The Aries Ingress- Equinox 2017

By Agent 12 – Julija Simas

The Cosmic Rebirth of the Sun

The Aries Ingress – Equinox 20th March 2016 10:38am UT

Here we are ready to bounce off into another astrological year as the Sun enters the first sign of the zodiac Aries for the March Equinox, bringing in spring to the north, autumn to the south. Tropical astrologers use this alignment of the Sun crossing the equator to keep our tropical zodiac aligned with the seasons.  Zero Aries, the first degree of the zodiac, a starting point.

The turning of the seasons gathered the signs from which the zodiac originally developed. Something we need to continually explain to the uninitiated who try to debase our craft, telling us that our zodiac is no longer aligned with the stars, the constellations, so therefore does not make sense. Yet it is so very clear to us to keep the alignment in tune with the Sun’s ingresses into cardinal signs, as much of the zodiac’s meaning stems from the alignment of our turning and tilting with the changing seasons and the varying light and height of the Sun. As our ancient skywatchers did, we continue to align ourselves with Aries and spring, Libra and autumn, as the Sun crosses our Equator, and the solstices, as the Sun stands still at the northern and southern tropics of Cancer and Capricorn (reversed for the southern hemisphere).

In ancient times the zodiac and the movement of the Sun through the year denoted time.  A time to harvest or the the time sow, the rising of certain constellations in different parts of the world would denote the coming of the winter, or the height of summer.  In far Northern Europe, for example in Lithuania, at the rising of the winter Solstice Sun, Scorpio was at the midheaven, and was seen as a reindeer, and later a sleigh and the coming of christmas. Not the Scorpion, that was found in ancient Babylon where our western astrological traditions stem from. In Southern lands, Australia, the local aboriginals have many varied stories of the stars depending on what tribe they belonged to.  For instance the rising or setting of certain constellations and stars would be the markers for them to collect emu eggs,  go fishing, or go walkabout. The many tales, the archeology of the sky,  the projection of human intelligence onto the skies continues to this day, and shall never stop. It’s all true and it’s all correct, from all parts of the globe. In this day and Age our outlook is much more unified. Most of us don’t collect emu eggs anymore, but the living sky, the turning of the heavens, the millennia of wisdom gathered and intelligence gleaned continue through us in our transmissions.

Astrology, a sacred science has developed from this connection and what it means to us now is as relevant as it was back then and in order to thrive needs to be valued, transmitted and most importantly lived, for by living with it, in it, we value its’ true meaning. To contemplate the chart for the Aries Ingress tells us of the coming year. Like villagers awaiting their local shaman, sage, seer, starman to speak on what he saw in the skies for the  year ahead, now millennia later we have computers, programs, software and loads of varied information spreading around telling us what to expect on daily and even hourly basis.  As astrologers we celebrate this Ingress as a signifiant time for our special cosmic intelligence, Astrology!  It is Astrology Dat and our yearly Cosmic Re-birth and where we realign ourselves with what is ahead and what the heavens tell us.

At this Aries Ingress we see a few signifiant things:

First the Sun in Aries is flanked by a Venus retrograde in her sign of detriment(detrimental only in the fact that she is in the opposite sign of which she rules, Libra, detrimental in the fact that she is not so lady like here, but an activated Warrior Goddess on a mission!) In Aries Venus takes action, stepping out of the comfort zone and niceties, to move warrior like to Re-Do, Re-activate,Re-consider and make sure to unshackle and  free oneself up with all the “RE’s” as she moves toward a new cycle. Quite significant for an Aries Equinox. Last time of course was 8 years ago, when Venus was here for an Aries Ingress 2009 and the time before that 2001. Ring any bells? 2009, was the beginnings of the GFC,  and just mentioning 2001 sends horrendous reverberations and memories throughout our whole world. Venus and her value of/on things plays on our heart and purse strings and re-alignments are being constantly updated. Interesting to note here that every 4 years, Venus plays a significant role by being closely aligned with the  Aries Ingress Sun, either as now retrograde, in 2021 with a superior conjunction from Venus at the end of Pisces, in 2025 rx again, and so on each time getting closer and closer to the Aries Sun, as the Venus Star point eventually glides back to Pisces for the next 120 years in 2041.

The Sun is squared by the Moon and Saturn  galactified at the galactic center. What can we make of this? A Saturn and Moon conjunction tight as can be, is one determined combo, on the edge of the last quarter, dissemintaing , reminding us we are leaving an old paradigm behind at every turn as the powers that be put clamp down their justification for control! As I’ve written on Saturn at the Galactic centre here, I won’t add too much more, but it shows to be a year to be MindBlown, to open ourselves to much more than we think, or believe is possible. Saturn here over the times, has expanded our awareness and information about ourselves in our universe, like it did at the time of Uranus’ discovery on 1781, when the universe we kew doubled in size overnight!  This combo pushes us to be in control, know our limits, yet be ignited by the most possible of missions! In the mutability of Sagittarius with a square to Chiron and asteroid Pallas Athena and the Aries Sun, we ignite change and deliberate movement, strategy even. Adapting to changing circumstances is to be intelligent, so ride the wave and mostly trust where the waters will take us!

