Astrology in the News – Independence Day Special

By Agent Euler Identity – Gez Abel

C*I*A Agent number: The Euler Identity

                                                                                                                              Report 1
                                                                                                                     July 4, 2018

Dear Agent 12,

Agent Euler Identity now in place and scanning news reports in the media whenever possible. The following document is a review of various events that seem to have manifested with some degree of synchronicity with the skies above, and is presented for you, and all those with access to the C*I*A website with the express intention of furthering the mission brief of raising awareness that what happens as above, more often than not, indeed manifests so below.

Furthermore, it seems that in the past few weeks there has been a cluster of otherworldly UFO and space news stories. Seems Mars attacked the humanitarians, went retrograde, took off, and went home!

June 5, 2018 Bayer-Monsanto merger

Here, Taurus is about food and money/banking, and Uranus- technology and, amongst other things- innovative solutions. Seems likely that this rebranding is a now-revealed consequence of the effects of Pluto in Capricorn – the death, rebirth and general transformation of industry. It would not surprise me one bit to learn that this rebranding idea was initiated when Pluto went retrograde around April 22nd, and the merger proposed around the time when Uranus entered Taurus on May 15.

June 18, 2018 Space Force!

Timed around the formation at around 15 degrees of the grand water trine of Mercury conjunct Pallas Athena in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and, most importantly, Neptune station in Pisces, together suggesting a framework of protective, just, objective communications for the thoughts of the underdog champion’s feelings, combined with the passage of Mars in humanitarian Aquarius transiting the South Node, here giving an air of “been there, done that, mastered it, oh all right then”(presumably a reference to the Star Wars programs of the 1970’s and 1980’s), and with the Moon in Virgo- symbolising emotional well-being through the written word, and all set under the auspices of Uranus in Taurus; liberation of the Earth- the message of the timing of this event hints that whilst in the short-term there may well be some kind of international jockeying in this most worrying kind of space race, in the long-term, this organisation has great potential to be of service for all humanity.

June 21, 2018: Melania Trump’s coat.

Mars about to turn retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius exactly opposite Venus at 9 degrees Leo conjunct true North Node at 6 deg Leo

Melania Trump’s shockingly insensitively-timed coat slogan, which said “I really don’t care. Do U?” that was ostensibly aimed at elements of the mainstream media in the never-ending fake news wars very neatly summed up what could have been in other times, something of a Marie-Antoinette moment. Venus, Goddess of beauty, love, and money in the sign of regal Leo is a sign known for big-heartedness and ‘look at me!’ extroversion. However, the balancing energy of Mars in airy, otherworldly Aquarius- a sign by and for the people- can sometimes get it terribly wrong about just what it means to be not just an experiencer, but a participant in the passionate, often irrational co-creation of the human condition.

The position of the North-South nodal axis of the Moon means that the South Node- the vibe of ‘I got this but it bores me’ because of all the skills learned in a past life accentuates and backs up Mars, both amplifying the sense of assertion as well as bringing back past-life karma to the realm of the now, and all at the expense of the North Node- the direction of destiny; where Venus happens to be placed; meaning that the First Lady will have a lot of karma to work on that is caused by this transgression of energies from the past life leaking into the realm of the present and possible future ones of queenly goodwill toward the people.

It is also of interest that this event happened some five weeks before the Lunar eclipse of July 27 at 4 degrees Aquarius- apparently the longest Lunar eclipse of the century. The timing of this event with regard to the Lunar eclipse not only hints that the First Lady may spend less time on solo headline missions in the public eye in the future- but may well do so for a while, and considering the nature of the Venus conjunct North Node in Leo energies, it would seem likely that she may well opt instead for a public-duty life mode more akin that of the Royals in the UK- namely that of echoing the public duty dynamic of HRH Prince Philip to his wife, HM The Queen.

June 29, 2018: Mars Retrograde in Aquarius and the upside-down other kind of man-symbol

Discovery credit: Agent 12

That article was released to within three days of the retrograde turn, implying that the manifestation was around then and it took three days to make it to press. Could it be that the retrograde meant that the male symbol got turned upside down?

