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Interview with Julija Simas DEC 2022 by Astrological Journal

By |January 16th, 2023|Categories: 0 Home Page, Agent 12 - Julija Simas, FREE Cosmic Webinars, News, Views and Interviews|

FROM the ASTROLOGICAL JOURNALS - DEC 2022 edition Astro-X-Ray: Julija Simas Q: When did you first realise that astrology had completely taken possession of you – if indeed it has? JS: The first time was probably in class, when my teacher explained Uranus and Moon combinations, it was of course uncanny [...]


by Agent 32 Sol Jonassesn and Agent 727 Maurice Fernandez

Sol Jonassen talks with Maurice Fernandez all about Neptune. What an awesome timing, as we are now looking at a mercury retrograde that insists on teasing Neptune in Pisces. We already got a taste of it this weekend. There is more to come! Tune in and get the keys on how to stay sane with Neptune.


by Vanessa Montgomery and Agent 12 – Julija Simas

With 5 planets in Pisces (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars & Chiron) and a seasoned professional astrologer, Julija is the perfect Pisces to share insights into the magical fishes. Currently dialed into Neptune transiting across her Sun she’s slowing down and reaching into the mist to discover her next move.- the way of the Pisces! Listen in to note what it all boils down to from the creative oceanic mind of the one ruled by the Queen of the Seas & subconscious.

Julia is based in Melbourne, Australia, and heads up an astrology collective that offers quality courses, retreats, a fantastic blog resource, and more all through her hub The Cosmic Intelligence Agency. While you’re there, check out Julijas work on the Venus cycle.

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by Agent 32 Sol Jonassesn and Agent 12 – Julija Simas

We are about to face a Jupiter in Pisces transit and for this occasion my dear friend Julija said yes to hanging out with me on the pod. She is a proper Jupiterian. Always generous, wise and funny. We talk in depth about faith, truth and the other aspects of Jupiter that might come up for you with this transit, but also a general understanding of this gigantic, beautiful planet. And we touch upon the chart for Bitcoin. The future is near, maybe even it is here. Crypto is indeed interesting as it is now reaching deeper and deeper into reality and knowing that Julija had done some work on this, I was eager to ask her about it. Join us for a most expansive conversation.

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by Agent 12 – Julija Simas

Listen in the #TEAMRabbitHole episode 204 with Jim and Raphael as they chat with Julija Simas, Agent 12 of C*I*A – about life, astrology and creativity!

Consciousness. Intelligence. Astrology.

Join the team as we get to know an Aussie mystic who made it happen by creating one of the larger international astrology collectives in recent digital times. Dreamwork leads to teamwork, as this Pisces shows!

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including many interviews and conversations with people like
– Rupert Sheldrake, Michael Lutin, Dan Winter, Gemini Brett and many more

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