5D Astrology Report October 2016 – Crossing the In-Between

By Agent 98
Lorna Bevan


5D Astrology Report: October 2016
Crossing the In-Between

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” ― Barbara Marciniak

Welcome to the In Between, a transition tunnel from the 9:9:9 of September to the Zero Point Zone of December emerging into 2017 – a 1 energy year bringing another turn of the evolutionary spiral.

Don’t forget that this 9 month serves as a completion, not just for this amazing life altering year, but for the entire last nine years since 2007 when life changed for nearly all of us. Whatever had its origins back then is completing and wrapping up now. What a huge personal RESET is in progress. Can you feel how big, how all encompassing, how important, how critical this shift actually is? An accelerated timeline and new grid work is becoming accessible as your energy field becomes a gathering place for high-frequency, boundary-pushing energies of soul initiation.

An Accelerated Time-line

The In Between is not a void neutral zone where nothing happens, it’s a 3 month trip across the 3 most powerful complex energy vortices in quantum astronomy and astrology; from the Super Galactic Centre in September to the Great Attractor and the Galactic Centre at the December Solstice  and 1:1:1 – the ultimate new beginning.

9:9:9 ________Sept 22 Equinox__________Oct/Nov__________Dec 21 Solstice_____1:1:1

                                    SGC                                           GA                                 GC

There are 3 fixed points in evolutionary 5D astrology that emit incredibly powerful energies – the Galactic Centre, the Super Galactic Centre and the Great Attractor:

The Super Galactic Centre (SGC):  1-2        Libra

The Great Attractor (GA):               14-17    Sagittarius

The Galactic Centre (GC):               27-29    Sagittarius

All 3 act as conduits from the Noosphere, the self-reflective universe of creative evolution where the internet is a living library, a global brain and a volunteer Akashic Record stored in the cloud of unknowing; as elements of Karma v Free Will, as Cosmic Vacuum Cleaners and as Psychic Transmitters. During the next 3 months a great web of centaur, threshold and deep space planets contacting these points will spark new connections, alignments, neurological pathways, bridges and sideways escalators from the past to the future via the present. We are accessing a whole new planetary coding and language as our entry to the database of deep space has just expanded.

The Super Galactic Centre SGC 1-2 degrees Libra:The Gift of New Data direct from the Noosphere.

The SGC is a mysterious superstructure of the Universe; not a fixed star, but an incredible whirlpool of cosmic materials. It is the very centre of the known and observable Universe as seen from the Earth. This powerful black hole devours everything in sight and has the mass of 30 trillion Suns, an impossibly large concentration of matter, energy, light, and power.

The SGC channels a profound healing energy direct from Source. As Philipp Sedgewick describes it: “This black hole asks that you perceive your own energy and fuse it with your physical-cellular structure. This is soul mating. The Super-Galactic Centre is the greatest channel for soul retrieval of any point in the Universe. It demands that you get back in there and deal with yourself in an essential manner. It is essential that you do so. It is also unavoidable. It will happen. The only question is when?”


                  • Makemake –a quantum Uranus which brings a new birth in consciousness, a new way of life that is entirely outside our existing paradigms – is conjunct the SGC between 2014-18
                  • Jupiter crosses the SGC September 10- 30th 2016
                  • Jupiter and Makemake complete their previous cycle on September 28th and begin their new 12-year cycle through to 2028. This 2016 Jupiter-Makemake cycle will impel us to confront evolutionary and ecological dilemmas
                  • Sun crosses the SGC at the Equinox 22 September 2016
                  • Mercury crosses the SGC on 8-10th October 2016

The Chandra Symbol for SGC LIBRA 2
An apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake.
Being so exposed to the evolutionary edge is exceedingly challenging. Transformation is a constant at all levels. Everything is becoming something else, metamorphosing before your eyes, propelled into the most extreme states imaginable. You feel the greatest anguish and loss, the most huge elation and bursts of freedom. Finger on the pulse of collective cycles, right on the cutting edge, you are committed to planetary changes personally and pervasively. You absolutely feel the impact of what is going on and what needs to go on. Virtually spun out to infinity by what it all means. Drawn toward the basic and the simple for breath. Destiny obsessed. You come out the other side either lost and confused and staggered, or ready for anything, courageous, visionary, and an incredible generator of shared possibilities unlimited.

