Awaken yourself as the Celestial Nexus

by Agent 84 Russell Ohlhausen

Russell von Ohlhausen – Agent 84

Stars, planets, molecules, atoms and particles all unite to create your unique finite biomathematical alchemical soul equation within the infiniteness of the expressions of conscious creation. Through the astrological lens we are able to focus in on what it is to be you.

Awaken Yourself as the Celestial Nexus

The ‘Center of your Universe’ is you! The moment you pick any point of reference that point becomes the prime axis of everything else. Isaac Newton clearly asserted this ‘cosmological principle’ in 1687, in his Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica. The greatest consequence of the cosmological principle is that it implies that all parts of space are causally connected. You may think of yourself as a separate finite being; you are in fact, infinite. ‘You’ made a choice to live a singular perspective through your personal natal imprint. Your essence, the very nature that is you, chose the time, place and method, by which to consolidate specific patterns of light and awareness, in order to be born into and experience this duality. You are an amalgamation of all the levels of vibrational energy. Stars, planets, molecules, atoms and particles all unite to create your unique finite biomathematical alchemical soul equation within the infiniteness of the expressions of conscious creation. The cosmos is at the very heart of everything you experience and the source of all that you manifest. Through the astrological lens, we are able to focus in on what it is to be you. Though many, if not most people, remain ‘unawakened’, we are not here to sleepwalk randomly through the human experience; we are each here to accumulate the finite quanta of knowledge of our individual experience. Through the interactions and observances of a single ‘awakened’ life, we reunite the ancient wisdoms with the newfound information of our reality and apply that integrated gnosis towards creating a better world, both individually and collectively. Awaken to the reality that you are the cosmic nexus of celestial consciousness and ultimately everything in the Universe is you!

While you are reading this, I would like to take you on a thought exercise in order to help you shift your perspectives a bit. Let’s do some ‘mental yoga’ in order to stretch and expand the mind, and yoke us back to source awareness. I would like you to let go of hard opinions and soften your boundaries as to what you suppose about this reality. Just be open to new connections of concepts that may not normally appear to relate. Though most of you are astrologers, some of you may have resistance to certain ideas in general, such as past lives, or a unified field of consciousness. In order to expand our awareness, we must dissolve and break away from some of our mental barriers. Let the essence of the ideas and spirit of these thoughts move through you as you read this. Some ideas here may feel paradoxical. Some points may seem to oppose others entirely. Some may seem like ‘word salad’. Yet the thoughts connecting each connotation or denotation have integrated meanings, which will form the seeds of new understandings. For each of us, higher consciousness requires expansion into the yet unknown, including the simple fact that you are the ‘center of the universe’.

I would like to tap into the very essence of the elemental consciousness of nature and bring it into our complex consciousness of human awareness. Let’s take a new look at the micro-mezo-macro-cosmos at work. Forget about any preconceived notions of what astrology is. Try to forget about ‘words’. Focus only on the potentials words could have—for words also separate one thing from another. Words define boundaries, which keep us subjective, yet we are also here to experience boundlessness—the objective unbounded self. Feel into the energy for the unified truth resonating behind the possibilities of these thoughts.

Uniting Forces: Science & Spirit

As an ‘ontological researcher’ of the meta-sciences, I tend to venture down what would be to some people, rather terrifying roads of mathematical equations and hypothesis. I do this in order to peer into works of physicists, mathematicians and quantum theorists, and to observe what they have been up to over the last few years and decades.

As I am only somewhat inclined towards higher mathematics, for me this is not a task. What I am really about is a ‘pattern-ology’; I have a knack for identifying nuanced patterns in number, nature and in behaviors, which is to some degree, a skill most astrologers must develop. Mathematics could be described as a study in patterns. One might also describe astrology this way. I believe that many of the missing links that are required to scientifically understand astrological influences have already been discovered, but are not yet fully appreciated in the larger framework of a unified meta-science. Fundamentally, there is no distinction between science and spirituality; we only choose to make it so. The ancient world viewed all spiritual studies as scientific, and all science as spiritual and sacred.

Many breakthroughs, which have yet to be realized or assimilated by those of us in the metaphysical disciplines, have been made within the empirical sciences.

We, as astrologers, are just as guilty of excluding the relevance of the newly discovered mainstream scientific facts and tools from astrology as science has been to exclude astrological wisdom from the accepted practical sciences. The majority of both camps have chosen to remain separate in their own self-identified, self-focused worlds… and that has to change. And since we are the world-bridging wisdom holders, it is up to us to make the effort to change things. Some within the mundane scientific disciplines have begun to recognize what the ancient sages have always known, that ultimately everything is connected – we are literally one with all.

