Astrology and the collective consciousness.

by Agent 919 Bernard Duchatelle

Astrology offers precious guidelines for the years to come: it tells us we are seeds of meaning planted by the cosmos and that our vocation is to blossom

If astrology helps to lead a more harmonious existence in many ways, its main function in the coming years might be to connect us – or reconnect us – to the deepest meanings of life, through the cosmogony, the philosophy, the spiritual vision and the quest for truth its very existence implies. Not based on belief or faith, but on an observable and meaningful link that binds us to the cosmos, astrology allows a tangible apprehension of the mysteries of existence. Its approach returns to us an intimacy with the universe that has been almost entirely lost, because of fear, negative conditionings and wrong orientations, that loss being largely responsible for the current state of our civilization.

In contrast to materialism and self-destruction, astrology inspires wonder and adventure through the awakening to the finality of life. It gives birth to a quest, which is the key to the flowering of the individual’s destiny, as well as a way to change the world through a rejuvenated collective consciousness

Astrology and the collective consciousness

You don’t need to be a futurologist, a sociologist, an astrologer or a specialist of any kind to know that our action during the near future, the next decade, will prove crucial for humankind and for all living beings on Earth. The term Anthropocene refers to the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. The self-destruction trend which possesses us does not seem to relent bringing us to the verge of a real catastrophe, the sixth mass extinction of life on earth. I believe that most of us realize that a major part of our problem arises from our consciences, which we seem unable to free from fear, greed, violence and other unwelcome characteristics. It appears obvious that only a radical shift in both individual and collective consciousness might save us. As long as our minds are ruled by personal interest and ignorance, political or economic measures will not prove to be effective. As people who scrutinize the celestial geometry to try to extract meaning from it we question what can astrology offer in order to heal the world and help to create a better one? Does it possess the means to radically impact our philosophical outlook and thus modify our way of life? This is not a rhetorical question, but applies to the here and now as we are currently determining humanity’s future for many generations to come.

Astrology, philosophy and the meaning of life

The vast majority of our contemporaries appear to lead utilitarian lives dedicated solely to survival, money, and security, and mostly devoid of inspiration, direction, and meaning. This goes a long way towards explaining why we find ourselves in this situation. Our brains and hearts are made to question and seek answers, as history over many millennia has shown. Once we get food, clothes and shelter, we seek love and beauty and we wonder about the meaning to life. It is in our nature, and to forget it darkens the mind and brings discontent, gloom, and eventually self-destruction.

This might be the most vital role that astrology plays as it fully embodies that ‘quest for meaning’ state of mind. Various forms of astrology were discovered by many different cultures, as early as prehistory, because the heavenly splendor caught our attention. Above us, so far out of reach, everything looked majestic, untouched by death and certainly closer to the notion of the sacred. We felt awed by its sparkling order, so alien from our chaotic lives and confused thinking. Not only did it look like it had been designed for us to marvel at, but we discovered that its mathematical perfection was somehow related to us as Plato exclaimed in the Timaeus: ‘God invented and gave us the sight, so that in contemplating the revolutions of intelligence in heaven, we might apply them to the revolutions of our own thought, which, although disordered, are related to the imperturbable revolutions of heaven.’ To unveil the intimate relationship that our psyches and our destinies sustain with celestial geometry was a significant step; nature seemed to have left a door unlocked for us to glance at its hidden mechanisms. Of course, in the Greek philosopher’s world, the bond between nature and humanity was not yet severed; we were part of nature and naturally looking to it for guidance. Moreover, the universe, life, and consciousness had to signify something, and astrology was a key to their comprehension.

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The solar hero and the quest

The path to the flowering of destiny

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