Election Day USA, November 8, 2016

Rose Marcus, CIA Agent 300 Evolutionary Astrologer

Above Chart: Lower Left: Voting Poll Transits for 7 am open; Upper Right: 7 pm Close

Significant Transits for 7 am chart:

Moon at 7 am: 24:36 Aquarius 4th house; square Mercury

Sun rising on the Ascendant: 16:30 Scorpio; (note Leo Midheaven)

North Node in Virgo in 10th house;

Mercury, ruler of the north node in the 10th house (election event)

Neptune, ruler of the south node, balsamic to south node in 4th house (populace)

Mars: 29:27 Capricorn (dispositor of Uranus, Eris and Ceres retrograde in Aries)

Venus in Sagittarius in mutual reception with Jupiter in Libra; Venus trine Uranus

Midheaven: 28:56 Leo (Trump’s Ascendant: 29:55 Leo)

Significant Changes for 7 pm chart:

Moon at MC; (IC of 7 am chart now MC of the 7 pm chart)

Ascendant: 22:28 Gemini (Trump’s sun: 22:55 Gemini);

Ruler of the Ascendant, Mercury, in Scorpio in the 6th house


Election day voting polls open at 7 am on November 8, 2016, Washington DC, with the transiting moon in Aquarius. It closes at 7pm with the transiting moon newly into Pisces.

The Aquarius moon is quite appropriate for a political event. As the last aspect before leaving Aquarius (a few hours before the polls open), the transiting moon will form a sextile to transiting Venus in Sagittarius. This Venus in Sagittarius/Moon in Aquarius aspect describes the high-volume voting; also, the pre-election day cash-in and the swings to the extremes that have already occurred. It describes the issues that have been overplayed or exaggerated throughout the campaign, especially the late breaking email controversy (Aquarius) that have surprised both voters and candidates.

While the late FBI email investigation bombshell has stirred it up, the fact that the election polls open on a void-of-course moon in Aquarius can suggest that while disruptive, this latest controversy will not prove effective in completely overthrowing/decimating the momentum that was already in place before the hand-grenade was tossed. (Traditional Horary astrology would consider a void-of-course moon as nullifying the question or event, as inconclusive, or as having no impact).

The moon sextile Venus aspect puts the attention on the female candidate and on controversial (Aquarius) issues that have made this election such a wild-ride.  Venus in Sagittarius is in mutual reception with Jupiter in Libra (in each other’s signs). Major shots have been aimed at trust and truth. Venus/Jupiter also raises the voice regarding the feminine issues – the need to be heard, respected, valued, validated, and honored – that Trump has inadvertently made so front and center throughout this election.

As the moon’s last aspect before leaving Aquarius, this moon sextile Venus imprint is an indicator of a new social role (Aquarius) for the feminine (Venus).  Venus in Sagittarius identifies the winner of the contest and the new so called “leader of the free world” (Sagittarius) as a female.

For both candidates, Venus in new phase to Saturn in Sagittarius suggests that suggests that previous experience and knowledge (Saturn in Sagittarius) is meant to be applied to a new role, a new format. There are hard lessons for each to learn, and perhaps major consequences also. Venus/Saturn in new phase suggests a reputation that is already built, but that will – and must – grow. (Saturn in Sagittarius is also an archetype of the hunt and the hunted; the repression or distortion of facts; lack of forthcoming and its consequences; the necessity of truth; truth as a priority, truth as a requirement.)

Venus in Sagittarius is very focal about ideas, opinions, and rights. Throughout the campaign, we have witnessed much targeting, outspokenness, and fault-finding from both camps. Saturn in Sagittarius holds tight to its justification, conviction, sense of rightness, and its sense of righteous indignation too. This planetary influence is not above presenting a one-sided and/or distorted version of the truth to stack its end game. In its pure form, Saturn in Sagittarius uses the advance of time to test, hone, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that which has come under question.

Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius suggests that the election launches significant new opportunities for each. Each candidate has a major uphill climb to do too. A new level of trust will need to be earned.  It is a monumental task and neither candidate can afford to waste time or scrimp on effort. We are likely to see both hit the ground running after the election.

By stirring up the angry mob, Trump has served as the collective shadow’s spokesperson.  The triple conjunction of Uranus, Eris, and Ceres, all three travelling in Aries and in retrograde motion, also keep the anger, the fight, the in-fighting (Aries retrograde) and the political strife alive. Relative to Mars, ruler of Aries, culminating at the very last degree of Capricorn, and dispositor of Uranus, Eris and Ceres, these planetary influences are indicative of a pressurized valve that is ready to hit its trigger-release.

Planetary Nodes; Exalted Mars at 29 Capricorn:

The transit of Mars, culminating in Capricorn, directly opposes the planetary north node of Saturn (ruler of Capricorn), while the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius directly opposes the planetary north node of Uranus. While Mars at the aneretic degree (last degree of a sign) is generally considered a weak influence by traditional astrology standards, the oppositions to the planetary nodes suggests otherwise. Note also that Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn, which means Mars can optimize Capricorn’s attributes. Mars in Capricorn is an executive control, “use whatever force is necessary to get the job done” archetype.  At a broader symbolic level, Mars at the very last degree of Capricorn checkmarks this election as notable seed event for collective evolution, especially regarding the nature of judgement patterns and conditionings that have created the social distortions that are so common place in today’s reality base, i.e. gender, sexual, national, social, and race disparity and denigration.

Taking it to the airwaves, and the streets, Mars can trigger a significant backlash or aftershock, especially once it unleashes in Aquarius. Mars enters Aquarius three hours after the voting polls close.


