The Aries Ingress- Equinox 2016.

By Agent 12 – Julija Simas

The Aries Ingress – Equinox  -20th March 2016 UT 4:30am 

The Cosmic Rebirth of the Sun


The Aries Ingress – Equinox 20th March 2016 UT 4:30am 

Here we are ready to bounce off into another astrological year when the Sun enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries at the March Equinox to bring in spring in the north, autumn in the south. Tropical astrologers use this alignment of the Sun crossing the equator to keep our zodiac aligned with the seasons. The seasons are the signs from which the zodiac originally developed. Something we need to continually explain to the uninitiated who try to debase our craft, telling us that our zodiac is no longer aligned with the stars, the constellations, yet it is so very clear to us to keep the alignment in tune with the Suns ingresses into cardinal signs, as it is from here that the zodiac we follow  developed much of its’ meaning, aligned with the seasons. As our ancient skywatchers did, we continue to align ourselves with Aries and spring, Libra and autumn, as well as the solstices, as the Sun stands still at the northern and southern tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.(reversed for the southern hemisphere) Astrology, a sacred science has always connected us to the bigger picture we move in. The Aries Ingress the beginning of the zodiacal year is like the greta Cosmic Re-birth that happens once a year as the Sun move into Aries.

Pisces stelliums  are a sign of the times for the Aries Ingresses of 2015, 2016 and 2017, as the slower moving Neptune, Chiron and and also the faster moving south node are travelling through here at the moment.  Pisces the last zodiac sign, is seen as the fertile place where all springs from, where seeds are nurtured, the future imagined and many unseen things are known. Good or bad, Pisces is a complex sign, depicting the end of summer or the end of winter, when things are about to change, as do all mutable signs. Here and now we are made to look at the condition of our collective source and what keeps us all afloat, question what we believe about the future and what type of change is possible. The condition of the global wellspring is not that great! How and what do we believe about the wave of change upon us and how we ride the wave from here is imperative. Think of  how water supports us in so many ways, as a giver of life, a symbol of blessings and purification, but also as a symbol of love, unconditional, universal love and faith. We need to remember this to help get us through.  It’s a crazy world out there, currently we have a major threat of an egocentric idiot threatening to become the leader of the free world, a rising fascist mentality spreading around the globe that seems to happen in times of instability and uncertainty,  millions of  people continue to be displaced from war torn countries  and even the weather seems to be involved. Do we live in despair or with promise?.

How do we as concerned globe citizens continue to keep the faith? Well it’s almost all we can do, besides becoming more active in our own ways, creating jobs that need to be done and being of service in the world by doing creating what’s needed, don’t wait for permission just do it, its’ surprising how it can work, or there are ways to make it work!  As this Ingress shows Jupiter in Virgo aligned opposite the Pisces stellium, currently the brightest “star” in our night skies, joined to the North Node, is asking of every sane persons service and belief in a better environment for us all. Every little bit helps and every Agent of Change is being called.  Jupiter at 16° Virgo,  reminds us of the seeding of the Pluto and Uranus square back in 1965/66 which also happened at 16° and 18° Virgo respectively, and reiterates the connection to the larger phase and cycle of change and global transformation we are still in. These mid degrees of mutable signs continue to play out in the mutable grand cross of early June 2016 as many more awaken to the winds of change. Mutable means change and movement, and adapting is intelligent, so ride the wave and trust the waters.

