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Exploring Jupiter cycles with Adam Gainsburg

.: a Podcast :. In this show, Adam Gainsburg returns to talk about Jupiter’s synodic cycle. It’s likely this is the only show on Earth covering the topic.  It offers an alternative understanding–yet a primary one–to Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio.  If you have been jiving with this Jupiter in Scorpio situation, you will love this.  […]

The Jupiter Podcast “Cartography of Truth”

.: a Podcast :. *This show was originally recorded June 9th, when Jupiter stationed Direct. In it, you will learn about the Jupiter Cycle and his ingress into Scorpio Oct. 10th 2017.  I also tackle some ontological issues, trying to see the difference between Faith vs. Belief.  I hope you learn something and are entertained […]

The Dying Root Of Our Problems (The Aries Full Moon & the Venus/Mars conjunction)

It’s not just about mental health. It’s also not just the transits, about gun control, the pharmaceutical industry, the police, being politically correct, vegan, spiritual, or even connected.  The roots run much deeper than the branches.  Martin Shaw writes: “So the mythological collapse begins and the threefold, archaic body gets thinned and stretched until only […]