For the first C*I*A session of 2024, as we go deep into the main astrological aspects of 2024 and the Year of the Wood Dragon.  Come plan your  Astro Year Ahead and make the most of it!

Learn how to the Include the major themes of 2024:

The 2 Eclipses in Libra, 1 in Aries and 1 in Virgo
Mercury retrograde cycle
The new Jupiter /Uranus new cycle
The Venus Star Point in Gemini
Jupiter moving ahead into Gemini
Jupiter Square Saturn
Tracking the declination cycles for 2024
Pluto into Aquarius
Neptune at the end of Pisces the Omega point of the zodiac
Mars retrogarde in Leo/Cancer

Add your personal timing
Add your year of Profection for more clarity and area of life to shine
Check your Fidaria timing
Check you Progressions
Check your Solar Arc movements