What are you?!

The Greek phrase gnōthi seauton or temet nosce in Latin, constitutes a dictum well known since ancient times. Many astrologers use the ancient Delphic maxim; ‘know thyself’ as a way to emphasize horoscopic astrology as a personal practice. I would add, that the phrase is a directive for you to seek the awareness of what you truly are—and that it is intentionally left open-ended. Almost everyone begins their astrological studies through knowing their Sun sign and then their personal natal chart. This gives us a much better understanding of what we consider as our self, and how that self relates to the planets and energies around us. This is the first step in taking that self knowledge outward beyond the human level of awareness. To truly know One Self, one must go beyond a self. But if we do share a common connection to everything and everything manifests from and returns to source, then what is self anyway? Where does ‘thyself’ actually end? Or does it? And how does one begin to comprehend Self beyond self?

To find out what celestial components we are made of in this particular life, we locate ourselves, that is to say our self, within the ‘here and now’ by plotting our position and path in space-time. The personal natal chart is the tool by which one begins to truly know oneself. This tool is made of symbols which describe natural forces and energies that coalesced at the time of your birth, and of which you are still essentially comprised, yet are always being affected by the processes of time. We have observed and described these energies through their qualities, cycles and patterns, and we have given these symbols which we use to interpret our internal makeup, our biology and our behaviours. Yet, the energies which we are describing extend beyond self, beyond the planet, into the solar system through the galaxy and ultimately to the edge and center of the Universe itself—simultaneously. The resonant energy fields expressed by the planets and the Zodiac are our ingredients. These cosmic energy frequencies are imprinted deeply throughout our genes and arranged within our very elements. We emit our personal zodiacal radiation signature as we interact and react with the many arrays of energy around us. We are bio-transceivers of frequencies, antennae for communicating spiritual energy. These energy fields are a part of us, just as we are part of them. ~ As without, so within.

How do we know?

All of our senses recognize patterns. We visually perceive our surroundings by recognizing color, depth, texture, etc. For example, color is a spectral frequency, a pattern of light. Direct observation means seeing visual patterns, which are pervasive in nature. Visual patterns in nature often appear to be chaotic, never quite exactly repeating, and involve fractalization on some level. Patterns with a beginning and an end must have deviation. Natural patterns stem from a centre axle creating spiralling wave forms of geometric points of intersection; the places in space-time where those symmetries of rotation and reflection interact. All patterns have a regular underlying mathematical structure; indeed, mathematics as a whole can be described as the search for regularities. The derivative of any function is a mathematical pattern. That equation is a balancing of two mathematical expressions, which communicate how each half of a reflective variable equates. The recognition of the central balancing point between two entities of different domains is the fundamental purpose of math—finding the center.

Think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ~Tesla.

Our senses tend to cross over with their patterns, and in turn, how we perceive them. This is called synesthesia or ’union of the senses’. In humans, tastes correspond to smells, and in some animals, scents become visualized. Ultra-, infra- and audible stimulates the somatosensory system, or touch, which directly affects the psyche; like the soothing sound of a babbling brook or the hair-raising reaction to nails scratching a chalkboard. Many smells remind us of personal memories; and some, such as high frequency essential oils have the ability to connect us to ‘preexisting memories’, ancient ones, beyond our self. These are the patterns of various frequencies interacting with each other which stimulate awareness, because we are an assemblage of collaborative vibrations, as well. Astrology is the study of interactive sound-light. The sounds we are listening to are the parts being played within and around us, in our little section of the infinitely instrumented Cosmic Orchestra. You as a person—per-sona meaning ‘of sound’—are a brief but powerfully resonate verse of a vast choral suite of the harmonizing movement of the grande cacophonic Universal Magnum Opus entitled, The Music of the Spheres.

Put Yourself at the Center of the Equation

In 1933, British astrophysicist Arthur Milne gave his interpretation of the ‘cosmological principle’ stating that no matter where you are in space, the expansion of the universe will always appear the same. And that makes you, and everything else, always the center of the universe. If you go back to the beginning, at the centre of it ALL is Everything. This Everything divides itself into two opposite forces, from which all qualities are fundamentally derived. Even before there is spacetime, the protopattern for what is to come already exists as part of an eternal expression. The fundamental scheme of all natural shape and form, which underlies everything, expands and evolves into the space created for creation. The field of the fundamental pattern emerges from every point, this is what I refer to as the ’cosmological simplex’, the blueprint, imprint, fingerprint and voiceprint of God. We as astrologers call this root archetypal pattern around us, the Zodiac.