Above Chart: (Inner Wheel, Election chart 7 am; Outer Wheel Planetary Nodes)

Transiting Mars: 29 Capricorn (inner wheel, 3rd house),

– opposes Planetary North Node of Saturn: 29 Cancer retrograde (outer wheel, 9th house)

Transiting Saturn: 15 Sagittarius (inner wheel, 1st house)

              -opposes Planetary North Node of Uranus: 15 Gemini retrograde (outer wheel, 7th house)

Transiting Sun: 16 Scorpio (inner wheel, 12th house)

-translates Planetary North Node of Mercury (outer wheel, 15 Scorpio) to Planetary South Node

of Mercury (outerwheel, 17 Scorpio)

(North node translation to south node – adds a new key/element/dynamic to bring the past to a new/next level)


Elections Polls Close:

Above Chart details:

Transiting Moon in Pisces: (1:15 Pisces)

-first aspect: square Juno: 0:52 Sagittarius 6th house

-last aspect before leaving Pisces (not depicted): square Venus: 26:09 Sagittarius, 7th house

(both Juno & Venus are disposited by Jupiter in Libra in the 5th house

(Jupiter in Libra is in mutual reception to Venus in Sagittarius)

Emotional floodgates are sure to open as election day ends with the transiting moon newly into Pisces, at the Midheaven and on its way to forming aspects to Neptune, the south node, Chiron (conjunctions) and Saturn (square). The transiting moon on the Midheaven is a results significator.  It is also the trigger for Neptune, ruler of the south node in new phase to that south node. The transit of the Pisces moon on the Midheaven, Neptune, the south (and north) node at station, and Chiron in Pisces has the world watching. Nothing happens in isolation; what affects one, affects all. As a work in continuous, fluid motion, these Pisces influence stirs the tides of the collective consciousness and desire. As this process evolves, it simultaneous gives shape, form, and dimension to the potentials that have reached their ripe and ready timetable. As an archetype, Pisces unlocks hidden wealth for collective application, for collective learning, choice-making, and evolution.

This election is a national one, but what it launches reverberates throughout the political world and the collective consciousness. The event is actual, but it is also infused with great symbolic and karmic relevancy. In addition to tapping the resources of the collective, Pisces is an archetype of unresolved anger and rage. Noting also the advance of Mars into Aquarius on the day following, violent protests are almost a given. Venus in Sagittarius in disseminating trine to Uranus, Eris and Ceres, travelling retrograde in Aries, can also spark large scale protests, rebellion, and wide spread violence. 

The transiting moon in Pisces indicates an iconic moment for a chosen one, and for the seed of a majority-rule collective trend, no matter how slight the margin, to set itself into motion.  Will the outcome prove to hold a saving grace, or will something of great importance be lost? The Pisces moon can stir great hope or great collective disillusionment.

The ocean knows no boundaries when its emotions are unleashed. Regarding a backlash, the transiting moon’s early degree (0:41 Pisces) suggests that what is unleashed may not be effective enough to make reverse the tide’s direction, but while it is stirred up, it certainly can cause further loss or destruction. Watch for the fallout to continue and to shift through the following full moon week. (November 14 delivers a super full moon in Taurus, November 17, Ceres and Eris conjoin, and November 19, Neptune stations direct.


Viewing the November 8 election chart as a general transit, note that the transiting Aquarius moon has just created a first-quarter square aspect (decisive; activation) with Mercury at 23 Scorpio. This aspect is notable for two reasons: 1) Mercury is the ruler of the north node in Virgo; 2) Hillary Clinton’s south node is 23 Scorpio. A planet transit to south node can ignite one of 3 conditions: relive, fruition, or relive and fruition. It suggests that Hillary taps innate resources and past life resources of particularly significance. The transit of Mercury on her south node also identifies this event as a key synthesis or trigger moment to bring something from the past forward into the present. This event chart Mercury contact to her natal south node (a karmic point) describes the late announcement by the FBI of the renewal of investigation into Hillary’s emails on an insecure server, which is seen by many as ploy to overthrow Hillary (Mercury in Scorpio: sabotage, manipulation, hidden agenda, trust violations, emails, key players). The event Mercury contact to Hillary’s south node marks her not only as a key target, but also a key agent for the collective.

The end of polling at 7pm Washington time puts the transiting Moon, now in Pisces at the Midheaven. The event chart suggests an uncertain to the very end, yet iconic (Pisces) result. The moon’s first aspect is a square to Juno in Sagittarius. Juno as the contract asteroid suggests a karmic contract brought forward from the past, that is key and relevant to future, that is on a continuance program. As an unleashing aspect, this Moon/Juno aspect can be an indicator of a significant emotional floodgate. When Juno is unhappy, she can be quite vengeful.

The moon’s dispositor is Neptune in Pisces. Neptune holds especially significant sway for several reasons: 1) it is in its own sign; 2) it is the ruler of the transiting south node; 3) it is culminating on the south node: 4) it is the dispositor for Chiron in Neptune. Regarding the personal and collective, the Pisces archetype correlates to: unlimited potential; the search for higher/ultimate purpose, value, meaning, and ideals; mass consciousness and trends; iconic moments and people; collective/social service, purpose, sacrifice, and salvation; hope; fulfillment of the dream; illusion, disillusionment, loss.

The one chosen has an opportunity to advance a key personal evolutionary track and to also serve as a translator and navigator for the newly evolving collective voice, needs, values, and trends. This last statement is true for both opponents, but each has their own unique path to serve. (Pisces, the fish, swim in two different directions.) As another seed event of many that have come before and many to follow, Hillary’s election to top office it is yet one more opportunity for the collective to accept and support the ongoing resurgence of the sacred feminine, a program that advocates “stronger together”, or in other words, sharing, caring, and inclusion. While karmic implications are indicated by all the transits, the transiting moon in Pisces also speaks of potentials that have not yet taken definitive shape. It remains to be seen how the seed is watered, tended, and grows.

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