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Sacrifice – the New Moon in Libra conjoined the star, Diadem

Tested in every conceivable way possible, her faith stretched, her belief strained and her sense of hope dimmed, Princess Faithless’ joy has ebbed in recent weeks. The pressure has been unbelievable and her soul weary, her body close to exhaustion from the sleepless nights.
‘What have I done to deserve this? I never asked for this life. Did I do something bad in a past life? Was I born under a bad star? Why is everything so tough? When will it come to an end?”
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The New Moon and Solar Eclipse 1st September 2016

Within the burgeoning pinkish glow of a fresh equinox morning, clouds tinted with orange and red, the darkened celestial canvas smoothly yielding to the spreading sunrise, Little Spirit’s noticed a patch of grey stubbornly resisting the soft warming rays of light. Sat beneath a dense blackened cloud, oblivious to the emerging golden path, was Anxious Spirit. Gravity falling inside her, dragging every bone down, weariness emanating in pulsating waves, Little Spirit clears her throat to announce her presence to that soul whose dimmed light threatens the well of colour fostering the brightness of day.
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Mercury Retrograde of August/ September 2016

Mercury is technically retrograde from the 30th August until the 22nd September. However, if you are exploring the psycho-spiritual process related to this celestial phenomenon, there is a lead in and lead out time that extends the Mercurial Retrograde process from the 16th August through to the 28th September. This entire process refers to the time prior to the retrograde wherein Mercury is at its furthest distance from the Sun in the evening skies until the time that it ascends as far away from the Sun as he possibly can climb in the early morning skies.

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Mercury Retrograde of April/ May 2016

Mercury is about to retrograde yet again, this time for the second of three loops in 2016 and I am sure that you eagerly anticipating more warnings concerning signing documents; losing keys; data disappearing into the cloud; electricity outages; communications mishaps and delays?
But is the purpose of this thrice annual cycle to frustrate and annoy you? Is it solely about negative things happening?


The Shadow within the Light – New Moon in Aries

As if he had been slapped, he turned his face and stood there with rage in his heart. All those injustices, all those misunderstandings, all the shame and guilt, Little Spirit swore that he’d never be in this place again. He would prove himself, he would learn all that needed to be learnt, become a better person – more knowledgeable, more creative, become wizened and rise into power