Aries Ingress, 2023 – March Equinox update with Andrew Smith and Julija Simas


Aries Ingress, 2023 – March Equinox update with Andrew Smith and Julija Simas. The Aries Equinox of 2023 the beginning of our astrological year. The Aries Equinox, when the Sun passes the Equator on its journey to the Northern Hemisphere is the precise point when the Sun enters zero Aries, at zero declination, denoting the beginning fo the tropical zodiac.

It is from this point we divide the tropical zodiac equally by 12, to signify our 12 signs of 30° each that begins with the cardinal fire sign of Aries. The Sun reaches its peak in the Northern Hemisphere 3 months later at zero Cancer, at 23°23′ N declination, at the Tropic of Cancer. then back to the Equator again at 0º declination for the Libra Equinox as it heads South again, to peak at zero Capricorn at 23° 23′ S declination at the Tropic of Capricorn. These four cardinal points are the astrological compass.

Astrologers celebrate this as the beginning of the astrological year, as well as International Astrology Day. This year the exact equinox is on the 20th March 9:34 PM UTC Every year since 2006 the C*I*A have given an update on the year ahead that stems from the astrology chart for this exact moment – the Aries Ingress. Andrew Smith and Julija Simas as we take a look at the key themes of this ingress, the astro cartography and geodetic maps and more, with a short review since our last update for the Solstice in December 2022. 18 hours later a New Moon happens at zero Aries and then on March 23rd Pluto moves into Aquarius! The New Moon in Aries at 0° lunations follow a 19 year metonic cycle not since 2004, and 1985 have we had a zero Aries New Moon, therefore a new moon at the Equinox. Then Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time in 248 years- – The 1st Ingress often tells us the most, not since 2008 has Pluto changed signs. Remember when Pluto changed signs in 2008, and banking chaos erupted?

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    Kym McDonald May 26, 2023 at 3:15 am - Reply

    Enjoyed the depth of this conversation thank you! Its a great way to set up the year as we move through it.

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