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“Thank you Julija, and thank you C*I*A for the gift of understanding myself.”

Year 1 student 2015

“I initially started following the C*I*A on Facebook as a completely random (at least it seemed that way then!) occurrence. I loved the way astrological movements were explained with the synchronicity of events happening in daily life, so that anyone could understand irrespective of whether they had a background in the science or not. The more I read, the more curious and engaged I got. I loved the way things were explained so simply and succinctly.”
” And then there came an announcement of an online class that would begin shortly. I picked up the phone and connected with Julija herself to understand more about what was on offer. For me, that was the critical point. Here was this person, who explained things so beautifully and so simply, in a way that made all the pieces fall in place seamlessly. I signed up for the course immediately.
I have never once looked back from there. The growth in terms of self-awareness has been stupendous. You begin to understand who you are, what is that you do that makes you who you are, and most importantly the whys of it all fall into place. I think the best gift anyone can give themselves is understanding. C*I*A, Julia and these astrology classes have slowly but surely brought me to a point to be able to give this gift to myself. I love and appreciate these classes so much that I actually flew down to Australia from India this year to meet Julia and do some extra independent learning of my own! Thank you Julija, and thank you C*I*A for the gift of understanding myself.”
Year 1 student 2015 JO – – Mumbai, India

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Term 1 –  The Great Circles, the Zodiac, the elements, the modes.

Lesson  1 –   A brief History and the main things you need to know before we get started! What is astrology?
Lesson  2 –  The great circles of Astrology. PrecessionConstellations and Signs, Sidereal and Tropical Astrology.
Lesson  3 – The elements  – Fire/water/earth air. Modes
Lesson  4 – The modalities – Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable
Lesson  5  – Aries-Taurus-Gemini-
Lesson  6  – Cancer –Leo-Virgo

Lesson  7 – Libra-Virgo-Sagittarius
Lesson  8 – Capricorn -Aquarius-Pisces

Term 2 –  Planets 

Lesson 1 – Introduction TO THE PLANETS , 
Lesson 2 –  The Sun and Moon – myths, symbols, archetypes, cycles
Lesson 3 – Mercury and Venus – myths, symbols, archetypes, cycles
Lesson 4 –  Mars and Asteroids, Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta – myths, symbols, archetypes, cycles
Lesson 5 – Saturn and Jupiter – myths, symbols, archetypes, cycles
Lesson 6 – Chiron and Uranus – myths, symbols, archetypes, cycles
Lesson 7 – Neptune and Pluto – myths, symbols, archetypes, cycles
Lesson 8 – Dwarf Planets and Outer Planet generations – myths, symbols, archetypes, cycles

Term 3 – The Angles, the Houses, Aspects
Lesson 1The Angles – The MC/IC ASC and DSC
Lesson 2  – The Houses, history, methods, meanings
Lesson 3Houses 1-12
Lesson 4  – Houses and House systems
Lesson 5 –  Aspects, Major
Lesson 6  – Aspects- Minor
Lesson 7Aspect Patterns
Lesson 8 – Examples Putting it all together

Lessons Term 4
1 – Sign and Chart Rulerships
2- Sign and Chart Rulerships
3 – Retrograde planets 1
4 – Retrograde planets 2
5 – Part of Fortune and other points in chart
6 – Intercepted houses, unaspected planets.
7 – The Nodes and Nodal Cycle
8 – The nodes through the signs and houses

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with C*I*A Astrologer and founder Julija Simas

Each lesson is 90 minutes (some longer) long and consists of a download MP4 file, and PDF notes of the session.
All will be sent within 48hrs of payment being made as well as a copy of your Astrology Chart. You can start learning straight away and take as much or as little time as is required.

You can either take the classes as a self learning experience or pay extra to receive online support and 45 minute zoom session after you complete each 8 lesson module and your Term assignment to meet with Julija, and discuss your progress and ask any questions you may have.

This course is designed as a 2 year certificate course, but can be done as completely separate modules if preferred. For those wishing to do certificate program, assignments are required to be completed at the end of each term and all modules need to be completed.

Online students so far are thoroughly enjoying the course, are learning quickly and are most satisfied with the content, knowledge and structure of the program. Julija currently teaches, 9 students in Melbourne and 15 online from all around the world.

PLEASE email me for any further enquiries or questions you may have in regard to above – [email protected]


$280 USD for 1 Term 8 x lessons


$400 USD for 1 Term 8 x lesson with certification and 45 minute mentoring with Julija after Term and assignment is completed.

Discounts can be offered if 4 x Terms are paid in at once.