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Astrology for Month Ahead – July 2024 :

July   5: New Moon in Cancer, 3:57 pm (14:23 Cancer) July 21: Full Moon in Capricorn, 3:16 am (29:08 Capricorn) July   2: Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde: 3:40 am (29:55 Pisces)  July   2: Mercury enters Leo: 5:46 am (to July 25) July   9: Pallas Athene stations direct: 7:46 pm (19:46 Scorpio) July 11: Venus enters Leo: 9:18 am (to August 4) July 20: Mars enters Gemini: 1:42 pm (to September 4) July 22: Sun enters Leo: 00:44 am July 22: Eris in Aries stations retrograde: 11:42 am (25:29 Aries)  July 25: [...]

By |July 3rd, 2024|

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