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Nodal Shift – Taurus Scorpio January 18th, 2022

The True Nodes enter Taurus and Scorpio
January 18th- July 17th 2023 – True Nodes
The True Nodes enter Taurus and Scorpio.
Every 18.6 month the nodal axis shifts back thru the next sign of the zodiac. The nodal axis will be in Taurus Scorpio till July the 17th 2023. The nodal axis denotes the crossing points of the Sun’s path, the ecliptic, with the Moon’s path, highlighting this area of the zodiac with eclipses over coming months.
Solar Eclipse Apr 30 10° Tau 36′
Lunar Eclipse May 15 25° Sco 17′
Solar Eclipse Oct 25 02° Sco 07′
Lunar Eclipse Nov 8 15° Tau 59′
Solar Eclipse Apr 19 29° Ari 53′ *
Lunar Eclipse May 5 14° Sco 52
Solar Eclipse Oct 14 21° Lib 10′*
Lunar Eclipse Oct 28 05° Tau 03′
As well as eclipses, the highlights of the passage of the nodes through this polarity will be:
– Rulers Mars and Venus travel closely together thru Capricorn and Aquarius – February/March 2022, for 50 days, setting us off to a determined and passionate start to our journey.
– Nodal axis square Saturn in Aquarius April, 2022
– North Node sextile Neptune/Jupiter – March/April 2022
– North Node conjunct Uranus/Mars – August, 2022
– North Node sextile Saturn in Pisces – May 2023
– North Node conjunct Jupiter square Pluto in Aquarius, June 2023
-Nodal axis square Pluto – June/July/August – 2023
With the Venus ruled North Node and the Mars ruled South Node, the journey is to now to steady and ground the past 19 months of experiences and awareness, to move more directly towards what we value and want to manifest in our lives. We are are called to our talents and creative impulses, to balance our attitudes to love, money, power, control and resources, so our Dragon can more freely fly!


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