Mode: Fixed
Gender: Masculine
Modern Ruler: Uranus
Traditional Ruler: Saturn
Anatomy & Illnesses: Ankles, calves, shins, the circulation of air in the body, fluid retention, dehydration. The ankles enable us to change direction when walking.

Aquarius is represented by two airwaves in motion, symbolising the waters of life being poured from the water bearer’s urn. The Aquarian water bearer distributes to humanity the sustenance of the higher intuitive mind – creative and inventive mind as opposed to the rational mind.

Being a faint constellation, Aquarius, although large, is difficult to see. It’s found near the brightest star in this region of the sky, Formalhaut, one of the four royal stars. Sadalmelik is the constellation’s brightest star, forming the base of the water jar held by the water bearer. Aquarius harbours the Saturn and Helix nebulas and the strong annual meteor shower of the Delta Aquarids each July. In both the northern and southern hemispheres, Aquarius is best seen at midnight in themidheaven when the Sun is in Leo during August and September.


        • After Capricorn reaches the top of the mountain, Aquarius takes on the task of pouring life-giving energy from this heavenly plane back down to earth.
        • Aquarius loosens the rigidity of the structures built by Capricorn, usually through bringing social reform with humanitarian motives
        • Aquarius seeks independence and individuality while still being concerned with the good of all.
        • Aquarius seeks to do things its own way and, in breaking free of social expectations and creating its own rules, is often seen as rebellious and unconventional.
        • Aquarius is forever evolving and moving toward the future with an ongoing commitment to freedom, independence and collective goals.
        • Aquarius would rather be productive in the outer world than focus on the intimacy of the inner world.
        • Aquarius tends to project a cool exterior and to be detached from feelings and mystified by emotions, due to carrying the archetypal memory of separation.
        • Aquarian individuality contributes to group consciousness in the same way that a cell makes an important contribution to the whole of an organism.
          • Being opposite Leo, Aquarius prefers to meld with a crowd rather than stand out, yet a strong Leo ego identity is needed for Aquarian individuality to survive within a group.

Unconventional, detached, humanitarian, progressive, eccentric, inventive, independent, logical, philanthropic, unemotional, aloof, rebellious, unpredictable.

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  1. Linda Burgess
    Linda Burgess says:

    I would like to say how perfect this whole cosmic world we live in ties together. The age of Aq. bringing, literally, the replenishing water for earth and the huge serge of conscious energy to man and animal upon it. The Sun in Aq. While an Aq. takes the chair in the big house. I see something wonderful ahead and the planets are assisting this to happen.


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