In our solar system Jupiter is known as somewhat of a saviour and a protector of Earth , as its gravity pull is so enormous, it saves us from many potential collisions with space debris, and becomes a potent symbol for us as we know Jupiter as the planet of belief and truth, a source of great support in our lives. Symbolically that says it all. If we don’ t believe in change, if we don’t believe in the possibilities of a new and better world, we won’t get one. We can pull together like minds, truth consciousness , raise the bar, attitudes and spirit, and help save ourselves. More and more natives are waking up, our world becomes more transparent,  beliefs in other ways of spiritual growth are more appealing to many than organized religions and numerous great projects and ideas are taking off. With Chiron at the south node right now, we know our world is going through an incredible, although maybe not so obvious healing right now. as it also searches for alternatives as is more than ready to take them on. It may feel that God/gOd has forsaken us all for now, but we are our own god and need to believe in our own collective power to change the world. Jupiter also is in trine to transformative Pluto in Capricorn at this Equinox,  ruled by Saturn now in Sagittarius. What we know about Saturn, is that he only lives by the laws that work best and we can’t settle for less, as we wouldn’t in our own lives. With Saturn in Sagittarius we are creating the new laws. Vision and insight come first, the building or rebuilding comes later, when Saturn reaches Capricorn and a date with Pluto and Jupiter setting off a new cycle in 2020.  It all does seem just like a vision for now as a square to Jupiter confirms, yet also confirms we must keep the faith and believe in what comes next to make sure it happens.(square on the Jupiter Saturn cycle here)

For now refresh and press the restart button as we get ready for the New Year!

Between eclipses, the Sun the hero of a Cardinal Ingress, connects to fast flying and Mercury in intuitive Pisces keeping us up with all the undercurrents, yet shows the need  to guide our selves  through inspiration. Mercury only ever at the most 28° from the Sun, is either in Pisces or Aries at the Aries Equinox when the Sun is at Zero Aries. In Pisces Mercury is a morning star,(at Aries Ingress) rising before the Sun, in Aries (at Aries Ingress) Mercury is an evening star. Typical of the Mercurial archetype, Mercury is changeable and adaptable. Promethean as morning star, yet reflective and intuitive in Pisces Mercury, the year aead is about sharpening our wits, seeing many perspective and guiding ourselves where it feels best. With no air planets in this Equinox chart, we are being shown that creation speaks louder than words!

The Sun also connects to Mars by trine, and a gibbous Moon in Leo all point to a year of high energy and excitement. The Moon in Leo ignites a further move in our creative pursuits, trine Uranus and Saturn, all working together to show that from chaos a better order is created.  We can’t forget also that Uranus  is approaching Eris currently at 22° Aries. This is a wild combination, as the Goddess of Discord and Agent of Change co-create the unexpected in Aries. The archetype of Eris is not to wait around to be done in, neglected, or treated as a lesser being and Uranus as we know is unpredictable and radical. No doubt we are in for some surprises here. Last together in January 1928 at zero Aries with Jupiter,  was the time of the rise of fascism, an economic collapse and the beginning of the great depression. Is that our fate again? Whatever the case be prepared for some surprises and remember, nothing will ever be the same as it was back then, the world is a different place than it was in 1928, and none of the other transits are the same. Eris and Uranus will be in exact conjunction at 22° Aries on 9th June, during the mutable cross, again 25th September , and then again 17th March 2017 for the next Aries Ingress. As many astrologers do, they look for the same thing to happen, themes and patterns repeat, but time will never take us back to the same place.

The coming USA elections and presidential hopefuls all reflect a Uranus/Eris theme if elected, for if any of them were elected it would be like pulling a wildcard, chucking a spanner in the works to the political arena of the USA.
Hilary? Would be the first female US president!
Bernie? Would have won, against all odds, becomes president with none of the backing and support of corporations that fuel and buy presidential campaigns!
Trump? His name and he, says it all!
Or something completely unexpected?

As there are no air planets in this ingress chart, it goes to show that we need the intuitive nature of the strong fire and water combo of the ingress to guide us this year. Venus and Neptune are the closest aligned planets in the ingress chart only 45′ minutes of arc from each other, fused within one degree. We can’t give up the dream, our love for planet earth and each other and are reminded of all the wonderful and amazing things happening on the planet too.

We can still consciously grow and spiritualize as a collective.bSo keep creating, be beautiful and keep the good spirit flowing!

Success and happiness to all at the Equinox and for the new Astro year ahead!

Agent 12 Julija

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