2. The Great Attractor GA 14-17 degrees Sagittarius: On the Wavelength of the Creator’s Voice

Neither black hole nor quasar, the Great Attractor is huge mysterious gravitational force slowly drinking in a liquid flow of galaxies, drawing them into its huge gravitational grip at an astonishing 600 km/sec.  The most potent source of electromagnetic radiation in the known universe, the Great Attractor bends both space and time, giving a simultaneous view of the past, present and future.  It appears to be receding from us and approaching us at the same time, heading in both directions at an almost impossibly fast pace. As the Source (Great Attractor) of the Source (Super Galactic Center) of our Source (Galactic Center), its influence is both subtle and profound and in 5D evolutionary astrology the Great Attractor represents the key to the mystery of the universe. It’s a very intense point that has mystical and metaphysical properties. There is a deep awareness of SELF, on all levels from personality based to esoteric, from the Great Attractor that embraces a level of Truthfulness that defies separation to create unity consciousness .It has a resonance to the Creator’s Voice and is the seat of the Universal Source and cosmic balance. When these degrees are activated natally or by transit dilemmas of fate and free will occur. It symbolises the balancing forces between fate and free will since it both sucks in and emits energy at the same time .The challenge is to become a Free Agent paradoxically more integrated than ever into the great web.

                  • Venus crosses the GA Oct 30 2016
                  • Mercury crosses the GA  Nov 4th
                  • Saturn crosses the GA Nov 17 –December 5: what if you can re-negotiate your contract? What if now is the perfect opportunity to shift your life’s focus from repeating your past, or your karma, to embracing your future, your calling, or dharma?
                  • Sun crosses the GA  December 8-11 2016

The Chandra Symbol for the GA: Sagittarius 15
A tidal wave approaching.
The momentum of collective events runs toward floodtide when there is a major transition from one whole cycle to another. The personal life stream runs in similar patterns. When you’re getting ready to take off in a whole different direction, there is first a transition that is both immensely exciting and fantastically disturbing. You feel just about swept away by the oncoming changes and just before they really get going, the tension, the pressure, and the strain can tear you apart. You want to go with it, yet you yearn for sanctuary. This keen ambivalence gets loaded with desire, anticipation, memory pictures, and utopian visions. The mix is volatile. Learning how to ride this wave is such a great endeavour that it, in itself, becomes what it is all about. The consummate opportunity to open wide, but stay substantively firm and concentrated. Mastery or bust. The infinite future or wipe-out. A spine-tingler all the way.

3. The Galactic Centre GC 27 degrees Sagittarius: Our Homing Signal

Known to stargazers and scientists alike as ‘The Sun of Our Sun’, the GC acts like our cosmic homing signal; it’s where our Milky Way galaxy essentially spawned itself and where new stars and various radio waves are still being generated. Astrologically, it represents Source, spirit and the sense of universal connection underlying everything. If you have a planet within 4 degrees of the GC or by transit it can feel as if you’ve come to Earth from another planet, that you just know things that others don’t tune into.

