Astrology Aspect of the Day – Mars square Uranus

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

Aspect of the Day. Mars square Uranus

As the closest aspect of the ongoing fixed cross, between Venus the Nodes, Mars and Uranus, things  are definitely a bit touchy of late, and will continue to be so as Venus will retrograde in the same area back and forth over the coming months. Mars now retracing his steps from past retrograde, is 10 days away from coming back into Bounds after his maverick retrograde and Out Of Bounds period since June this year.

Today let’s focus on Mars – 

First reflect on what has shifted in this Mars Out of Bounds and retrograde  period. It’s been a test, focusing on our energy resources, where and how we expend energy, channel it, conserve it or waste it. This is mostly reflected physically with Mars as natural ruler of the 1st house, how we go about getting where we want. Is our vehicle in good shape, does it need a tune up. Did you take the time to give it a tune up? What road signs were there? Which ones did you pay attention to? Which ones did you ignore? All this to consider at the squaring cross roads. Have you shifted your journey, your motivation accordingly of late?

All this comes back into alignment over these next few days with Mars peaking in its square to Uranus, joined to the South Node, again!! In Aquarius Mars learns to be cool, calm and collected as modern ruler Uranus, disrupts the norm and what we are used to. Both indicate progress in new ways, the square indicates the challenges to be new, to give up a few attachments, to lighten up, to journey ahead with more freedom, less baggage. Squares are a pain, but we must push through them. If we don’t learn, adjust , bend  in the process we will surely break! What do trees that thrive in hurricane zones do? They sway and bend! What’s the best way to be on a swaying boat or ship?. Sway with it! Resistance will cause sickness!

Oh what fun it is to navigate these stormy astro forecasts!

For all those living through the hurricane in the extreme hurricane conditions on the EastCoast USA, stay safe, or thoughts and hearts are with you in these extreme times.

The freedom from attachments required in these events reflect to us what is most important to us, life, not possessions, not things. But loved ones,  people, humanity, survival!
It is an incredible combination as we see this fixed square in action, with Venus and the Nodes involved as well – Venus also reflected in the spiral of the hurricane, as the sacred geometry of the natural spiral of creation shows it’s power. Also Venus’ connection, to love and loss and the material realm, reflected by her rulership of Taurus.

Mars shows to us what we go for, what we fight for and where we put our energy, and with the challenging square to Uranus we are being called to change, change the way we physically do things. Expect the unexpected, the shock to the system, the body, and even the enlightening bolts of change and finding a new dose of courage to help us through. To help us shift perhaps some bad habits, some immature behaviour, and even some dated attitudes. In future oriented Aquarius, even evacuating some ideas of what we thought the future would be! Evacuating outgrown living conditions we have bestowed onto ourselves in the past, with Mars reminding us at the South Node.

As the aspect square perfects on September 19th, we will see this energy building and intensifying over the next few days and a relief that comes once it has perfected. The applying aspects are always much more tense, and an incredible relief is felt once we learn after following astrology for awhile, is that after the aspect begins to seperate, we let out a big sigh of relief!

Soon this storm will be over , but A Venusian one comes closer into the astro spotlight. More on that another day!

As the astro weather continues to be stormy ahead, storm and and lightening are unpredictable, mother nature is wild, Uranus in Taurus in the the fixed cross assures us there will never be things we can tame and we can’t and won’t know the exact outcomes. So what would be your best modus operandi.

Stay calm to weather the storm!

Riding the waves during Hurricane Lane…

Posted by Extreme Weather on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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