C*I*A Equinox Aries Ingress 2020 Update

By Agent 12 Julija Simas, Agent 17 Armand Diaz, Agent 144 Alex Trenoweth, Agent 116 Kelley Hunter, Agent 97 Gaisheda Kheawok

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Aries Ingress 2020 shown on an AstroCartoGraphy Chart.

Join the Agents to take a look at the Aries Ingress and what it represents for the times we are living through. We look aback at 2019’s telling charts and astrocartography and examine the signatures now being presented to us by the cosmic line up.

The Aries Ingress chart
Chiron Black Moon Lilith and Salacia square the Nodal axis, oppose Make Make and Qua-oar.
Centaur Pholus resides at the South Nodes square Chiron etc
Mars meets Jupiter in exactness, and joins Pluto
Saturn on the edge of Aquarius
Moon in Aquarius squares Venus

Looking back at Capricorn Ingress and Aries Ingress 2019, we can also see the signatures of what we are living in now!

Capricorn Ingress 2019 – used to look at the next 3 months ahead.
Showing the Cap Stellium all over Australia and Venus in Aquarius square Uranus down Eastern side.
Sun/Jupiter Capricorn square Chiron/ BML in Aries over Wuhan and Hong Kong.

The eclipse a few days later conjunct Jupiter, went over Sth East Asia (Volcanoes erupted in Philippines). It was an annular eclipse which creates a big Corona.

Chiron/BML also run through western Turkey – Earthquakes
The Moon in Scorpio on IC in LA – (conjunct Kobe’s Uranus opposite Chiron and possibly his natal Moon) – Hero and families die
The trickster Mercury in Sagittarius runs thru DC area – more games and lies (conjunct Trumps Moon)

Malefics in rulership
Mars in rulership
Saturn in rulership

Neptune in modern rulership

Moon in fall
Jupiter in fall
Mercury in detriment

Aries Ingress March 2019 – used to look at the whole year ahead.
Shows Mercury rx conjunct Neptune, goes through Wuhan. Jupiter through Hong Kong and the Nodal Axis through Canberra, Australia’s capital.

Happy Solstice to All
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