We can see a Pisces and an Aries stellium, with outer planets in both signs making these stellium at these current Aries Ingresses . The Pisces stellium with Neptune and Chiron, Palls and the South Node remind us of the last solar eclipse in Pisces we just had for another 18 years, and the need for detoxifying our source. Venus will be starting her forward journey here again as morning star on April 6th, confirming another square to Saturn and the Galactic Centre, confirming to us to stick to the dream plan, however hard it may seem. The challenge is to stick to what we value and believe in, and not be taken off course!

The Aries stellium, with Mercury, Uranus and Eris are our signal to not expect anymore than the chaos we have seen over the past year. It’s going to be as crazy as the last exact conjunction of Uranus and Eris for this time period, occurred just now on March 18th, yet stays close again all year and into the begining of 2018!  This is a wild combination, as we now know, as the Goddess of Discord and Agent of Change co-create the unexpected. The archetype of Eris is one of not to waiting around to be done in by, neglected, or treated as a lesser being and Uranus as we know is unpredictable and radical. Last together in January 1928 at zero Aries with Jupiter,  was the time of the rise of fascism, an economic collapse and the beginning of the great depression. Is that our fate again? Whatever the case be prepared for some surprises and remember, nothing will ever be the same as it was back then, the world is a different place than it was in 1928, and none of the other transits are the same. Expect a few more spanners in the works, for what is happening in our world now seems completely irrational and will continue to be so. Expect the unexpected as we say. Read last years Aries Ingress here:

The rise of the divine feminine continues as the Black Moon Lilith squares the nodal axis and will trine the next Venus Star point made on March 25th at 5° Aries.  Not a tame year in the least, but one where we can see the activation of much more as the need arises around us in the Chaos. Remember from the primordial chaos arose Eros, the creative essence of the universe and from chaos a new order is born.

Uranus/Eris, Pluto and Jupiter highlight a cardinal makeover: What comes to mind is categorising somehow what is going on in very corner for all of us!

Take a selfie for Uranus/Eris in Aries – who are you? What is your role?
Take a snap You and Me, Jupiter in Libra. It’s all about seeing if you like what you see, who you are with ? Who are your real  friends, the one’s that believe in you and with you! That hold up the truth that you do. It really is like  a sorting hat with friends and colleagues going on for many at the moment.
The global portrait, Pluto in Capricorn, what would it look like?  It’s so frustrating to see so much never changing, and even feels like we are going backwards into an underworld of Plutocracy and control. Yet from the underworld arise the masses, an evolutionary wave is arising, however subtle it may seem for now, transformation of the system is slow, but effective.
The family portrait, Vesta in Cancer –  is this who I truly am? Do I feel good here? What can I focus that can make a difference here?

Re-Imagine these photos!  Sometimes it’s more effective to work with images and symbols to see deeper into how all is working in our world for us,  glean the vision we can aspire to and keep working towards. The challenge here is to re-align, Venus is retrograde. Re-align with your thoughts, your new beliefs, re-new intentions and get ready to action, so you like what you see in every picture. Then BELIEVE in yourself and what the future holds for you and the planet, to take it all even further.!

Mars is in stubborn Taurus helping us to ground ourselves at this time, he may be slower to act, but more deliberate and hard at work on something! Mercury is anything but, close by Venus and in cahoots with Neptune, but a fiery and fast moving Mercury keeps us on our toes!  Mars in Taurus is like Vulcan, the craftsman/blacksmith who creates the tools he needs to get his job done. We are all called to further create what is needed, to be useful and practical. Be a baker, a driver, a cook, or whatever it takes to get the job done, be of service somehow as the North Node is in Virgo, and your special gifts will be taken on as part of this service when the Nodes move to leo/Aquarius in May. It maybe time to get off your high horse(if need be) and get your hands dirty as we say, stop expecting things to change around you ,m but do something practical to be part of the change that is needed. Expecting things to come your way without some grind, sweat and muscle doesn’t suit this year!

So galactified we stand, pushing past the limits imposed on ourselves or by others is key to survival this year, both on a personal and global scale as the the key signature to this year is definitely the Moon and Saturn at the Galactic Centre. It really does push us to go forward and make the most of it!   The last times Saturn was around the Galactic Centre for an Aries Ingress, was 1987 and 1988,  but not dead on like it is now. In 1987 it was at 22° Sagittarius(remember the GC is huge) and in 1988 at 2° Capricorn. In 1987 the world’s first Harmonic Convergence took place in August, spearheaded by Jose Arguelles, based on the timings within the Mayan Calendar that denoted the ending of a specific time of hell on earth, with the idea being that people would meet at power centres around the globe to meditate for peace,  facilitating the arrival of the new era.

It’s Father Time, meets galactic Mother Womb, the black hole that birthed our Galaxy, a true symbol of Creation!  I’m not sure of the mayan timing right now, but we are well reminded of the mentality birthed back then of uniting hearts and minds and collective intentions, and how far we have come since especially with the help of social media. Now we are called to take it all the next galactic steps further and play our mindful role in facilitating the new.

You are Invited!

And on that note, next week As Venus makes her Next Star point at 4°57′ Aries, we invite you take part in our Global Intention Mission – The Venus Star Project – launching next weekend – joins details HERE, we will be hosting agents LIVE on our Facebook page, so stay tuned for updates 

Be prepared for some amazing cosmic and mindblowing breakthroughs!

Success and happiness to all at the Equinox and for the new Astro year ahead!

Agent 12 Julija


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