June 29 2018: Why UFO sightings, though still up year-on-year, have declined dramatically in 2018

Here, the narrative seems to relate to two astrological phenomena- the turn of Mars in Aquarius, and the shift of Uranus into Taurus on May 15. Though it related to a report that must have been compiled some time ago, it seems here that the narrative regarding the timing of the release of the information into the mass-consciousness is that the sense of self-identity with the eccentric, otherworldly, telepathic energies of Aquarius are on the wane- for now.

This is possibly exacerbated by the fact that Uranus is now in Taurus, so the nature of the “I know what was brought to my attention, and it was really weird and otherworldly” that peaked with Uranus’s passage through the middle of Aries in 2014 is now going to be likely shifting to “I felt that something really weird and otherworldly was happening”

Thus meaning that once the retrograde passage back into Aries is over- and with it- likely another brief, final wave of a few UFO sightings (as ETs use reality-bending transdimensional technology for maximal conservation of energy) and Uranus then goes back into Taurus-  there may well be an increase over the next seven years or so after that, starting in the new year of 2019- of abduction reports, or at least- reports of suspected attempted abductions manifesting as beautiful (Venus) otherworldly (Uranus) feelings (Taurus) experienced/witnessed by groups (Taurean herd) of people, or in some rare cases- beautifully-made ‘ET’ items, and I think it also likely we will see stories of invasive, new, possibly GMO (Uranus factor of innovation) plant species stories manifesting, as Taurus is cognate with the second house- the house of feelings, tangibles and crops, as well as beauty that is up close and personal.

Sadly for all those with Aquarius prominent in their charts, I don’t expect to see too many “my beautiful extraterrestrial lover” stories in the news, though we may well see stories of a new plant species (watermelon?) that produces, for example, some kind of alcohol as it ripens, yet.

July 1, 2018:  French criminal mastermind escapes jail again in helicopter

This story has a hugely elegant astrological translation!

Mars retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius:

“Going back (retrograde) to my homies (Mars) of voracious eccentrics (Uranus’s co-rulership with Saturn of Aquarius) by air (Aquarius)…”

True Black Moon Lilith (BML) at 3 degrees Aquarius square Juno in Taurus at 0 degrees conjunct Uranus at 2 degrees Taurus square Mercury exactly conjunct the North Node translates as:

“…Who, as my partners (Juno) in doing shocking things (Uranus) relating to possessions and things that feel good (Taurus), are going to send a glorious messenger (Mercury in Leo) so that I can be free to do whatever I want to create as an exile (BML) with my band of eccentrically devouring, brutally shocking people (dark side of Saturnian-Uranian Aquarians)”

No further comment, as none surely needed!

July 1, 2018: 50 years of a futile, secret war against the Visitors

Announced as Chiron slowed down to turn retrograde in Aries, and marking a Chiron return- a 50-year cycle representing completion and with the start of the retrograde, the beginning of a healing phase before operations presumably resume in the new year of 2019 for the true-life X-files, this story marks some kind of reset and healing for the Wily E. Coyotes and Roadrunners of our civilisation.

July 3, 2018 Greenpeace flies a Superman drone into a nuclear power station

Here, the narrative is a fairly simple one again featuring our friends Mars in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus. Chances are that the idea, though implemented while Mars was retrograde at around 9 degrees Aquarius, was committed to sometime around May 13-14 when Mars was at 29 Pisces… And Uranus was at 29 degrees Pisces.

How and why?

Let’s think back to 2011. Specifically, March 2011, when Uranus entered Aries- the liberation of the will to power the self, and the world suffered the most devastating nuclear event in history- Fukushima, as well as a devastating Tsunami (marking the closing of the Uranian temporal bookend that was  opened with the devastating Tsunami known as Banda Ache when Uranus entered Pisces), that, though representing liberation of the seas- together with the nuclear event- killed tens of thousands of people.

