Astrological Ceres

by Agent 300 – Rose Marcus

Forever entwined by one of the most important mythologies of the ancient world, astrological Ceres/Demeter and Pluto outline for us the formidable regenerative forces of nature and evolution.

Correlating to the mother archetype, Ceres in the natal chart represents a matrix from which we will create a personal identity and relationship prototypes. Our ability to bond, to trust, to be self-expressive, to feel safe enough to openly share our heart, to feel nourished and to nurture is seen within the Ceres chart signature.

Pluto correlates to the soul’s desires and needs regarding its ongoing evolution. Ceres searches within this bigger picture soul mandate to retrieve, reclaim, revive, and rebirth a most precious commodity – that which is of utmost value to self and to soul. That precious commodity is typically mined through a significant relationship/karmic reconnect. Solace for the unfulfilled longing of the soul may also be found through a vocational path of service.

Evolution through Ceres is sometimes a profoundly painful journey. As is reflected through the mythology of Demeter and Persephone’s abduction, the Ceres chart signature catalogues a history of significant loss, deep grief, and life-altering initiations, including sexual experiences. Such reclaiming serves to advance deep emotional healing. By natal influence, progression, or transit, Ceres will show up when you need to advocate for yourself, for another or others too. As the goddess of the seasons and of the golden harvest, Ceres also has a hopeful message to deliver: after winter comes spring, following death comes rebirth, after loss comes gain.

As a collective influence, Ceres correlates to growing seasons, agriculture, and food production; to the cycles of life on the planet and the growth of the collective whole.  Ceres also correlates to the plight and health of women and families, to all matters to do with fertility/infertility, child birth, parent/child relationships, child rearing, etc.

Ceres takes approximately 4.6 years to journey around the zodiac. It can easily take that long to emotionally process an experience, to grieve, to groom or develop, to plant, grow, and harvest. Spanning 2008 to 2024, Pluto’s transit through Capricorn encompasses four Ceres/Pluto synods/cycles. You may experience these Ceres chapters as separate growth and learning experiences, or they may all be tied to a particular relationship, circumstance, and/or emotional evolution.

The previous cycle of Ceres/Pluto in Capricorn began on Oct 19, 2010. Note that Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, maintained a last quarter phase to Pluto for this cycle, marking it as a significant time of accelerated examination and restructuring, of wind down and build up.

The latest Ceres/Pluto personal and collective cycle began on Feb 15, 2015, in a last quarter square aspect to Uranus and the north node in Aries. Note also that Ceres has travelled in out-of-bounds declination for the entirety of 2015. The year has seen ISIS, the refugee crisis of Syria, and the fall-out from global warming grow exponentially. For the current 2015 to 2020 cycle, Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is in a balsamic phase with Pluto. A balsamic phase furthers the process of endings, completion, and culmination, while at the same time it is seeding for the future. No doubt the next few staging years will prove to be a particularly significant, perhaps critical, destiny-in-the-making time, this at the individual, social, economic, political, global, and collective levels.  Ceres and Pluto are in hard angle on the following dates: May 31, 2016, (Ceres at 17 Aries square Pluto), Aug 21, 2017, (Ceres at 17 Cancer opposition Pluto) and Oct 18, 2018, (Ceres at 18 Libra square Pluto).   

The next four year Ceres/Pluto synod cycle on Jan 12, 2020 coincides with the start of a thirty-three Saturn/Pluto synod, at 23° Capricorn. When Saturn and Pluto conjoin, they write a noteworthy page of history. Capricorn is the archetype of the social world order, of structures, governments, authority’s rule, consensus, laws, limits, boundaries, borders, priorities, history, and time. Forming a Grand Stellium, the transits of the south node, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury Mars, and Venus will also make their contributions to the Capricorn priority agenda. Additionally, they’ll all bunch-up on the planetary south nodes of Saturn and Pluto. Whew! That’s a heavy dose of reality for sure! Look to this timeframe for the ending of an era and for the emerging reality to be cemented in some momentous and undeniable way. 

It may be short, it may be running out – even so, we are gifted with time. Let us use it wisely.

Rose Marcus

Evolutionary Astrologer

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Ceres: Collaborating with Hades, Negotiating with ZeusIn the myth, we find Ceres forced to come to terms with Hades/Pluto and powerful enough to negotiate with the ruler of the Olympians, Zeus/Jupiter.
In this webinar Rose will discuss how our personal Ceres myth reflects a formidable creative force deep within our soul. Our Ceres natal chart signature, by sign, house, and aspects, describes an ongoing feature evolutionary theme and carry-over from our past lives. We can feel it in our soul as permeating sorrow, grief, and loss. We can feel it as a soul necessity or soul destiny. We feel it as an ultimate search for fulfillment, a call to re-empowerment, or as critical and key to the reclaiming of self. We can wrestle within our own soul, or we can face the fight of our life. Whether a driving force or a more subtle undercurrent influence, our Ceres journey is one that offers especially rich soil for our current planting, watering, and harvesting season. To integrate through Ceres means to move from loss to treasure-trove, to advance the process of healing, reconciliation, and revitalization for that which we regard as of utmost value.