The Astrology of Falling Man – Lest we Forget? – No we can’t!

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas

Falling Man, photo by Richard Drew

The Astrology of Falling Man

From archives on written in 2006.

Last night watching the documentary – 9/11 The Falling Man – by Henry Singer 2006 – which I had seen before in 2007, but watching it again on late night TV like many things, made me also very curious about the Astrology of the moment and the Falling Man.

The capture of the image of the Falling Man became one of the most famous and horrific photos of recent times. Famous because of it’s depiction of a man having decided that he would rather jump from the towers than to be choked by toxic smoke or burn to death. This iconic image embedded in our psyche called us all to wonder at what we would do in such circumstances.

It is not 100% certain as the documentary reveals that the falling man was indeed a 43-year-old employee of the Windows on the World – Jonathan Briley – but many clues do show that it was. It is perhaps not important to identify the Falling Man as someone in particular, but that he did represent to us the archetypal Unknown Soldier. As one person interviewed in the documentary says,

“ the I hope we’re not trying to figure out who he is and more figure out who we are through watching that”
Gwendolyn, 9/11: The Falling Man

Inner Chart – Falling Man zero Aries Birth chart – Outer wheel time Falling Man photo was taken – 9:41am.[/caption]

The documentary showed a birth date for the man identified , as March the 5th 1958. A person born on this day – would have had an exact Venus Neptune square and most karmic of all , the North NodeNeptune and Jupiter all conjunct in Scorpio retrograde. Without knowing any more details of the Man, the transits to his astrology during that photo, show transiting Pluto and Saturn which are opposite each other, squaring this man’s Sun and Mercury in Pisces . Neptune is also square natal Neptune and conjunct natal Venus, as Venus transits opposite natal Chiron.

If we look at a Solar sign chart which we often do for someone without a birth time, we know he is a Pisces, in death identified as a sacrifice and the victim of this huge collectively felt event, the man, this photo shows the incredible faith,  that showed to the world the pain of this disaster. Like the tarot card, the Hanged Man, often identified as the Pisces archetype, upside down, yet falling having decided to take the incredible leap of faith. Neptune, Jupiter and the North Node are in his solar charts 9th house, (put Pisces as the ASC)again strongly reflecting his faith and belief. The man who became known as the Falling Man Jonathan Briley and his fate, is identified even stronger through the astrological images and symbols.

Perhaps this really was the Man who through a Photo bought us such a strong image of the victims sacrificed on that horrendous day.

Updated Sep 2017!

The Astrology Chart for the time the Photo was taken was 9:41am nearly an hour after the planes first hit. In the event chart, the Photo, the Moon ruler of the midheaven,is  in Gemini with Jupiter in Cancer and the North Node all together in the 9th house. The midheaven itself is in the last degree of Cancer, hugely symbolic of the threat to our inner security as we watched this event happen in our world. Between Jupiter and Moon in the 9th house, is the North Node, making sense, finding meaning in this event, and raising big questions, like was it really terrorism?  Are they telling the truth?  Who can we trust? Venus, chart ruler in Leo, opposes Uranus in Aquarius and  depicts how the world saw all of this through, images and video, and in this case the most shocking event of our times. There is us (4th house)and those that are against us. Us, being mere mortals, the Aquarians, with a common destiny as opposed to them those that rule, 10th House, our governments and our leaders, Leo! It was a massive shock to the system, in which we believed in, which protects us!  The distrust in leadership and even where humanity is heading Leo/Aquarius is backed up by Mars in Capricorn at the South Node, is this what was needed for us to wake up, instead of continuing down the Capricorn capitalist world and model.

Much has been written about the opposition of Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius at this time, so potent in imagery, depicting the very nature of control and power with these two potent planets, yet seen in the signs:
Gemini – Twin Towers, awareness, information – Saturn – structure, fear, death, control
Sagittarius – foreigners, planes, global, truth, wisdom – Pluto – threats, terrorists, fire, explosions, burning, underworld, power.

Neptune,  true to form, seems nebulous and hard to pin down in this chart, and of 911 chart , which is one hour before the time when the first plane hit at 8:45am.  yet upon closer inspection, the Moon in Gemini, is making a bi-quintile aspect to Neptune, 144°, the aspect known for ingeniousness, and out of this world creativeness, quirky and somewhat strange.  Well, that makes sense! To this day, and I am sure many of us have seen the many videos showing that this event was contrived and orchestrated, we still don’t “Really Know the truth”, and we never will. The world has moved on even further now, into more lies, and deception, fake news, illusions and delusions of what is real and what is fake etc, with Neptune now in Pisces and the many that suffer in the fate of these lies and deceptions. We need to be more aware than ever before, lest we continue to be sucked in! Even being fully aware and conscious of what goes on, can lead us down another web or lies and deception as we continue to search.

If there is something that we have learnt from this event and now 16 years on, this event did awaken many to see better what was hidden from us in this world. That control, power and the underworld lives and operates fully and all around and in plain sight!

The quote sums up the astrology of this moment perfectly as a significant moment when out lives changed forever!. “ the I hope we’re not trying to figure out who he is and more figure out who we are through watching that”
Gwendolyn, 9/11: The Falling Man