From this simple order of duality, nature divines subtle reflective polarities of condition and behaviour. This primordial template is expressed through countless opposing and variable qualities. It morphs into and out of every conceivable and inconceivable configuration. It consists of yin curves intersecting with yang lines, of one dimension hyper-expanding into the next; each one manifesting all the degrees of ‘male and female’ union, or divine opposites, through energy and form. This primary zodiacal pattern functions at every phase, scale and relative magnitude. It constructs the energetic framework, the skeletal system of reality and also gives it the very energetic ‘flesh’ from which everything arises. Upon this limitless scaffold, all manner of energetic form and function is devised, shaped and cast into the substantive holographic phenomenon we call subjective existence. We are woven into the very fabric of the divine quantum tapestry of this immeasurable interconnected self. This ‘cosmological simplex’ or ‘zodiac’ pattern not only encompasses the Earth it wraps around all central fields of consciousness, be it particle, person or planet. It is the energy around the nucleus of all points, no matter how small or how vast—there is always the nexus.

Heart of the Heart of the Heart

The iron in your blood comes from the very heart of a dying Sun, a supermassive star at the very instant that it went supernova. Your physical heart is the central core of primary system that you call you. The heart connects and interacts with every molecule of hemoglobin as each travels through the arteries, veins, and capillaries, through the heart and out again to every point in the body. At the center of hemoglobin lies an even smaller molecule called a heme, which is a type of coordination complex, a geometric array of bound atoms surrounding a single central atom, usually composed of metal. In the case of heme that metal is, of course, iron. Every single atom of iron at the heart or every heme porphyrin is a core component of each molecule of hemoglobin which passes through your heart and was created in the heart of a dying star.

The creation and disbursement of many essential elements are somehow connected to various stages of the life and death processes of a sun. The iron atom is only created under the same conditions, and at the same place and instant in the process, as it occurs in the same way within each supernova in the universe. Iron is at the core of the frequency of the heart, no matter at what scale that heart is. Iron is part of the composition of the processes of the heart, within molecules, within stars and within you!

Great, Small, Where AM I through it All?

Thinking in such grand and small terms sometimes can throw us off center. If it is All so vast, what do I matter? You may ponder your role in the world and think that your life has no real purpose or bearing on anything. But what you may not realize is that every action and breath that you take contributes to the health and vitality of countless lives around you and after you, just as it was with all that came before you. It all moves the development of the universe forward and contributes to the process of other levels and dimensions of reality. What you do in this life matters. What you choose to learn in this existence adds to the accumulated experience and knowledge of the collective. And this is why it is a crucial time to envision a renewed astrological legacy of spiritual wisdom fully integrated and no longer at odds with the external realities of our world.

The reawakening of our unified cosmic heart begins with you.

Axis Mundi Sum

I AM the center point of the world. The fundamental co-generating principle of complementary opposites flows through all the central axes of creation, threading through the nuclei of microcosms to the spinal cords of macrocosms. This ‘zodiacal field’ emanates from every planet, person and particle, from every blackhole, star and galaxy. It brings forth all life on Earth and organizes the flow of energy between individualized units of the internal components of the phases of light. The subatomic realm supports the atomic; the atomic creates the material. Atoms form elements and in turn support the molecular and chemical phases of the cosmos. Chemistry brings forth biology, and our biological processes reveal the subtle behaviours of the mind of light. This union of cosmic mind and essential matter is a deep professing of the complex behaviours of light energy. Some scientific theories state that within every photon of light, all information and knowledge exists. If so, we are here to express our small quanta of this infinite knowing.

’And God said, ”Let there be light”, and there was light.’ Genesis 1:3.

Light makes up all phases of matter. Organic matter, any matter, for that matter, exists due to the rules that govern the behaviours of light forces, and is subject to the entangled correspondences of these energies and geometries. Astrology is the study of energy and geometry. Biology lives within astrology and astrology lives within biology. We are all part of this one thing, interacting through all states of being. Currently, from our perspective, the fields of our energetic and material systems are all aligned and yoked with the state of being human. Awaken yourself at the level of a cell in your body for a moment; explore what it is to be a cell, what it feels, does and knows. This cell is a part of you. Now project yourself to know what a sunflower knows for a day as it turns its face to follow the Sun, or what the flickering Earth experiences in an epoch. Each is involved in a greater creative template, as well as the transitory uses of the template’s components within this cosmic master plan. You are at the very centre of this process of being. You are protopart of this connective pattern as a recognizable structure underlying nature itself. Your expression of nature was not invented, it was revealed. You are a unique part of this cosmic revelation of the pattern. This is the fundamental principle upon which ‘astrology’ is established.

