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Agent 1123 – Gemini Brett

Scott Onstott of Secrets in Plain Sight and Sacred Geometry Academy joins Gemini Brett for the first Episode of Art of the Chart’s Cosmic Conversations. Scott gave an amazing gift to Seekers in 2010 with the release of “Secrets in Plain Sight,” an expansive film that explores the Mysteries through revealing hidden keys in the art, architecture, and alignments of ancient and modern sacred sites around the globe. In this great gift that has opened by more than 9 million viewers to date, Scott surely unwraps the truth that the secrets are indeed hidden in plain sight.

Scott has authored many books on Sacred Geometry, Art, Architecture, and Mystery. His Sacred Geometry Academy hosts events that facilitate group expansion through the creation of collective art. Scott is currently creating “Q,” a Sacred Geometry Software that will surely compliment the practice of Compass Rule by offering an exponentially expansive precision tool and gracious guidance. You can help fund the creation of “Q” and take advantage of this opportunity to further you own path of self-initiation with this breakthrough tool and guidance for the impossibly low price of $33 by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign linked below.

In this Cosmic Conversation, Scott speaks about his own path of Self-Initiation, and the Sacred Nature of Geometry, Number, and Synchronicity and shows us around a “Q” a bit and Gemini Brett reveals a few of the many Star Alignments he found in the lay of Washington DC after “Secrets in Plain Sight” opened his eyes further to the mysteries. See you in Space!

Agent 1123 - Gemini Brett

Agent 1123 - Gemini Brett

Agent 1123 – Gemini Brett

As a certifiable StarryTeller, Gemini Brett devotes his Now as a living vow to the Marriage of Heaven and Earth.  Looking back, Gemini Brett’s path to our Starry Science is easy to behold.  Wasn’t he simply attempting to become a star himself while following his saxophone around the globe? Subsequent years redirected Brett’s quest to the principles of aeronautical engineering, but fortunately a strange 2012 awakening broke him free from academia’s mold.  Since Gemini spied Jupiter at his Ascendant from the Jungles of Peru, studying and teaching the Sky is all he can do.     

Agent 1123 made his C*I*A appointment official on 23/1/1 (that’s 2017) with the launch of “Arts of the Chart,” a devotional dance with Astrology choreographed by the Sacred Sciences known as the Quadrivium:  Number in Nature, Sacred Geometry, Musical Harmony, and Astronomy.  Whether you are new to the Starry Study or have been practicing for years or lifetimes, this journey is certain to be a blast.

You can find the “Arts of the Chart” along with Brett’s other inspiring videos, podcasts, and writings or contact him consultations or presentations at MoreThanAstrology.com or Facebook.com/ArtsOfTheChart

Location: Seattle- USA