This Superman event represents another temporal bookend- a reverse, echoing mirror in the continuum- where the energy flows in a similar way, but in reverse, closing the chapter in consciousness, and opening a new one in the narrative. This time, then around May 13, 2018- Uranus, then very nearly in Taurus at 29 degrees Aries 50-ish, represented the end of that chapter of the drive for self-empowerment (Aries), shifting instead into the liberation of the Earth (Taurus), and he was then-squared (a call for action) by Mars in Pisces- the martyr who sacrifices himself for pretty much anything, and who does so in a selfless way of service before shifting into Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian, who as one can see, didn’t quite have it quite going according to plan (Aquarians can sometimes get the whole human-humanity paradox terribly wrong) , as due to the success of the mission, saw the Man of Steel actually going darkside, as he has now, symbolically, and in the real-world committed an actual, and mercifully token act of terrorism.

Chances are, that this event also coincidentally marks the end of comic book superheroes in general.

It is therefore of no surprise to astrologers that the devastating lava flows that are happening in Hawaii started around then in mid-May with the Uranus in Taurus ingress. Chances are, then, that something regarding another Earth event as well as liberation of communications and the air will happen when Uranus ingresses into Gemini in 2026, possibly as wide-scale adoption of wireless communication networks as a consequence of something happening in the Earth that makes the cables unusable.

July 3: A Classic Mars in Aquarius fight!

The fixed sign of Aquarius is notorious for stonewalling when angry, and communicating in silence- a transgressive denial of the very humanity that Aquarius represents. That two grown adults are incapable of communicating in a humane way, and instead opt to become aggressive, asserting themselves (Mars) on a public (humanitarian, so therefore Aquarius) vehicle, and over the air itself (Aquarius is an air sign), with one presumably acting on the self-appointed behalf of the others (so more humanitarianism, though misplaced, as he didn’t openly ask the others if they agreed with him) makes this story very deliciously astrological indeed…

July 3, 2018: UK Modern masterpiece award for housing

Taurus is about beautiful homes & gardens; Uranus- innovative, modernist solutions. ‘Nuff said!

July 3, 2018:

Following a coincidental tipoff from Adam Elenbass in his article, here:

I immediately found an article that relates to a longstanding situation that ties in several of the themes mentioned: Aggression through the air involving communications, with an expert similarly denying the facts- as the water which Aquarius represents truth, facts and reason.

July 3, 2018: Actual death stars!

More Mercury on the North Node opposite Mars on the South Node; Seems that these kinds of things will be considered the ultimate weapon if we ever make it to becoming a Type Two civilisation.

July 3, 2018: Lest we forget any of those who fought for our freedoms…

A tragic story that ties in the threads of Mars in Aquarius, the branch of Service in which he served (The Air Force), Chiron turning retrograde (the healer needing to be healed), communications, and the lack of, or even denial of help that he so clearly needed. May he rest in peace.

July 4, 2018: The living, thinking Earth

A simple one, this. Uranus represents the Mind, and Taurus, the Earth, so no surprise, then, to see an article that finally goes some way toward recognising that the Earth has a mind of her own.

Wishing you all a happy and abundantly prosperous celebration of liberty, equality and fraternity wherever you are, on this, Independence Day 2018.

This marks the end of Report One. Next report due around July 22,2018.

                                                                      Signing off,

                                                                 The Euler Identity.

Gez Abel- Agent: The Euler Identity

His C*I*A mission: Focusing on the astrology behind news events around the world. Gez first got into astrology in 1994. In 2014, after a series of revelations about the markets, and the timing of news events to astrology, he graduated as a market-timer (financial astrologer), and was awarded a scholarship to ISAR- the certificating body for all the world’s astrological schools. Since then, he has worked directly with the-then ISAR president, editing textbooks, annual forecast books, monthly, weekly, daily subscription reports, and has attended several of the world’s largest astrological conferences, where, as a volunteer, he provided personal assistance to the astrologers presenting their latest findings. His personal field of interest is with asteroids- a field with over 19,000 named stellar bodies, and with them- narratives waiting to be uncovered.

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