The Center of Nature’s Pattern

Between the forces of Light and Life, and Dark and Death will always be found, the Eternal.~ The primordial pattern originates with the One thing which embodies everything becoming two complementary, yet opposing things. These two things diametrically divide by all of their opposing qualities, so that the antithetical aspect of one would always be found directly opposite the other. To better distinguish the changes in the qualities within, each of the primary opposites mirrors the other as the exponentially duplicating schema expands and contracts. Either by multiplying or dividing, the two forces composes polarizing waves of energy creating a pulse or phase. One phase of this pattern organizes complementary harmonizing angles. Another dimensional phase manifests an opposing mirrored form to complement the first harmony. Yet, where there is a harmony, a dissonance must also emanate synchronously, so various interactive qualities result in order to compensate and to balance the equation. The principle of ‘one’ is synthesizing (conjuncting); the principle of ‘two’ is contrasting and reflecting (opposing); the principle of ‘three’ (trine) is harmonizing and light; the principle of ‘four’ (square) is gradating and dense. These first basic counteracting principles are expressions of the elemental core of nature; at the center of it All. One might even say they comprise the mathematical order of operations of the equation at the ‘Heart of God’.

Heliocentric, Geocentric or Egocentric?

Some of this might feel technical. I assure you it has purpose; give it a minute. In recent decades we have been able to visually conceive the natural patterns in mathematics in ways never previously possible. Among the most important contributions of our age has been the means to understand patterns on such a vast scale. One of the most well-known fractal pattern images that has emerged since the advent of computers is the Mandelbrot Set, a set of infinite self-similar continuous patterns of coordinates, exhibiting an increasingly elaborate boundary of recursive fractalization. This mathematical patterned set represents the concept of a newly recognized natural law, which declares that nature is self-similar across all scales.

If nature resonates an archetypal construct on one level, it will reuse that construct on another level. This constructed order radiates from a central core. This nexus originates as a set of axes in space, aligning to an up/down or north/south configuration, and in turn creates forward/ back and left/right. It is comprised of energy moving within a defined geometric sphere. You can see this in how particles orbit within the shell of an atom, similarly to planets as they travel within the heliosphere of a star, and how solar heliospheres orbit ‘galacto-spheres — galaxies. So the atoms too must be in an intricate corresponding relationship with the planets and stars, and indeed we know that they are by scientific methods. They function without the knowledge of the existence of a human level reality. Atoms and planets simple don’t know we exist… or do they? Maybe they are learning too.

Grand Central You

We are beginning to consciously understand our connectedness to everything, and so too, that all consciousnesses are fundamentally entangled. Scientific philosophers have started to recognize that the Universe could in fact be the network of a singular consciousness. You are something like the ‘grand central station’ for all of the sensory signals going in and out each time a train of energetic vibration comes or goes, and like trains they are precisely timed. Some have described our Sun as akin to a neuron in the connective galactic neural fibers of the cerebral cortex of a scalarized universal mind. We are becoming aware that we each emerge as the perception of our individual self from this prime source field of conscious energy; we recognize and acknowledge what we truly are, and ultimately return to it.

The matter of which you are constructed comprises the container, the vessel or temple for this sacred centrum of awakened awareness at the level of human consciousness to which you have evolved. Multiple fields of consciousness — above, the grand actors (planets) and below, the bit players (particles) — have united on stage, space-time (here and now) as the antagonists, the protagonists and the backdrop for the central hero figure (you). Throughout this production, we are here to study our own character, to analyse the story, to peek backstage. We are here to ‘break the Fourth Wall’ and to reveal to ourselves that we are not only the hero embodied from the planets. Nor are we just a part in a sequel or a spin-off to some other story. Take a brief intermission; recognize that we are also the scenery, the audience, the stagehands, the writer and director in our astrological story. Now put the spotlight back on you and remember that while you are on this stage, you are the Star of it All.

“Astrology is the study of energy and geometry. Biology lives within astrology and astrology lives within biology. We are all part of this one thing, interacting through all states of being.”

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