                  • Ixion – the Rebel with a Cause – and Quaoar – the ability to create endless generativity –are activating the GC between 2016-2020 and 2014 -2018
                  • Mars conjuncts Ixion and Quaoar +crosses the GC on 23 September followed by the World Axis on 28 September
                  • Venus crosses GC 10 November
                  • Mercury crosses GC 3 December
                  • Sun crosses GC on 21 December 2016 at the Solstice in the Zero Point Zone

The Chandra Symbol   Sagittarius 27 
Siamese twins talking to each other.
Tuned into a multiple consciousness that is sensed and known as though it were singular and familiar and just the place to hang out when you want to be living at the crossroads. But all the forces encountered on the outside are also alive in the inside and anything we can meet here is also met completely and utterly by one of our many voices inside. An extraordinary aptitude for exchanging, for cross-fertilising, for being useful, informative or decisive in planting seeds and bringing the unexpected to bear. Able to slip through with enough enigmas at once to throw anybody off. But amidst the chaos, there is a message and a meaning. What comes through here is life wisdom which has arisen from every side and been gathered from myriad worlds. The life wisdom is easily accessible, yet veiled. It is right there for the asking, but it comes across in a form that makes it seem far removed from what it is. The ultimate potential is to commemorate and disseminate advanced information and inspiration across a cosmic spectrum So much is coming through. On the innermost planes, this is an influence of tapping boundless worlds freely as a matter of course. It is astoundingly rich in its reach and its grasp.


Staying Grounded

                  • keep your reality flexible; the linear may feel surreal, compacted yet expanded all at once as the past is being disabled
                  • since the 9:9:9 there is no longer a pause to integrate these light waves -they each build one from the other in one continuous influx of deep space energies, so create your own space of comfort – your sanctuary – by energetically sealing off the rest of the year, through the zero Point Zone to mid-January, only engaging in what supports what you are here to be, do and create 
                  • the more you withdraw your energy from anything external that leads to soul defragmentation, the more energy you have available to self -sustain, self-generate and self-realise.
                  • consistently let go of lower level entanglements throughout this process.
                  • refuse to use any external “realities” as a yardstick for the new frequencies and acclimatise to having a foot on two worlds -in it, but not of it This is your disappearing Self shifting into your evolving Self.
                  • You may feel not all here-remote from old passions and lifestyle but not yet engaged with your potential Self-.Aspects of your personality self are falling away. It’s as if everything is just happening on its own.

“This is what it feels like to be brilliantly achingly alive. Alive in the shatter. Alive in the empty. This is what it is to belong to things we cannot possibly understand. This is what it is to trust in the terrifying wisdom of our own becoming” Jeanette LeBlanc.

Join Lorna for more insights into the Dwarf planets next Month Haumea and more with our Agents with membership Access

Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

5 replies
  1. JJ
    JJ says:

    Hi Lorna really great article, thanks, been enjoying them for a few months now!

    I just wanted to let you know that as it turns out, I have natal planets basically conjunct each of these points (which thanks to your articles I’ve just recently realized), and not to mention some “heavyweights” including pluto, neptune, and mars in that order 🙂 …and you can throw in Uranus in Libra, sextile the Mars conjunction for good measure. Of course these are slow movers most of them,(except for Mars), and so of course I’m not alone as there are likely many of my vintage, though interestingly, outside of my school years, I hardly have met any, and exactly none with my identical coordinates, as it were. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your comment on the GC very much resonated with me where you say: ” If you have a planet within 4 degrees of the GC or by transit it can feel as if you’ve come to Earth from another planet, that you just know things that others don’t tune into” … you’re on the money with that, at least from this person’s perspective!

    • Lorna Bevan Agent 98
      Lorna Bevan Agent 98 says:

      Hello JJ,thanks for your confirming feedback.I’m glad my article resonated with you,but then ,it would ,as you are tuned into these deep space wavelengths.I’m guessing you pick up insights that others could use- if only they knew what you were talking about!

      • JJ
        JJ says:

        haha yeah that’s about right 🙂 one thing that has really helped in this respect is writing, since it forces me to explicitly explain what i’m saying. keep up the really great work!

  2. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Everything is nothing. Creating a beautiful analogue of what you wrote out. Before my break from my own writing. I clicked on the link that guided me to feeling & having higher understanding to you expressing what is happening in my change to becoming something more greater than the “Norm”. Complacencicy is falling in order to where my motivation to life has no limits of knowledge. A base from different systems. I create my own complacent structure. This was exactly everything I need that I already knew was becoming. Thank you.


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