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Mercury Retrograde In Aries – 23rd March – 15th April.

Mercury is technically retrograde from the 23rd March until the 15th April. However, if you are exploring the psycho-spiritual process related to this celestial phenomenon, there is a lead in and lead out time that extends the Mercurial Retrograde process from the 15th March through to the 29th April. This entire process refers to the time prior to the retrograde wherein Mercury is at its furthest distance from the Sun in the evening skies until the time that it ascends as far away from the Sun as he possibly can climb in the early morning skies.

Exploring the Astrology of Cryptocurrency with Noah Lampert

.: a Podcast :. In this show, I have a titillating conversation with my friend Noah Lampert about Cryptocurrency.  No matter what you have heard or what you currently think about this game-changing technology, I ask you to keep an open mind when listening.  It could change everything for you. It could be it: The freedom you […]

Mars & The Threshold

We are approaching a threshold. Collectively speaking, it’s apparent, but personally, it may not be so clear.  From my perspective–and seemingly Mr. Blake’s–we are about to encounter some “doors.”  Seen through the panther eyes of Mars, he is ready.  It’s the same eyes the Knights of the Round had when setting off for the Grail: All of them chose to enter the forest where it was darkest to them! We are confronted with a similar situation at the moment and it all relates to Mars.

Exploring Astrology with Charles Eisenstein

In this show, I am joined by revolutionary thinker Charles Eisenstein.  We contemplate Neptune in Pisces under the Virgo Full Moon, take a look at long stretches of time through the quaking dynamic between Pluto and Uranus, and much more.  Charles is not an Astrologer but was kind enough to come on the show with […]

Venus Returns to the Night

“See I’m all crooked feet, Saint Valentine I’ve circled this map till it caught on fire” Gregory Alan Isacov, Saint Valentine   Whether your bed is one made of roses or one laid bare from all the amorous picking, Venus has returned.  After a couple months of ‘circling the map’ of some unlit world behind […]

Aquarius & the Shins

As these first words fly from synaptic firings somewhere in my brain, through my nervous system and out my fingers onto this digital page, the Sun illumines Aquarius with Mercury and Venus dreaming of the future whilst lounging on the Dragon’s tail. Whenever the Sun is near the Dragon (RahuKetu/Nodes of the Moon) we know […]