for great tranquillity.